Merry Christmas Photo Of My Family

Kasi just brought this beautifully framed photo to my door the other day. The sisters have their families photographed together each fall/winter. So I’m sharing it with you.

Two daughters, one son-in-law, two grandsons and one granddaughter.

I just took a photo of the framed photo, so it’s not that crisp, unfortunately.

But anyway, these are the people I love.

From left to right: Kendra, Riley, Marley, Kasi, Ross and in front of Kasi, Andrew

Merry Christmas!


  1. Beautiful photo and you must be so proud!!! And a perfect gift. Is that tall fellow on the left your grandson? He’s so tall I figured he was an adult at first glance. I also love that they used nature as a backdrop… you can’t get more perfect as that.

  2. That is a lovely gift to give you, Brenda. The fact that all of them cooperate to do this is remarkable as well, in our day!

  3. What a wonderful Christmas gift Brenda! the photo and have your beautiful Family in your life…
    Merry Christmas to you and your little Charlie and Ivy!!!

  4. Brenda, I love seeing the photo of your amazing family, I always like to put faces to names, when you write about each of them. It is wonderful that they all live close. Merry Christmas to you, and wishing a safe and healthy New Year to you and your family. Hugs from Cold 13 degrees WI.

  5. That is a precious gift! I like how they are wearing muted colors so that their lovely faces are the focal point. Merry Christmas to you all and to all of the other readers!

  6. what a beautiful family!
    and thank you for sharing your life with all of us.
    even those of us who don’t comment all the time!
    I never miss your posts. and you are appreciated.
    sending you Christmas love and virtual hugs for you
    and Charlie and Ivy! xo

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