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  1. Kim mentioned wrapping lettuce in foil and I will be trying that. I also wrap my celery in foil and it will last for a month or more. Most of us won’t use a whole celery stalk before it ruins, but this helps. Thanks for the tip Brenda. I will be trying this on my silver concho earrings and necklaces.

  2. Wow, I’ll have to try Emie’s dryer trick to prevent static electricity. I knew about the grill trick. We’ve been doing that for years. Works great. When I used to have a stove with burners, we did that trick too. I’ve heard it’s bad to put foil directly on the bottom of the oven, but it never occurred to me to put it on the bottom rack. That’s pretty smart. I’ll definately have to try that one. This was a fun post.

  3. Wrapping a head of lettuce will extend it’s life by quite a few days.

  4. Hi Brenda
    This was an interesting post. Thanks for sharing. I read your blog every time you post. Love it!

  5. I have a small piece of foil on the floor of my oven (even though in your post it said not to do that), but I make sure to cut it small enough where it doesn’t touch the burners. I’ve tried the foil ball in the dryer, but it didn’t do anything to cut down on static for me. I don’t use dryer sheets – they’re toxic – so I’m willing to try natural ideas. I’ve found wool dryer balls work the best. Still have a bit of static in the winter, but no big deal: when you fold the laundry and put it away, the static is gone.

  6. I have heard that you can use aluminum foil to sharpen scissor blades.

  7. Good post. I think everyone is interested in ideas like this. Loved a look at your garden yesterday. Just like most of us I have weeds, sticks and leaves and some of the flowers from the flowering trees all mixed up in my garden. I have my hydrangea, lilac, peony, bleeding heart, hostas, bee balm, day lillies and spring flowers all coming up! Enjoy your day!

  8. Here’s another use for good measure…. aluminum foil can be balled up and thrown into a dryer to prevent static cling. Has anyone ever tried it?

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