Fixing The Cord On The Fountain

Kendra came by yesterday afternoon after meeting with the guy she hires to help her with structural details on her flip houses, and fixed the cord to my fountain.

She brought her drill and figured out a way to disguise the black cord while still allowing a way for me to unplug the fountain and take the whole thing indoors come winter.

I had ordered this roll of rubber stuff that was the closest color I could find to the wall wood. It is 5 feet long.

She drilled screws into one side of it and left a gap where I could reach in and take the cord out. The rubber was not at all flexible, so this was the best solution.

It’s not the greatest fix aesthetically. But it’s all we could think of for now.

Here you can see it a little better. If I had paint to match the wood, I could make it look much better.

This wood has not been painted in probably 20 or more years, so I don’t know if they have any left over for me to use, but I will ask.

I have three wind chimes hanging fairly close together. One is bamboo, one is sculpted metal from a local artist and the other is made up of shells. I can’t recall what the last one is made up of though I know you all have told me at one time.

All three together make the most beautiful music.

Then Charlie and I went for a drive with her. She had just purchased a 2018 Tahoe over the weekend, which will be much better for her to carry around things for flip houses than her Audi sedan.

She drove me to the newest flip house to show me where it was. She had to pay quite a bit more for this one. Seems houses for sale in the areas she desires are scarce right now.

It’s in the same area as the last one, which is close to Tulsa’s Gathering Place, which is located on the banks of the Arkansas River on Riverside Drive. Gathering Place is a world-class centralized park located on almost 100 acres in the heart of the city.

Construction on it began in 2014 after a generous gift from the George Kaiser Family Foundation. Gathering Place is the largest public park in the country built with private funds.

I think she said this flip house is a two bed, one bath. And she has decided she can probably turn it into a three bed, two bath house, which will be more desirable to buyers. It has a tiny sun room that is only 70 square feet. She said she could lengthen that and turn it into a nice sized laundry room.

The kitchen poses some problems, as it is small and she can’t just knock the walls out on this one as she did the last one.

But she will work her own form of magic and make it beautiful for someone to buy and live in, as she always manages to do. She astounds me in her ability to see a crumbling mess of a house and look beyond to what it can become months down the road.

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  1. Well.. your daughter has inherited your knack for making a space in need.. look wonderful. Your patio garden looks beautiful! I don’t hear water anymore, but the sound of that little fountain must be peaceful when sitting out there, not to mention pretty. That park – what a lovely gesture by the private entity.

  2. You raised a talented daughter. Would love to see pics when she’s done. And I love that metal wind chime. Was going to ask you where you bought it so I could order one but that probably won’t work.

  3. The cord cover looks fine to me and the area there is so beautiful with the blue fountain bowls that that’s what draws one’s attention-not the cord cover. Relax, everybody.
    Your daughter is so smart and I hope she becomes a billionaire with her flipping business.

  4. The colors of the planters and flowers are beautiful. Could you paint every other plank the color of the tape. That would be easier to match, and possibly complete with a sample bottle of paint.

  5. Good afternoon Brenda, your patio is looking fabulous! I am so excited that you and spending more time with your daughter, I think it is wonderful for both of you. A girl always needs her mom.

    The fountain and the wind chimes are a favorite of mine, I love the sound they both make. Have a wonderful day my friend.

  6. Paint the strip white like the door. Go to a craft store or Walmart and buy a small bottle of acrylic paint. Clean the strip really well with alcohol and or dish detergent first to make paint stick better. May take several coats. Your daughter is so talented!

  7. If you could find paint that matched, by using a chip from some place, that could work too. Even if they did have paint, it won’t match due to the weathering of the siding already there. But then couldn’t you just attach the cord to the siding and paint the cord?

    I love hearing about your daughter’s flips! I hope there will be before and after pics. It could be fun!

  8. I think the cord cover blends in well, you really don’t notice it all that much. It may bother you more because you know it’s there. Maybe you could try picking up a couple different colors of acrylic craft paint in the small bottles and see if you can find something that is a closer match to the blah beige on the wood wall. We’re on Day 3 of rain and gloom here. But at least it’s not pouring out any more (we got more than 2 inches on Sunday alone) and I don’t have ponds of standing water around my back and front yards any longer or water threatening to jump the front curb and flood everyone’s front lawns even more than they were already. I’ll be so happy to see sun again, maybe tomorrow. Being a good flipper is a true talent, and takes vision. It certainly takes hard word, determination, dedication, vision, skills and having good, honest and reliable sub-contractors you can go to. I can’t imagine myself being able to do it! I love watching shows on HGTV and DIY Network because the flippers have the ability to “see” what a home could look like in their mind’s eye. I never get tired of watching them. I like Home Town (filmed in Laurel, Mississippi), although they’re not flippers. One of my favorite shows, no longer producing new shows, was Flipping Virgins with Egypt Sherrod, filmed primarily around Atlanta, Georgia. And I really liked Miami Flip with Carolina Sullivan, but she was only on for one season! I like all 3 of these shows because I think they show realistic budgets and common-sense approaches to how to improve homes, along with cost-saving tips and tricks. It’s also great to see so many women out there doing this work competing head to head with a male-dominated industry.

  9. I’ve had great luck buying craft paints, mixing several until i get a close color to what I want. Then i paint sample on wood, cardboard, plastic, etc…and take to Home Depot, etc and they use their computer to match in the type & amt of paint I need for project. They’ll match to current color and not to what it was 20 years ago.

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