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I know Japanese Maples are supposed to be slow growers. But my tree seems to have grown quite a bit since I bought it a year ago. It is quite beautiful right now, its deep red leaves a focal point of my patio garden.

I got up a bit early to give Charlie his morning meds because he’s going to his groomer. She’s only taking a few appointments here and there now.

I’d about given up on her to call me back and went ahead and ordered snub-nosed dog scissors to make a go of it myself, and then she called not ten minutes later to tell me to bring him in.

It’s softly raining outside. Ivy is at the storm door staring out at what seems to me nothingness. I’m sure she’d beg to differ.

What I’m Watching:

I’m watching the second season of Scott & Bailey right now. I like the way the two women interact together.

It’s funny how you can get so invested in a series from binge watching it. I don’t really consider it binge watching because I watch two episodes per night and then I read.

What I’m Reading:

I’m reading a book called “Under Lying” by Janelle Harris on my Kindle.

Susan has everything she ever wanted. A loving husband, an angelic daughter and the cottage of her dreams in County Cork. Her picture-perfect life seems too good to be true. And it is.

At a housewarming party with their new neighbors, her daughter Amelia goes missing. As friends become suspects, Susan’s life spirals out of control. And when Amelia’s yellow cardigan is dredged from the lake, every parent’s worst nightmare suddenly seems horribly real.

In the aftermath of Amelia’s disappearance Susan and her husband Paul are not themselves. Someone is hiding something. What if Susan and Paul’s entire relationship was built on lies stretching back years?

Some secrets may be best left buried in the past, but uncovering the truth could be the only way to find Amelia – before it’s too late.


It’s one of those books that you start out thinking one thing, and then about halfway through the landscape changes entirely and you’re caught a bit off guard.

Oh, I really like a mystery that makes me wonder and try to figure out where the plot is going.

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  1. Beautiful Japanese Maple. Mine is just starting to leaf out. I planted mine about 15 years ago. My white lilac is starting to bloom also. I was so surprised because I had just checked all of my plants a few days ago and nothing was blooming.
    I love Spring. Every time I go out there is something new blooming.
    Hugs to Charlie and Ms Ivy.

  2. We’ve been binge watching shows lately, like everyone else. I had lots of good intentions when this all started. I was going to read, but so far, nope. TV seems to have all my attention.

  3. I love Japanese maples – one of my favorite trees. Unfortunately, they don’t do well in our area, otherwise I would get one.

    I’m not watching any TV except a show here and there with Brian at night before he goes to bed (early – he’s up at 3:15 a.m. for work). Just finished an excellent book which was one of the best I’ve read in a long time: The Beekeeper of Aleppo. Got it from our library before they closed last month. Now I’m reading two non-fiction books.

  4. Has anyone watched Rosemary and Thyme ? I was thinking of giving that a go. Love my British shows !!

  5. I adore my Japanese Maple, it’s not leafed out yet but soon, there are buds…hope all this freezing weather and snow doesn’t damage it….yikes! Mine is coming into its’ 5th season and is so healthy and strong, I simple love it!

  6. Love the Japanese Maple. When I lived in RI my neighbor had one and it was beautiful !
    The book sounds just like the type of book I love ! I think I will order it !

  7. Bailey and Scott is so good! It only gets better too. I’ve made it through the beginning of Season 4 I think. The relationship between them is great – reminds me of Cagney and Lacey from back in the day! Enjoy! And your tree is gorgeous!

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