Lots Of Rain & Looking At Seeds

We’ve had a deluge of rain. The skies are dark and it seems like Mother Nature is showing her displeasure over our current situation that has turned normalcy upside down.

I’ve been looking at seeds to order. Many don’t start shipping till next month it seems.

I’ve also been looking around my apartment trying to think up a new project until I can get outside and tend to the patio.

I did move the furniture and my garden bench back into place because I doubt anyone will come work on the wood in back for some time.

Charlie is at acupuncture. I hated to take him out, but he’s been coughing a lot and the rain makes it worse. His back legs are having problems holding him up. I may have to hold us both up.

Ivy has been having fun with her boxes. I don’t dare take them to the dumpster as she’s entertained herself for long periods playing “put the toy in the box.”

Kids are out of school. Daughters are working from home. Kids are going to be out of school for awhile. We just don’t know how long.

When I took Charlie out to drop him off for his appointment I also went to Walgreens drive thru and dropped off his prescription for the hydrocodone syrup. The only thing really that helps him stop coughing.

On the drive home a car pulled right out in front of me. When I passed him I saw that he was staring at his phone held in front of his face, not at the road. Lord have mercy. Please save us from idiots.

I wonder what it will be like in a couple of weeks? When families have grown tired of one another huddled up all day? When nerves are stretched thin?

Thank goodness I live alone.

I look forward to springtime temperatures so I can take photos at Woodward Park and Swan Lake. That is always such a pleasant and soothing experience for me.

Most of the things I do in life don’t require others to be present. I am typically solo. So my world, in that regard, hasn’t changed all that much.

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  1. Well, think what Ann Frank felt like. We can talk, sing, walk around, go in the yard. This would have been a treat for her! We’re just protecting ourselves. This, too, shall pass. We’re not living through the London blitz either…in a house without windows. We need to do this with grace and gratitude.

  2. Well, I decided to not go out to the salon for a haircut as a precaution against the virus. So I cut it myself because it was driving me bonkers it was so long! I’ve done it before but not for quite a while so it took me forever. And, of course, there was hair all over the bathroom to clean up. That’s one reason I hate doing it at home. But I saved thirty bucks, too, so that’s good. And it looks pretty good so I’m happy to have it off my head and to save the money. Plus, being self-quarantined who’s going to see me anyway??

    Please pray for my sanity as I spend how many weeks cooped up with these little boys I live with! One week almost down and we are all still alive! Their mom is trying to work at home and get the boys outside a couple of times a day which helps. The weather is cold and grey and that doesn’t help a whole lot. We need the sun just to lift spirits in the midst of the virus protocols. It’s all an enormous challenge for everyone, not just us, I know. My walking friend has decided we shouldn’t walk together anymore. That’s a real let-down as she was the only friend I was seeing in the midst of my self-imposed quarantine. We just have to keep in mind that we will survive this and all will be well again eventually.

    Be well, Brenda and everyone.

    1. You can entertain children with digital sites. There are many museums, aaquariamd, to watch which are entertaining as well as educational. Here in Atlanta our meteorologist has listed sites everyday.

    2. I live in British Columbia, Canada. Our schools, churches, liquor stores, malls, hairdressers, restaurants, coffee shops, court houses, doctor offices, many business offices, city halls, gyms, library, are closed. Walking parks and playgrounds are still open but it was announced that could change any day. I picked up seeds from the local garden store…just in case they close soon. Stocked up on meat and frozen veggies today and lentils for soups, etc. Can’t enter police buildings (unless arrested!). All done in an attempt to nip Covid in the bud. About 10,000 people tested and 147 positive. Testing stations set up at our Health Units (not hospitals to avoid contamination to patients)but have to be referred by ourProvincial call in nurse practitioner hotline. Of course, all that is free.

