Snow & Insurance Companies

It is snowing. Has been since last night.

I got up early and went to the grocery store, thinking I needed to get back and take Charlie to acupuncture. But apparently the weather is prohibiting them from opening.

Yesterday I got my fill of body shops and insurance companies. The guy that came out here gave a much different estimate. (Of course, he was with State Farm).

So now the estimate went from almost $2000 to under $1000, which is my deductible. They didn’t tell me how much under, though I asked.

They decided that the damage the first body shop saw was from another accident. I asked them why the estimates were so different. State Farm told me that likely the body shop they recommended made a deal that was lower.

Yeah, I just bet they did.

And on top of that, I don’t have rental car insurance.

The body shop said I’d have to wait three weeks to get my car in. And then I’d have to wait a week to get it back. So I just backed out of the whole thing.

I will look for what you all called body shops that don’t take insurance. I believe that was the comment. How does one find this kind of place? I guess I’ll just start Googling.

For now, my car will be duct taped. It’s not like there’s mounds of duct tape on it. Just across where the bumper attaches to the car, some underneath and in back a bit.

Anyway, on to other things. Ivy is a bit wild this morning. Could it be the weather? I opened the door to let her look at the snow, thinking she might want to step out into it. But it frightened her.

I don’t think Ivy even wants to go outside. She’s been indoors so long that this is her world. And I try to make it as happy and interesting a world as I can for her.

Charlie is snuggled up against me. The fireplace is warming my toes where my feet got wet out in the snow.

I’m glad I got groceries and now no matter what the weather is the next few days and weekend, I’m good to go. I have soups and stuff for sandwiches and salad and such.

The pets are all set with their food because I never ever let them run out of food or medication for Charlie.

So we’ll just stay cozy and warm and watch the weather through the French doors. Thinking about a time a few months from now when the trees will be budding and I will be planting.

I hope they hurry up with that work they’re saying they’re going to do where they have to get inside the gate to my patio. Because everything I have out there is just kind of stacked in the middle of the patio so they can have access to the back to repair the wood.

Men and big trucks have been out for the past week cutting down trees. It looks much different without all those trees shading many of the apartments. Nothing shades mine since they cut down the two trees that were so problematic.

Maybe I’ll look into something to shade some of my patio this spring. Today would be a good day to scroll through Pinterest and look at gardens and patio pretties.

Yesterday I spent a good bit of time on Pinterest looking at ways I might redecorate my kitchen. Kind of in the mood for something different.

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  1. If your father or grandfather was in the military you are entitled to join USAA which is one of the best insurance companies out there. They give fantastic customer service.

  2. We’ve been with Allstate for decades. Once we decided to leave for a lower rate. My husband totaled an old car that was given to us, and the new company dumped us. So we’re back with Allstate and stay there. They’ve always been great to work with.

  3. Maybe try using Gorilla tape instead of duct tape. It’s made by the same company that makes Gorilla glue. It looks better than duct tape and is more long lasting.

  4. My insurance company is considered one of the best. I have had it since 1969. They give me suggestions of where to have repairs done. I choose to Caliber Collection. When it takes a long time for repairs I just remind myself that they have lots of business because they are good.

  5. I’m jealous, it’s been so warm in NJ this year and we haven’t had much snow. I love being snowbound, in my cozy home for a day or so, because it makes me appreciate Spring so much more. I love the change of seasons but am sad to say that since summer is lasting more that 3 months now I am not a happy camper. The heat and humidity bothers me so much. I don’t like the AC units blocking up my windows and having to hear those motors running day and night but I cannot live without them. I don’t get a good night’s sleep until I can take them out again. How about you? Does the heat bother you? Good luck with your insurance issues. My hubby was just on the phone forever with All State because of password issues. He had switched over to them because he said our State Farm was terrible. None of them are good but we MUST have them, sadly.

  6. Hi Brenda. Probably every body shop you have dealt with has customers who just pay out of pocket for repairs and don’t involve their insurance company. It could be someone who backs into light pole or something and decides they don’t want to file a claim because their insurance will go up. Or maybe it is someone who wants a new paint job because their car has a lot of scratches from parking lots. They just call up a body shop and say what they want and say they won’t be using insurance, and they arrange for an estimate. It’s not like there are two types of body shops, one for insurance and one for not using insurance.

    I suggest you ask for recommendations from people you know. You have mentioned a garage where you take your car for mechanical repairs, so, I would give that place a call and ask if they have any recommendations for body shops. Those businesses all know about each other’s work. Or, ask your neighbors or your daughters or son-in-law what body shops they have used. I know you hate to bother them, but, asking for a recommendation for a business to patronize doesn’t really seem like bothering someone. It’s just a way to share information.

