1. Oh I love all the Fall decorating posts! I’ve been (im)patiently waiting for this, lol! I’m trying to wait just a little longer for the weather to cool off a bit so it will a actually feel like Fall, before I start decorating. I like the orange, red and gold colors of Fall the best.

  2. Love all the decorating ideas. So many great ideas. Glad you were able to have lunch with your daughter. Hope you got a good report from the doctor. Some of these blogs I had never seen before so I’ll probably be checking them out further. Be well.

  3. Walker or scooter to get to the appointment today and back to the apartment??

  4. I love fall decorating ideas! I get so much inspiration from others. I love the “Easter egg acorns”!

  5. I love them all. The table displays are so creative and pretty, but I just can’t get past using cream-colored pumpkins although they go with every color anybody could have in their decor. I love the decoupaged leaf lantern from One Little Project, and the display of the artificial branches of fall colored leaves from Four Generations One Roof is right up my style alley. Other than switching out the wreath to an autumnal colored one for the front door, I haven’t thought about decorating for fall. The geraniums and petunias in my planters on the front porch are still going strong and my tomato plant is still setting blossoms. It’s been warm to hot and very humid here, although “fall like” weather (in the 60s) is expected later in the week, for 3 days. So far, this September is turning out like last year, when we had “summer” until the end of September and “autumn” until the beginning of December. Not sure if this hot/warm/humid weather will hold but there is always yard work to do, I need to level out some major “low” areas in the backyard and there is a lot of sod web worm kill on the front lawn that needs to be raked out, always a major work-out. I did buy and put up new curtains in the living room, they are a “Hygge Geo” pattern in black and white that I fell totally in love with. For some reason, they make the room feel more cozy to me. Amazing what switching out just a few things can do. I also changed out the covers on the throw cushions on the sofa and chairs for the season, back to the basics of black, cream, white and gold. Still drying out the basement too, ugh.

  6. Nothing like a new “happy” plate to eat even a slice of pizza on to make my day!! Hope your wellness visit gives you good news on your health.

  7. I’m into the more colorful themes of fall. I love the orange, green, gold, rust colors with some creamy color with hints of red, sky blue, purple and brown mixed in with the decor.
    I have some decorating done and my daughter comes over and tells me she really likes my orange shirt, but nothing about the decorations! Yikes, she’ll be asking to wear it soon! It’s a cute short ribbed fitted shirt. Lol

  8. Hope your appointment went well. Thanks for all the beautiful fall ideas. I really like how the artificial plants aren’t so dark green and the pumpkins and all the decorations don’t necessarily have to be orange.

  9. I’m not ready to decorate for fall just yet…I have a few more official days of summer and I’m holding on to every last one of them! 😉

    These are some beautiful, inspirational ideas for fall decorating.

  10. I hope your appointment went very well, Brenda! Pizza with Kasi for lunch sounds yummy!
    All the Fall/Autumn decor looks wonderful. Love the pumpkin pillow from Kirkland’s.
    Have a wonderful day!

  11. My favorite is Lauren McBride’s wooden box with the white pumpkins on it. I have the box, all I need are the pumpkins. I also like Four Generations One Roof! These are wonderful ideas for fall decorating, thank you so much for this post!

  12. These are so pretty – love the little jar with leaves and the acorns. I think of all of them, I like the little narrow dough bowl with the mini pumpkins and the colorful chair.
    Hope your tests come back good. And that you enjoyed the pizza with your daughter.

    1. That pillow really caught my eye! If I didn’t have so much arthritis in my hands, I’d make a similar one.

  13. I love the pillow from Kirkland’s! My daughter and I are going to put up our Fall decorations this weekend!

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