Rain, Sanding & Kitchen Preparation

Charlie is at acupuncture. He’s had a tough week coughing. This wet cold weather doesn’t help any.

Every day I’m doing something in the kitchen for my new redo project. Whether it’s filling nail holes or sanding I’m trying to get this room prepared for the countertop kit that should be arriving soon.

This morning I managed to get the drawers pulled out (that I don’t use and Nathan nailed together). I have to take the pulls off so I can paint them if necessary.

I put in a work order for them to try to fix these drawers, but nothing has happened yet.

Then on Friday my girls are taking me to an early birthday lunch. (My birthday isn’t until next week. Age number 63 here I come!)

I’ve been looking at peel and stick subway tiles online and also drawer and door pulls (I’m thinking maybe gold?)

Everything will be disrupted till I get this project done and I’m having to take it bit by bit because of my ankle.

I’m one of those people who plunges ahead and wants to get it finished no matter what. It will get done. Just maybe not on the time table I prefer!

It rained yesterday and it’s raining today. So not a good time to paint anything.

This kitchen project is decidedly different from the iterations that came before it. Over the past six years I’ve wanted lots of color and busy decor.

This time I’m going for a more serene look. Maybe it’s my age. Maybe it’s just that my tastes are evolving. I want a clean scaled down kitchen that’s easy on the eyes.

The house plants are loving the cool mist humidifiers I keep running for Charlie. These house plants brighten my days until I can garden outdoors.

Thing is, I have to keep everything stacked in the middle of the patio until the company comes to work on the considerable damage to the wood on the back of my apartment.

And of course who knows when they’ll get to me. There are a lot of apartments in this shape.

This may mess up my timetable of starting to plant the last two weeks of April.

I’m hoping they come sooner rather than later!

Here’s silly Ivy straining her neck to watch light on the ceiling. She is just obsessed with shadows and light.

One of you mentioned getting reader glasses specifically made for computer screens, etc. I had some long ago. Don’t know what happened to them.

I came across a pair while in Tuesday Morning last week. And they really do reduce strain on your eyes. So thanks for that tip!

Gotta go pick up Charlie boy soon. See ya tomorrow. Rain, rain, go away…

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  1. Silly dear Ivy. My son had a Border Collie/ Chow sweet girl dog that studied the shadows and rays of sun. She passed this year at the age of 15. I’m 70 and when I was visiting I always felt that I had a companion her as we shared our arthritis pains together. Miss her. Happy birthday early. Your kitchen project sounds great like the idea of the gold.

  2. Well, I wish I were turning 63 my next birthday, which is coming up on March 17th. I will be 76 and I can’t believe how I got to be so old! And so much slower! And have such creaky knees! But then, as we all know, it’s better than the alternative, right? I am grateful for every single day and that I still seem to be in my right mind— most of the time!

    Brenda, I can’t wait to learn about the counter refurbishing you are planning and seeing how it works. And if it might be something I could use on my counters.

    Ivy is such a unique and interesting cat with her little quirks like being fascinated with light and shadows. You lucked out to get such an entertaining pet. I hope Charlie feels better soon. Chances are there may be a lot more rainy days as we get closer to Spring, so I hope he doesn’t suffer too much.

    Take care and remain patient with all your projects. they WILL get done and your ankle will thank you!

  3. Your kitchen will be lovely when you get everything done. Have you checked to see how strong smelling the cabinet epoxy may be? I hope it won’t bother Charlie’s breathing. Paint fumes make my asthma get bad and I cough.

  4. Hi Brenda,
    Happy Early Birthday. I will be 62 in April. Right behind you. I think what you are thinking about for the kitchen sounds wonderful. I have a hard time being patient and taking it slow to get things done. I like to jump in and get it done too. I have had to learn with a few projects they are not going to go at the speed I want. Have fun with a birthday lunch with your girls. That should be really fun.

  5. Take it easy in yourself so that you do not strain your leg while working. Happy Birthday a few days early, I hope that you have a wonderful lunch with your daughters. How is your granddaughters blog coming along?

    I hope all went well with Charlie.

    Have a great day you three!

  6. I don’t think you would have to worry about having mice in your kitchen cabinets now that you have Ivy. She appears to be a good hunter and would find them to be a great toy!

    Hope you have a lovely birthday lunch with your daughters.

  7. Brenda, I am 72 and recently climbed onto the roof and swept away the leaves. Foolish, I know. But in my mind, I am 25. Birthdays are a blessing. The more you have, the longer you live. Have a wonderful one!

  8. I painted my kitchen a beautiful red several years ago and have enjoyed it so much but now I’m ready for something else so I know how you feel. In fact, we are going to do a lot of renovating in our kitchen and I’m dreading it because, as you and so many of your readers have mentioned, I’m not physically able to do as much of the work myself as I have been in the past. Early wishes for a happy birthday!

    Sherry in (rainy) Little Rock

  9. I am also experiencing the same feelings. I look at my cottage pinterest board and everything seems to be so busy and way too much color for me these days. I am aiming for a simple, neutral palette with just a few touches of shades of blue. I find it more restful. I have also pared down my chatskies (sp?) to a simple few.
    Easier to clean and much more calming. I had recently purchased a beautiful picture to go over my sofa in blues, and suddenly one day it just seemed way too bright for me and bothered me every time I looked at it, (which was every time I entered the living room) and I had to take it down.

  10. I’m 71, and I read your blog everyday. I’m going for less color in my decor, which I change fairly frequently. So I don’t know, maybe it’s the style now or getting older. Everything does have a season, and then we decide we’ve had enough, it’s time for something new!

  11. I had mentioned the glasses, Mad Eyes. Glad you found some. I use mine all the time and am happy I’m doing something to protect my eyes.

  12. If only we could rush around the way we used to. I was just telling someone that every time I think my knee is healed I lift or do something else that aggravates it. It’s so annoying because I have so much I need and want to do. I guess we just have to realize that each passing year slows us down a little more. xo Laura