  7. It just makes you so mad ! You have to pay every month to these insurance companies a sum of money that you really can just about afford, but when you need to file a claim they give you a hard time ! You wonder what they do with all the money they collect. I guess the CEO’s enjoy a wonderful life of large homes, big fancy cars and resort vacations !

  8. Good luck finding someone to take care of the car problem. I hate working with insurance claim things.
    Our one cat never wanted to go out at all-the other one raced for the door every time it was open. lol
    Sorry about the snow. We are used to it but I know you don’t have snow like we do here.

  9. We’ve had work done at a local bodyshop for years and have paid cash almost every time. It is so much cheaper than having insurance involved. Without a doubt, it’s inconvenient to be without a car, but then it’d be done. I’d make sure all the parts were in stock before you take it in. Just a thought.

      1. The bodyshop we use also has done insurance repair for us, when it was the other party’s insurance paying for the work. I think most bodyshops will do repair work either way. I’d ask everyone you know for a recommendation. Like we all know, cheaper isn’t usually better.

  10. It appears these days that the car insurance companies call the shots, much like medical insurance controls our healthcare. Our car was hit in Dec, and we just got it back from the shop. As it turns out the person’s insurance who hit us, has a special deal with the shop. Hubby happened to take our car there for an estimate prior to the completion of the insurance stuff…they quoted us repairs at $1800…but after the insurance stuff was done, it only came to $800. I am not impressed…why does someone without insurance, for instance, or a different insurance company than the one who hit us, have to pay $1000 more? Something rotten in Denmark I think!! I understand how you feel about your car…we tend to buy them and keep them until they can no longer be repaired. But I would not feel bad about about just letting yours be duct taped.

    1. I may just have to do that till I figure out what to do. Yeah, they managed to get it under $1000 so the insurance company wouldn’t have to pay out a dime.

  11. Try The Hartford Insurance company. I have had them for 40 years and no problems with claims. Nothing serious but still affordable. The snow on your patio looks very pretty from sunny Florida. Look for independent garages with good mechanics. Word of mouth recommendations are the best. Good luck with your car and stay warm with your fur babies.

    1. Same for me, Carol. I’ve had them since I got divorced and it was through AARP. If I still had a car I’d still be with them. (Pleasant, easy and fair!) Actually I still use the the renter’s insurance from them. No one was ever able to beat their price for the auto.Good luck. Such a pain!

  12. I have Geico and it includes rental coverage. I would go with the lowest estimate and not have your insurance company do it. Your snow looks pretty, but I’m glad we are just going to have rain. I’m staying in until Friday when the sun will be back. Our trees are already blooming. xo Laura

    1. I had to have them add rental car coverage because it was only about $10 for 6 months. But I will be shopping around for new insurance. Last time I did it, I was told that no one could beat the price I’m paying.

  13. So sorry you are going through the insurance mess with your car. Glad you, Charlie and Ivy are snuggled up in your warm, cozy home. It is kinda nice to have a little snow when you have no where to go. Being retired is nice. Sounds like you are going to be sending a little snow my way in a few days. We found the garage and lawn tractor keys! I knew they had to be in the house, they were hiding in my husband’s pants pocket. In his defense, he hadn’t worn his jeans for quite a few days before finding the keys! We even used the tractor and small cart to do a little cleanup work the other day when it was warm. Enjoy your day!

  14. That is crazy about the insurance. Get rid of State Farm and look for a new insurance carrier. I think I told you we were loyal to State Farm for over 30 years and not claims and then they raised our rates so much we had to leave them. Nothing for all the years of us paying higher premiums and no claims. My daughter had them too and had similar situation like you are going through. She left them too. Hope you can find a good body shop that will do the work and not charge you a lot. Or you could find cute duck tape and make a DIY out of holding up your bumper with cute duck tape lol! We are going to get that snow you are having starting tonight into tomorrow. Winter is back!
    Stay warm and cozy.

    1. I wonder if there is any way to escalate your complaint with State Farm and dispute what you are being allowed. We have used them here in NC and in SC always and have had no problem. I would say if they are not being fair..there may be an escalation process, or perhaps if not being fair..mention the Attorney General office to them..for a complaint.. So sorry. Can’t wait to see your kitchen revamp. Stay cozy. We have not had any snow yet in NC where I am and I am not missing..ready for Spring..but way too early.

  15. I can understand how you would want to change things up often, since you are home all the time. I would be the same. As it is, I’m away so much that I rarely change anything other than pillows/linens/flowers/candles. I guess that’s enough, I’m just so happy to get home!

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