Six Of The Best Stylish Small Space Living Rooms

So many of us these days are opting for small space living. 

But it is often hard to figure out how to style your living space for maximum usage if you’re accustomed to larger rooms.

Here are some small living spaces and tips… 


Some tips to keep in mind when decorating small space living rooms…

1. Use multi-purpose furniture
2. Don’t be afraid of using color.
3. Keep the space de-cluttered
4. No heavy window treatments
5. Keep traffic flow unimpeded (30-36 inches for walking space)
6. Use mirrors for reflection 
7. Try Lucite furnishings that doesn’t take up visual space
8. Keep knick-knacks on surfaces minimal
9. Make organization a priority
10. Keep it clean!

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  1. There is something to like in every room. I notice the thinner refrigerator in the last photo. I like that idea. We have a very small kitchen and I'd like a smaller fridge to free up some space. Thanks!

  2. I love the 2nd pic! Those are all great tips. I agree that less clutter and using more mirrors are a good idea. I would also say that neutral colors make the space feel larger too though.

  3. Love the tips and inspiration, Brenda. I couldn't agree with you more on keeping the space de- cluttered ♥

  4. I really enjoy seeing pictures of small spaces. These all have great ideas. My favorite is the first picture with the dining table in front of the window. I would like to try that arrangement myself.

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