    3. I definitely would not cut my own hair. But of course I have the luxury of a husband who has been cutting my hair for me for years. He does a great job every time and he even braids my hair. He gives my teen boys their haircuts every month, they take a seat on the stool get caped and get their haircut. They vacuum up the clippings and hit the shower afterwards. No work or mess to clean up on my part. He shakes out the capes, and throws it in the wash afterwards. My best friend stopped by for eggs on Tuesday and As we chatted, she complained that her bangs hanging in her eyes were bugging her. She wasn’t able to get to her salon before it closed. She said she was going to take craft shears and cut them herself. I told her don’t do it, and volunteered hubby to help out. I reminded her that he cuts mine and does the haircuts for my boys. Her hair is short, so it shows sooner, and she said if isn’t too much to ask. He got his tools and she asked if her neckline looked bad as he caped her. He said it needs a little attention, so I went and got the peanut clippers for him. He took her bangs to the middle of her eyebrows and cleaned up her neckline on her short bob. She was happy with the results, that he was able to tide her over for a couple weeks. She joked that if this goes into next month, she would want a full haircut. my teen boys are watching movies on Netflix and videos on Youtube, and course texting and posting on different social media sites. They have gotten outside to shoot nerf guns innthe yard. I am definitely looking forward to seeing them back in school.

  3. I agree with the others that baker creek is a wonder source for seeds. Their website is actually rareseeds.com, if that’s helpful. MI Gardener is another really good place and they have lots of seeds for 99 cents. MI gardener also has a great YouTube channel with lots of good gardening advice.

    1. DeeDee I am glad you mentioned the website is actually rareseeds.com. I’m sure it will make it easier to find ! I never thought of that site until you mentioned it !

  4. My daughter and I are planning where we are going to put a bunch of succulents she was given last fall and they have matured. It’s such fun watching everything spring back up.

  5. Hi Brenda: Just wanted to say that you have a very informative site. I enjoy the POSITIVE comments left by your readers. It is rather cool in my neck of the woods here in Cornwall Ontario Canada.Just waiting for the day that the sun shines and mostly every thing will be alright with our space and the world.

    Pope Francis has requested the faithful to pray the Rosary today, Thursday March 19, 2020 @ 4:00 pm. ( whatever time zone is your time) Thank you for reading.

    1. Thank you, Rita, for this information. I plan to join my prayers with others today. Hope that all will be well with everyone.

  6. I agree with Katht, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds is a good place to order from, they have things I had never seen before, shipping is free, and they send you a free packet of seeds with your order, was really happy with them, you can get a free catalog too.

  7. Anyone who has a yard can enjoy time in it, I hope. Your weather sounds like it’s quite a bit ahead of where I live in SE Wisconsin and I am envious, but we are starting to get into the low 40s. I still need to wear my hat and gloves and sometimes a coat when I go outside to clean-up the patio and the driveway area where the squirrels hang out the most. I noticed that I have some perennials just peeking up through the ground in the south flower bed along the driveway. That area gets the most sun all year round and now the sun is high enough in the sky to be above the tall arborvitaes that separate my neighbor’s backyard from my driveway so it’s staying sunnier and warming more than 6 weeks ago. Today is also the Spring Equinox. To me, being outside is magical. Families could perhaps go for walks if they don’t have a yard for children to play in. They would need to be careful not to get too close to other people, and maybe for families with very young children that just isn’t practical – children will run ahead, children will pretend they’re deaf to your calls. It’s hard to make a small child understand something like what’s happening now. Sling TV is offering free access to a number of shows right now, no strings attached, including shows designed for children. it’s a streaming service, one that I subscribe to because it allows me to have some choice over the channels I’m subscribing to. We’ll all have to get through this, one way or another. We are going to be forced to learn patience. This isn’t going to go away in just a few weeks.

  8. LOL on the idiots. I feel that pain! It’s a very good point on how people will be after being cooped up. So many parents can’t wait for their children to be in school. I find that sad, so you indeed have a point on how people will be after a time. I refuse to be cooped up. I’ll do things as usual, but then I’m not a social person anyway. I love your new kitchen. It looks absolutely wonderful.

  9. Hi Brenda,
    We are living in uneasy times. No one has any answers for how this is all going to play out. Just trying to stay safe at home and do projects around the house for now. I think things will be worse before they get better and then hopefully we will see some real positive change. Stay safe.

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