What It Took To Fix My Cable

I think the internet is fixed. Hope so anyway. It hasn’t gone out since the cable guy was here yesterday anyway.

I’m not sure about my home phone. I called my friend Laura in Atlanta and she said it was still breaking up some.

I requested someone come out who actually worked for Cox Cable and this guy did. He was here for two hours. But he replaced all the cable outside and inside.

Replacing The Cable:

He said he followed it all the way around my apartment. And something had been chewing on the cable. Squirrels maybe.

So he replaced it and tucked this cable up high, I guess under the eaves.

He also asked where I work, and I said in this chair.

So he took the modem from the bedroom, rewired, and put it right next to my chair. He left me with a yellow cable that I can hard wire right into my laptop if need be.

Social Distancing & Wearing A Mask:

The man was very nice, social distanced and wore a mask.

He told me an odd story, when we got to talking. Said he went to one woman’s house and she asked him to take off his mask. (It is a company policy that they wear masks. This information they emailed to me several times before the appointment.)

The woman said she liked to look at lips when she talked to someone. Hard of hearing?

He told her then he guessed there wouldn’t be any talking.

She was not happy with this and told him she didn’t think much of all this pandemic stuff. That if it was your time, then it was just your time.

New CDC Guideline:

I read this morning that the CDC is now telling businesses that they can hand out masks in stores. But not to confront anyone if they refuse.

Because employees are being slapped, choked and shot over this.

What on earth is wrong with people? If someone does this to an employee they should be arrested for assault.

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  1. Hello from Connecticut- I just stumbled upon your blog today! Think it’s a good fit 🙂 && I’ll stick around. I can’t believe the life we are living these days- masks aside, the hastiness people have for kindness, being decent, and good health is astonishing. I myself am extreme high risk- i’ve been locked away at home like Rapunzle at home since March, my doctors wrote in for my husband to work from home as well because in and out made no sense. It’s a shame- all of it really. Well anyway, onto happier things. If interested I too have a blog: http://www.theartofhomegrown.com

  2. We cancelled the indoor part of an ATT appointment that my husband had made. He was told that the work would be outside, but when the workman came, he said he needed to come in. We don’t want people in our home right now, even with a mask, for long periods of time, especially in the room where my husband spends most of his time on the computer. If the problem continues, we may have to go ahead and have someone in, but their solution is always to get a new modem, and get a new dvr box for the system. I don’t want a new box. I have a lot of classic movies recorded on this one, that I like to go back and watch sometimes.
    Tomorrow we have a gas company inspection of our meter. They notified us it was due. I am not happy about it, but I guess we will go ahead and have it done, unless the guy shows up without a mask. If I were a repairman and I went to someone’s home, I am not sure that I would work in someone’s home if they wouldn’t put a mask on when I was there.
    People have really been brainwashed by the President and people like him that the Covid 19 virus is a hoax. I don’t know how they explain away the facts that thousands are dying from it. I know someone who I believe thinks that Jesus will protect them from the virus. Apparently, here in the United States we are entering a dumb and dangerous time where people are either too ignorant to understand science, or they don’t believe in it. I don’t know how this has come about.

  3. I think that some people do not understand that the more than 180,000 Americans who have already died right here in the USA from COVID-19 are EXCESS DEATHS, that is, deaths over and above the statistical average yearly of people who die by accidents, disease, suicide, homicide, and old age. That is a lot of people – and many of them are elderly, many of them are “younger” people who are obese, many of them are “younger” with underlying health conditions. Many “younger” people are also not dying, but are not getting well again, either. They have continued to suffer for months after being diagnosed with COVID-19 and supposedly having “gotten over it” with severe muscles pains, exhaustion, brain fog, and have suffered permanent organ damage to their hearts, lungs, brains, etc. It is a horrid disease and just because certain politicians are trying to pretend it has all disappeared, the daily number of deaths continue to rise, as do the daily number of thousands upon thousands of new confirmed infections. So glad you were able to get an actually dedicated and knowledgeable worker. Was he an “older’ man, by any chance? Yesterday, once again, my internet was driving me nuts, going in and out for 30 seconds or so at a time, for hours. It wasn’t windy but we got a lot of rain and lightning/thunder – hours on end. The night before, we’d had a fearsome rain storm, so maybe there were branches tangled up with some cables; or maybe – because we have plenty of squirrels in this “suburban-feeling subdivision” located just a few blocks away from one of the city’s “main drags” some of the cables/wiring has been chewed here and there. Most workers don’t seem to care any more. They do the bare minimum to get by, especially the younger ones. Where is the work ethic my generation (babyboomer) were raised with? Gone with the wind, it appears, just like my internet signal… And now, you can’t even get an ATT person to the house unless you PAY for the service, since the corporation cancelled the monthly fee you could pay to cover inside wiring issues. Of course – they always blame outages NOW on “inside wiring issues.” Sure, ATT, sure.

    1. The cable worker said he was 50. He was also black and told me how cops will hassle him and not come out when he reports his car getting broken into. Yet they will immediately send several out when someone’s political flag has been defaced. (Not an American flag; a political flag.)

  4. Just a thought. Could it be the cord from your telephone to the handset assuming you are talking about your house phone.

  5. It would seem that it would not take a rocket scientist to look into what was going on with the cable outside, when you live in an area with squirrels and other rodents too perhaps!! Common sense is so hard to find these days…boy is it…and so nice your repairman was a man with some!! I would write down that man’s name and if any more problems come, tell the company to ONLY send him out!!
    It IS easier to understand what people say when you can see their lips…was at the bank transferring money to my daughter the other day…and I truthfully never could understand all that woman said, even asking her to repeat…I HOPE the transaction all went well…her mask was super tight…maybe that was part of it…and she was not a yeller…some are in that bank and I have to make them write down information so not everyone in the entire bank can hear it…but man masks make it hard to hear!!

  6. Glad to hear that your Internet problems are fixed… since you use it for work it’s essential. I’m happy to hear the repairman was knowledgeable and courteous. Hopefully your phone line will improve as time goes on.

  7. People who don’t want to wear masks and think the pandemic is a hoax should be respectful and considerate of other people and comply with the CDC guidelines. I believe God have us intelligence and expects us to use it to care for ourselves and others. We are all going to die from something We’ve all been dying since the day we were born. However, we don’t need to expedite the process by throwing caution to the winds. I’m glad your cable problems have been resolved. Now if those pesky squirrels would just leave the wires be. You might have to buy them off with peanut butter sandwiches… just joking. Hope you stay well & safe.

  8. Sounds like you got a really nice cable repair man this time.

    I’ve been trying to remember to stop & thank all the workers when I go out. They sure are taking a lot of flack over masks. Usually I’m in a hurry but these days I’m glad to escape the house.

  9. Happy your cable visit happened without a hitch, Brenda.
    Unfortunately, those same folks that refuse to wear masks, are probably the same people that refuse to follow what used to be society norms. They are most likely, the impatient customer in grocery lines, the angry motorist that gets into altercations with other drivers, and people with short fuses upset, that things don’t always go their way.
    Sadly, patience and respect for others, is seen less and less in today’s fast paced world.
    Young minds have been running fast on HOURS of video games, violent movies, and internet for years now. Instead, of reading books, and playing kickball.
    Is it any wonder that too much technology has made many of us less human.
    I must admit when I go on Pinterest, the flicking of images is addictive, hrs fly by; I try to limit myself.
    Imagine young minds, and what they watch.