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Deciding What Container To Use For My DIY Water Feature

This weekend I’m trying to make a decision about what size to make my new DIY water feature.

Since the blue one is no more, having been broken when I was trying to prepare it for the recent freeze, I’m making one myself this time.

I’m just done buying big items for the patio that are breakable.

A Galvanized Water Feature:

And it will be in some sort of galvanized container. That specifically WILL NOT BREAK.

I’ve made galvanized tub water features in the past and really like the look of them.

My dilemma is that I can’t decide what size I want the container to be.

I have a large galvanized tub hanging on the fence, but that might be bigger than I want.

The one next to it on the fence is just a bit smaller in size, but has a break in the seams and I don’t know that it will hold water.

Then I’ve been thinking about just a bucket. But is that too small?

What Size Do I Want:

I really kind of like the in between size (as the one above).

I got it a few years ago, or was it just last year, at the Ace Hardware just a block or so away.

So I could go see if they still have them in stock I suppose. But definitely not on the weekend. I don’t like to shop on weekends.

I want the water feature off the ground so it will be easier to tend to. I’ll put it on the heavy patio table for easier reach. So I know that much at least.

And it also has to be close to the outdoor light where I can run electricity to the pump.

It will be between my chairs so I don’t want too much splash.

How I’ll Decide:

I just can’t decide, but I will. I’ll stew over it and think about it and look at Pinterest and soon I will make a decision. It will just pop into my head and I’ll know.

I have everything I need unless I want to put aquatic plants inside, which I don’t think are out yet this year.

Then there are these on Amazon.

Possible Amazon Choices:

This one is 5 and 1/2 gallons. It measures 22 x 13 x 7.3 inches and is just under $30. It’s probably not high enough though.

Then there’s this one, but Amazon only has third party sellers selling it.

It is about the size of the one I have the morning glories in. Maybe I could check at Ace Hardware around the corner about this size.

Then there’s this one below. Tub size is 18.11 x 18.11 x 33.8 inches. I just don’t want to spend this much on a water feature.

But I’d love it for maybe indoor storage because I love the look. Not now though.

Awfully cute though, isn’t it?

My Own Square Galvanized Tub Used As A Planter:

I had the square galvanized tub that sits at the top of my galvanized garden in a stand similar to this, but it was old.

When the movers moved it from Tyler to Tulsa they broke the stand. I was really disappointed.

I do already have a red beverage tub on a black stand that I bought at a junk store years ago.

But I kind of like it indoors for house plants. Just like the silver beverage tub I have on a stand that I got at Tuesday Morning last year.

And there’s this red one (the largest) of the group above. It holds 7 gallons and measures 21. 75 x 14. 25 x 11-inch. That’s not very deep though.

But would that be a plus or a minus?

Aquatic Plants Are A Possibility:

If I put aquatic plants in it, that might be about the right height without me having to buy bricks to set under them. As well as the pump.

Decisions, decisions.

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  1. Hi Brenda,
    I like the bushel tub. I have several and find the depth nice. I believe I’ve seen them at Lowes in the past and I see that Lowes is an advertiser on you blog. Possibly they would sponsor you for some of you sweet patio projects! I’ve also purchased them from Tractor supply. I have two of the washtub planters on the stand also from tractor supply and although I love them they are a thinner metal than the other galvanized tubs. To help prolong their life my hubby sprayed the inside with that rubber liner stuff because they only hold ornamental plants. After one season the red had faded terribly so it looks like we need to give them a facelift. Can’t wait to see what you create!

  2. Do check walmart as I have gotten several of my larger galvanized tubs there. They also have solar fountains, I use those in my two staggered level galv tubs in my garden. I put the galv. Tub’s on tree slices to give them height. You might be able to get slices for free from city when have to cut up downed trees. The solar fountains can either bubble up or set to higher stream. This is the second season for them and they are only around 12 to 25 dollars. Amazon has as well. I do like the one I bought for $ 23 that will also work when no sunlight.

  3. Brenda, do you have a Tractor Supply in town. I think their galvanized tubs are cheaper. How big of a pot do you have your Chinese Maple planted in? I drool every time I see a picture of it. And I think Lowe’s has one in now. Just not sure what size pot I’d need. Thanks, Annette

  4. I believe I saw the 2nd one down (the bushel basket) at Walmart??? I think it was last year though. Maybe check their website, a lot of times even if it’s a 2nd party vendor at you can do returns at the store as long as you have the original packaging.

  5. So many possibilities and ideas. I have no doubt you’ll come up with something wonderful and I can’t wait to see what that is.

    I had to snicker when you said you don’t like to shop on the week ends. I do everything I can to avoid going out on the week ends. Of course, I don’t go out much but the week ends are for younger people who work Monday through Friday. LOL

  6. I’ve no doubt you’ll find something you like – there seems to be a lot of options to make one. I’m not handy that way. I’d have to buy one. I decided to spend the money getting several trees a much needed trim that I am not able to do myself so I won’t be getting a plug-in fountain this year! Finding a level place to put it on my patio is problematic anyway because of how it is slanted for water drainage away from the house, and I don’t want to have to run and try to camouflage a lengthy stretch of cord. I did see this planter on legs for a very low price, but there is no description and so I’m not certain if it is actually made out of galvanized metal or is something else that isn’t metal at all, and no size is given either, it could be tiny and that is why it is so inexpensive: