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  1. Beautiful pictures with so much inspiration. Thank you, Brenda!

    Yes, I have started decorating for spring. 🙂

  2. These pictures make me want to get out my Easter and spring decorations! My daughter and I were just talking the other day and decided to put up the spring decorations this coming weekend.

  3. Oh I love that kitchen picture with spring decor! My cabinets are white, but are not in great shape. They have that plastic coating that is beginning to peel and crack. If I could get the courage up to remove the doors and paint the insides white, I could end up with the look in the picture. My countertop is black, but the back splash is the same brown tile as the floor. Maybe paint the backsplash with white epoxy paint? I have to say, my kitchen is drab factor to me and as such I have never done any seasonal decor in there. After this long year and winter, I NEED spring decor in my home!
    The lattice in the other picture Brenda, I think Kendra could throw one together for you in mere minutes with scrap wood she is bound to have leftover from a project. Then you could age it with a dry brush coat of gray paint and then a light whitewash over that. Those little paint sample jars are perfect and cheap for things like this. I would love to see how YOU would decorate it!

  4. After starting strong with decorating for the more winter, bundle up to your neck!, holidays, I’ve kind of slacked – but these six glowing tips! Good work, Brenda! I’m about to go run errands and I do think there shall be visible evidence of spring now in my apartment, thanks to this beautiful article :>

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