Living Large In Little Houses: Laura’s Apartment

Laura, who blogs at Simple & Serene Living, moved to Atlanta to be close to her daughters and grandchildren.

She was on a waiting list to get into her senior apartment and when her name came up, she was overjoyed.

Laura doesn’t have a place to garden, so her house plants are precious to her. She always manages to find a spot in her small apartment for another one.

Her galley style kitchen has just about enough space for one person to cook or prepare food.

Laura sells vintage items. She’s always on the hunt and this means regularly going to thrift shops and occasionally auctions.

She says she loves the “thrill of the hunt.”

Laura likes simple small space living. And most of all she loves being closer to her daughters and three grandchildren.

1. How long have you lived in your small space home?

I have lived in this small space for nine months, but I previously lived in another small apartment for three years.

2. Did you actively seek small space living and why? Price? Downsizing?

I moved into a small space because I needed to find somewhere I could afford. I did downsize, but love this space. 

3. Which room has proven to be most problematic for you?

The dining area is probably the most problematic for me. I can have two people over to eat, but no more than that. 

4. Do you have a pantry and/or linen closet?

I have a front walk in closet that I use for a pantry and storage. I don’t have a linen closet.

5. Where do you store small appliances and things like ironing boards, etc?

I store appliances in my front closet. I have a table top ironing board which folds up and I store it between the refrigerator and the wall. 

6. Where do you store seasonal/holiday decor?

My Christmas tree is under my bed in a storage container. The rest of my Christmas decor is divided between a chest in my living room and a Rubbermaid bin on top of my bedroom closet.

7. What do you like best about living in a small space?

I love my apartment. I love that it is very cozy, fairly easy to clean, and that I live in a security building. 

8. What do you find most challenging about living in a small home?

My kitchen is small and usually fine for the amount of cooking I do, but when I bake or fix a dish for a family meal, there is not enough counter space.

9. What projects are you wanting to start but haven’t tackled yet?

I’ve thought about painting a chest of drawers that I have, but I haven’t figured out the space to do it in.

10. What made you fall in love with this house?

I love the coziness of my apartment. 

If you’d like to check out Laura’s vintage shop, here is the link.


  1. Such perfect timing for this thread! Just yesterday I moved into a senior garden apartment with my mother. We had been on the waiting list for close to 3 years. Mom qualifies in this 62 and over community and I am her caregiver since my dad passed in 2015.
    We are in the midst of downsizing two homes into one small place. For the past 3 years we have shared a ‘casita’ (guest house) attached to my brother & SIL’s house. Our stuff has been in storage until now.
    I enjoyed Laura’s apt and look forward to upcoming contributors. Thanks Brenda!

  2. Another fun post, Brenda. I really like this small space series you are doing. I even went to Laura’s blog which I enjoyed reading and to her Etsy shop. Thanks for introducing us to another interesting “older” woman!

  3. Hi Laura,
    I loved seeing more of your cute apartment. You are showing that even if renting in senior living you can still have a sweet and cute cozy place to live. I love that you have made this place so cute even though you rent and do not own. That is the key to living small too. I love your sweet and cozy bedroom. Adorable.

  4. Like you and Laura, I love the thrill of the hunt! When I lived in Baltimore there was a flea market in a drive in movie lot with a indoor space which a roller skating rink had previously occupied. Good times! Tomorrow a local greenhouse is having a 40 table indoor yard sale! I so enjoy looking at all the treasures but I really want to downsize. In the last few years I have cleaned out the main floor of our rancher. In the basement, which is mostly storage, I have gone through most of the holiday bins and gotten rid of a lot. I have gotten to the place where I have a base of greens and change out picks and small decor seasonally. Except for a minimal collection of seasonal decor what’s out is it. I do enjoy all of the decor that I have displayed but have a hard time deciding if it is really time to clear out to the bare bones. It is so funny, I have gotten some expensive gifts and I don’t enjoy them as much as something I’ve picked myself, even if it is from a yard sale. In a few years we will be moving close to our grandsons. Most days my get up and go, gets up and goes. It kinda upsets me, I feel like I have enough time to take my time and clean out a little at a time but the clock keeps on ticking. Thank goodness my main living area was and is uncluttered. I function better and am more calm when flat surfaces are clear. I need to get a fire lit under me and I hope it comes soon so I don’t have to rush. Any ideas?

    In a few years we plan to move close to our daughter and grandsons.

  5. Hi. I like the decor in Laura’s cozy apartment and appreciate that she shared it with us. The bedroom looks like such a pleasant place to rest, and it brings back good memories for me of when I would stay overnight at my grandparents’ house as a child, and sleep in a bed with a similar headboard, with plants all around. I think that Laura might have lived in Kentucky before her move and that I visited the booth she had in an antique mall here. I think this is the case because of some photos on her blog back then that showed things in that booth, but maybe I am wrong. If it was her booth, it certainly was the classiest booth in that antique mall! It had charming items that were displayed so nicely, and I found something to give as a gift to my sister. It’s good to hear that Laura gets to be close to her family. Thanks for this feature, Brenda. It’s so enjoyable.

  6. I love the iron bedstead in her bedroom. It brings back memories of my childhood home. All the beds were made of iron and one looked like the one in her picture. Love all the vintage. Lots of memories there. Thank you for the tour.

  7. I love the look, I call it English Cottage Eclectic 🙂 The secretary is a beautiful piece and the delft lamp on it is the perfect size.

  8. Laura’s space is amazing. Love the secretary; not only is it beautiful but it serves as a bookcase and office space. The bedroom is really pretty and bright — the colors make the room look so cozy and inviting. The vintage look is really popular now and it is nice because it settles nicely into the cottage and beachy styles as well. And of course, I love having plants all around the house — they do tend to make any space so much more inviting.

    Thanks to Laura and to Brenda for allowing us to visit. Take care and have a wonderful Friday.

    1. I search for small space living blogs all the time. I find McMansion blogs daily. But I’m not interested in them. We are benefiting the planet and leaving a smaller carbon footprint by living smaller. That’s one reason I love British TV shows. They don’t tend to have huge lavish homes.

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