8 How-To Ideas For Rental Kitchens

One drawback to renting is not being able to change things. In this post there are 8 how-to ideas for rental kitchens. Let’s see what we can do.  

Unless you’re strictly prohibited, you can add shelves. As long as you put things back the way they were when you leased your home, you can probably still get your deposit back when you leave. 

The good thing is, you can take your wall shelves with you!

Lighting is usually another problem. I know in my bathroom I have that old strip lighting that I’m dying to change. You could even add a chandelier to spice things up. 

Just make sure you hire someone who knows what they’re doing! Unless you are one of those DIYers who is experienced in electrical work. 

Embellish what you already have. These white cabinets are pretty boring. But adding the lace trim adds to the shelves above, personalizing them a bit.

Also bright colors on the counter distract from the plain white cabinets below.

Change out the cabinet hardware. Add a magnetic strip for knives. There are all kinds of ways to add bling and added storage to rental kitchens.

The blue shelves above the lower cabinets brings a wow factor to a boring kitchen.

Wallpaper the inside of cabinets. This will bring a fresh look and can be changed out when you tire of the pattern.

It is especially nice if you take the cabinet doors off or have glass doors.

Need a message center but don’t have the wall space? Add cork board to the front of your refrigerator. Then you have a great spot to put notes and grocery lists.

Add hooks to shelves so you can utilize the space underneath. This gives you more bank for your buck, to use a phrase.

Vertical storage space really come into play when you live in a small home or a home that doesn’t have adequate storage.

We all know that the addition of mirrors helps make a small space appear larger than it really is. So add mirrors where you want to extend and reflect a space.


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  2. Before I found Cottage !i lived in a rented apartment for a few months. I was told not to change a thing in the rooms. Of course I couldn't help myself and added shelves and door knobs to the kitchen. When the agency visited after I told them I was leaving, I told them I would remove everything and patch the wall before leaving. They didn't want me to: they said it was much better now!

  3. These are all great ideas. As you know I might be moving, and I looked at a condo and realized the kitchen open space is only as wide as a kitchen sink between the counters on both sides! Yuck!

  4. I have never lived in a rental in over 35 years where you can paint, change the lighting
    or add shelves. I cannot make any changes at all but I decorate with my coastal country
    décor that cheers me up. You are so lucky to have choices .

  5. I think of all these… the use of mirror is one I'd tend to do. I have lots of mirror around my home.
    I also like the use of contact papers…though it wasn't mentioned. it can be removed and cleaned up with WD-40 pretty easlily too.

  6. Many good ideas here. After being home owners for over 30 years, we are now temporarily renting – yes, quite a change. Luckily, our landlords are really good, honest, caring people – they feel as lucky to have us as renters as we are to have them. Honestly, in our case there are many perks to renting for awhile, and its not bad at all!. Thanks!

  7. I love the idea of the patterned or colored paper on the back of open shelving. Easy to put up and remove. When we rented back in the early part of our marriage, our land lord was happy to let us paint and wall paper because he didn't have to. He was very flexible.

  8. You can use starch and favorite fabrics from your stash in lieu of wallpaper! Easy to remove, so you can switch it out in a heartbeat, and a great way use things instead of having them hid away in a cabinet unseen.

  9. I am seriously thinking of replacing the lighting. I just changed out some blinds and still have some more to do. But my mad money has been depleated for now….$500.00 crown I just paid for. I

  10. Just lost my comment! What amazing ideas to add extra storage and beauty to a smaller kitchen! I will definately use a few of these clever ideas in my own small kitchen. Many thanks for sharing…

  11. Great ideas for adding a serious dose of charm to a smaller-sized, rental kitchen! Thanks for sharing these creative ideas. Hope your day is off to a good start… ~julie

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