I’ve always romanticized living in a loft. I love open spaces and lots of natural light. This is a 1920s Brooklyn loft. It is in Park Slope and has 650 square feet.

Because it’s basically one big wide open space, just think of the possibilities!

Now this is the size of TV I like. I really don’t understand why so many people choose to have those massive TVs that take up so much space. One big black hole.

Mine is even smaller than this one, and I have no trouble seeing anything on the screen.

It has a very small bedroom. It’s a little lackluster, but I could easily fix that.

This is bigger than my bathroom. I would think you could just leave your window bare like this, because you’re not on the first floor in this instance.

Would you like to live in a loft? Have you ever lived in one, and if so, how did you like it?

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  1. I love lofts and all of the open living spaces. I've never lived in one but would love to. I think I've harbored the yen for it since seeing Meg Ryan's brownstone in "You've Got Mail."

    I also agree with you on the big tvs. I'm perfectly fine with my small screen.

  2. I could live there for sure! I love lofts and if I didn't have to work outside the home, I think I could really go for it. That is such a cute and cozy place and I like to imagine what you find down below on the streets. I'd live to live somewhere that I could be without a car and still get to what I need.

  3. Brenda I adore you and your blog just as it is. I think seeing how others decorate gives inspirational ideas and is just plain fun. I hope you know you are beloved by your readers and your blog a source of daily insight and inspirational ideas. As I live in one room in 350 square feet I truly appreciated today's post. Your light shines bright my friend, brighter all the time.

  4. I am sorry if my comments hurt your feelings (or anyone's ) yesterday. I only was giving my opinion and what I hoped was constructive criticism. I do have to comment on Nancy Blue Moon's comment…first I don;'t have a blog so you could not have been bored by it. Second my comments were not intended to be nasty…like yours. When Brenda lived in the little blue cottage I loved coming here to read what she had to say, but something has changed since she moved into the apartment. And no the door did not hit me on the way out.

    1. Excuse me Trudy but you did used to have a blog "Thoughts From Rosebud Lane"..so you can stop trying to make me look stupid..You do say nasty things that hurt people and that's clearly what you did here..and obviously not just Brenda's and mine…There was absolutely no reason for you to do that and make her feel bad because she is not catering to what you want to read..I also remember the nasty remarks you made about people who commit suicide when Robin Williams died..did you at all stop to think how that would feel to someone who's child or parent or loved one was lost to suicide??..Or any readers out there who may have reached that point at any time in their lives..Let me give you some constructive criticism..the next time you decide you no longer like what is posted on a blog..just hit the unsubscribe button and move on…There is no reason to make the blogger feel that they did something wrong when the problem is really you…P.S…Things change in life all the time..I suggest you become a bit more flexible…

  5. We really like our big black hole in the wall TV. But then our family room is probably much larger than the Cozy Little House you are in… so, a tiny TV would look quite lost in our large room. Each to their own. That's a pretty loft, but it could use some color to liven it up. xo

  6. I DO HOPE THE UNHAPPY PERSON DIDN'T LET THE DOOR SMACK HER BACKSIDE ON THE WAY OUT. Kudos to you Brenda, keep on keeping on, I won't miss her rudeness.

  7. I enjoy seeing a variety of living spaces, somehow these loft just lack the 'cozy factor' that I like in a home. Please keep your unique blog the way it is, that is what makes it special and sets it apart from others.

  8. So sorry someone just did not excuse herself and shut the door behind her on the way out and felt a need to be so hurtful. You have written such a variety of very interesting posts and I so enjoy them daily. You are an eloquent writer and ALWAYS here to help in so many ways and an inspiration as well. May your days be filled with sunshine and keep YOUR blog as is. we all do enjoy. To the the dark cloud over your comment section today POOF you are gone and we wish you find happiness as much as Brenda makes us ALL happy! Life is full of experiences and I so enjoy reading blogs and yours my dear friend Brenda I look forward to read EVERY day. Blessings!! 🙂

  9. I do like the airy brightness of the space but that could be because I'm just plain tired of the continually dreary winter skies where I live, along with the clutter that has been building up around me (due to my foot that has been casted for the last 9 weeks). Everything is piled up around me so that it's easy to get to.

    As for TVs? We do have one that is about 42 inches but it is downstairs in our family room area. We rarely ever turn it on but despite that, we bought a new smaller one (like in the picture). Since I was going to be non-weight bearing for a full 8 weeks in my initial recover period, my husband forbade me to go down the stairs while he was not home. So, since I refused to have that bug monster TV in my upstairs living room, we bought the smaller one for me to use. It's far less offensive to the eye, as far as I'm concerned. I really can't get into most programs but do enjoy dome of the PBS shows, like Downton Abbey and Jewel in the Crown. And documentaries? Those, too!

  10. I love the loft living and I could so live there…..Keep doing what your doing as it seems to be working very nicely for you, and ignore the nasty comment……Hope your day has been great.

  11. Well, I got sidetracked with my jaw dropping open after reading one of the comments here. All I can say, Brenda, is that I enjoy the pretty spaces you show here. Loft living is fascinating and I was surprised and pleased to find out recently that our youngest son and his wife plan to do just that when their kids are grown, in a historical section of their downtown.

    I'm so glad that I'm actually able to type this comment as recently mine have timed out while I tried, with a notice that "a plugin Shockwave Flash isn't responding." I had to save that for my other son to try to fix, and it looks like he did because I don't have a clue what was happening.

    Best to you, dear friend,

  12. Brenda, it is always fun to see how someone else lives! A loft apartment sounds fun, but I do like walls and separate rooms! We have a 32" inch TV which is plenty big for us! Thanks for sharing these very interesting apartments! Happy Sunday, Pam @ Everyday Living

  13. I have been a reader for a number of years. I used to really enjoy your blog. Used to being the key words. I prefer a blog about the person doing the writing. Not a blog that has links day after day. I do n't care for a blog that concentrates heavily on the physical ailments of the writer unless it is too pass on information. I don't care for people in real life who are like this either. I do like seeing your apartment and what YOU have done to it. I like hearing about the pups. I am proud of you how you are helping the an to become a citizen. However, the posts with links far out number the good ones. I am sorry, but I am going to spend my limited time on a different blog . I know it is your blog and you can do what you want with it, but it has become something I I don't really enjoy.

    1. You know Trudy..if you don't like something..just go away..like I did after looking at your blog several times and finding nothing of interest to me…There is no good reason for you to publicly be rude and hurtful…I have seen you make nasty comments on other blogs too…Life isn't all flowers and fluff…Brenda shares her real life with us…she also shares things she finds that she likes and asks our opinion of them…The rest of us are quite happy here and we care very much about Brenda, her life and her feelings…Therefor we don't care for you spouting out your nastiness and hurting her…

  14. My son lived in a fabulous loft in downtown Los Angeles when he began teaching at UCLA. The Pacific Electric building was converted to lofts (google Pacific Electric Lofts) and they did a great job of retaining the old. My son used IKEA Expedits to create walls for a bedroom. He ended up moving right next to campus so he could eliminate driving, but he had to pay so much more money for a generic apartment.

  15. Love how open and bright it is. I havn't lived in a loft, but I did live in a one room apartment for a while. Not nearly as cute as this one. In fact, mine was really pretty bad. I agree, we don't have a massive tv either. Our room is way too small for one of those.

  16. What a fantastic loft Brenda! I agree with the openness and just the overall vibe lofts have. They typically have high ceilings which open up the space as well. My husband just built me one of those industrial units. So simple too. I agree on the TV..but let's face it, it's a guy thing, the bigger the better lol.

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