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  1. You should have worked for a book publisher Brenda with the latest books coming out. Nice variety for your tastes. I do agree with Jan that I can’t read nor would enjoy some of the books you selected as I want happy endings with no violence or hurting others. If I take the time to read, it’s going to be a good relaxing moment for me to rest, not me feel anxious. I am pretty picky about what books I buy now and also tv programs I watch. I have enough reality in my day to day.

    1. I understand that. My daughters are the same way as you. I think that the kind of articles I used to write was sad and heartbreaking. So reading about it is no problem for me.

  2. I don’t like scary books, I don’t like books with sad or horrid endings, I don’t like books with violence, I don’t want to read about people being bad and hurting other people and doing awful things. Aren’t we already surrounded and more than half-drowned in such things in the real world already? I get enough of that daily just reading the New York Times and The Washington Post, among other news sources. I wish we still had Jane Austen. I have never tired of re-reading her novels or watching the movie and television adaptations of them.

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