The Patio Garden Progress

Charlie is at acupuncture. The vet from Bartlesville changed her days back to Thursday. They will be calling me soon to pick him up.

Someone asked about the peel and stick tiles and how they work. That’s exactly what they are: Peel and stick. Just like a sticker. But a very sticky sticker.

I have had one brand that didn’t hold up from Wayfair that I had in the bathroom. But this brand seems far, far stickier. Here in a link to the ones I purchased.

On Tuesday I called down to the apartment complex office and said I’d heard rumors that the company went bust. Mark, the manager, immediately said that was not true. A little too “immediately” if you know what I mean.

I let him know the “natives are restless.” In other words, the residents are a bit nervous that we won’t have a manager and maintenance man again. He assured me that was incorrect.

I said so why did they leave a tree completely unfinished. Cutting one side and then leaving. He said the tree people had to go to another one of the properties.

Well I can almost assure you that no complex has more tree trouble than this one. So that seemed a bit lame.

I don’t know if this was happenstance or not. But I called him around 4:30. Within the hour the pest control guy was behind the maintenance shed spraying. And the lawn crew was here cutting the bushes.

Either the apartment owners, if what I heard was actually true, suddenly got an influx of money. Or the manager called to get people working so the rumor wouldn’t drive residents to think about moving.

So we’ll see about that.

My patio garden is coming along nicely.

This was the Japanese maple yesterday. There are lots of little buds growing.

Below the Lamb’s Ear I planted last year. Typically what I’ve planted dies over the winter. But this time I think I bought a gallon and the roots must have been stronger and more plentiful.

The black mondo grass never went dormant. It held up well to the winter weather. Which is great because it is expensive.

Hopefully winter is about over now.

I don’t think you could kill the lemon balm once it gets rooted. It’s everywhere and through the cement cracks again.

Below is the white clematis that I bought about four years ago. It typically blooms in the spring.

But once it gets hot it will die back and then return when fall brings cooler weather.

I’d like to move it to a bigger pot, but I tried digging it out the other day and that hurt my back so I stopped.

Below is the English ivy I started last year. I can’t seem to keep it alive inside.

So I planted it here and am hoping over time that it will cover the fence and give me more privacy from the alley.

Here’s Ivy looking as though she’s mulling over something quite serious. I wonder what it could be?

That didn’t last long. Here she is a little later napping.

She has been throwing up her food just after she eats it the last few days. Do you think she could be eating too fast? Because it comes up almost completely undigested.

So I’ve started giving her less food at a time. I’ll see how she does the next couple of days and if she doesn’t stop throwing it up I’ll call the vet.

I read online that to keep a cat from eating too fast, you could take a very clean golf ball and put it in the food bowl. And then the cat takes longer to eat because of having to chase it around the golf ball.

I’m also brushing her more.

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  1. I love when things start to pop up in the garden and all the trees start to bloom. The only problem is how they affect my allergies. Nobody wants someone around who is sneezing at the right now. xo Laura

  2. Our elderly cat is very long-haired and will often throw up if we don’t give her the “hairball control” mader by “Greenies”. It’s called Smartbites and you can get it at Our cat likes the tuna flavor. Ivy looks like she has very thick fur and I bet her throwing up could be from ingesting it when she cleans herself. It helps to brush the cat but ours doesn’t like it at all so we use the hairball control bits.

    Thanks for mentioning the tile and that you just stick it to the wall. I think I am definitely going to try it in my bathroom plant window.

    Glad you’ve been able to get out on your patio and look over the emerging plants. My daffodils are all up and I hope they don’t get frosted. It was supposed to be in the forties all week here but it’s been cooler the last couple of days with quite a chilly wind today. We are supposed to get rain tonight. It will be a few weeks before we can do much of any gardening I think. A neighbor here said he’d heard that we here in Michigan are about three weeks ahead of the normal Spring weather temps. So it won’t be long ’til I can get out and dig around. I planted hollyhock seeds last Fall and I’m anxious to see if they come up.

    Stay well, Brenda. I have decided it’s best to stay out of crowds with all this hype about the C. Virus. But you’re not one for crowds anyway. Neither am I really.

  3. Here is a product I have had great success with, and my cats always love it and think it is a treat.
    It is called petromalt cat hair ball remedy.

    My cat licks it right off the tube.

  4. My three cats have been throwing up lately and it is mostly undigested food. They don’t seem to be sick and are still acting like their nutty selves! I wonder if it could be that they are shedding their winter coats and are ingesting the fur as they clean themselves. I’m going to have to brush them more now. Thanks for the reminder. I’m glad you called the manager on the rumors regarding your complex. At least they know that people are aware of what’s happening, and not happening, in the apartments. Welcome to Spring! It hasn’t quite happened in New England, but there are shoots beginning to push through and that makes my heart glad!

      1. I looked at the bowl and it seems to be for smooth food. You smear it on the bowl. I don’t think that will help with her scarfing down her dry food. It might tho so good luck.

        1. I’ll just give her less food and see if the raised spots slow her down. She might have to chase the dry food around for a bit hopefully. If that doesn’t work I’ll get a ball she has to scoot around to get to the food. I liked the part about helping with mouth bacteria.

  5. Hi Brenda! Love, love, love your kitchen update! Several months ago, I purchased the same tile for my backsplash, along with a faux granite “contact paper” for my countertops. (Originally, both were a ghastly shade of pink!) So far, I’ve finished most of the counters, but haven’t started on the backsplash yet. You have inspired me to finish the task! I do hope things will be okay with your apartment owners. If your ivy plant takes too long to cover your fence, you might like to try annual Scarlet Runner Beans from seed. They grow very fast, have pretty red flowers, and the beans are tasty, too. I grow them in pots, placed against the fence, with just some lines of jute twine on the fence to give them something to twine on. I guess you could use any kind of trellis or bean netting for them if you don’t like the look of the jute. Thank you so much for your newsy blog with all the terrific photos of the animals, garden and decorating. Wish I lived in Tulsa so we could share an occasional cup of coffee. All the best from Ann in Oregon!

  6. Wow, look at all that growth on your patio, holy smokes it truly is spring in your neck of the woods!! My chives are coming back, and I see a few daffodils popping up, but we’ll get more snow I’m sure.

  7. Love the kitchen peel and sticks. I think they will hold up very nice for you. So far the peel and stick wallpaper on my ceiling in my bathroom is holding up to the steam. These new peel and sticks are great so you can use them where you do not own or you can change up your mind easily with decor. Have a good day.

  8. I too hate it when people are dishonest…and sometimes it comes out like a big blinking red light! Sigh…today will probably be in conversation with management here as to WHY we have such a huge rent increase coming in 2 months when the lease is up. GREED is the bottom line…but any rate, will try…probably won’t change a thing…but meanwhile, am hunting for a different place….

  9. It might be that a Ivy has a hairball that needs to come up. One of my cats sometimes will get sick this way, thèn bring up a big hairball. Hope she is better soon.

  10. Everything looks lovely on your patio. You are SO much further ahead they we are in PA. Lucky you? Although it is supposed to reach 62 degrees here today. Unheard of in March. Tomorrow we’ll have snow again!!!!!

    1. My daughter bought a specially designed food bowl for her terrier mix that “gobbles” her kibble. It does a good job of slowing her down, I would think it would also work for cats . I think she ordered it from Chewy?

  11. I looked at your kitchen pictures. So basically you use mostly white. And I love it. I do not like stainless steel it just looks too cold and industrial. Before I retired as an RN everything was stainless steel where I worked.

    So happy it’s getting where you can start your patio plants.