Thank you so much for all the support yesterday. Today will be a better day.

Do you ever feel so wound up and upset about little things (that seemed awfully big at the time) that you feel like the top of your head is going to fly off?

Rocks stacked together on the beach

Well, I think I’m reading a bit too many Stephen King books lately. If my head begins to go around and around, then I’ll be concerned!

You all seem to know just when to gather around the fire and dole out comfort. It means so much to me. It’s so wonderful that women from all around the globe can come together in one place and bring their own ideas to the table.

This morning I sat down in my recliner and realized that something was wrong with it. It’s twisting awkwardly when I start to recline. But admittedly, I work it hard and sit in it more than anyplace else. It has saved me from pain many times in the past 3 years.

Trying To Dial Back The Worry:

At this point, I’m beyond worrying too much about it. If I have to get another recliner I will. Because other than the bed, it’s the most important piece of furniture in my apartment. And I depend on the comfort of it throughout the day.

I wear my laptops out in 3 years, and I use my chair even more than I use them. So this shouldn’t surprise me.

In having a better day, a photo of a wood bridge across green water.

It seems the new canned cat food I ordered for the kitties might come in tomorrow. I sure hope so. If not I guess I’ll have to resort to the cans of tuna I have.

I know Ivy won’t starve. She doe not look like she’s ever missed a meal. But still, I want my baby to enjoy her food.

So many things are occurring in the first months of this year. Paying my yearly taxes, getting on Medicare, moving. By February, things should be calming down.

Blogging & January:

January is always a tough month for bloggers. Because it’s when they make the least income of the entire year. Advertisers spend the bulk of their money up through Christmas.

Then in January, ad income is often cut in half. Because it’s the beginning of a year, and a new quarter always means advertisers are not willing to spend as much.

I’ve been reading other bloggers’ tales of woe about it on the ad company Facebook page the past few days. But, we just have to remember this always happens in January. And this too shall pass.

The sight of the sea and the seashore.

That means you have to look at the year as a whole, and figure in that your income for January will mean less in your bank account. But when divided by 12 months, things look much better.

It’s just the way things go in the content-creating world. We all depend on advertising. They call this “putting all your eggs in one basket” and much is written about trying to avoid doing that.

How Bloggers Make Money:

Many bloggers sell ebooks, but I’ve never been able to come up with an idea for one that I think would be any different from what I write on my blog.

Some bloggers work with sponsors. But since my blog is about so many things, I’ve never had them pounding down my door. And when you’re getting paid to write sponsored posts, it’s like a monkey on your back.

You feel somehow obligated to write positive things about that company. And I just don’t like the idea of doing that.

When I write about something I purchased on my own, I tell you my genuine feelings about the product. And that’s how I like to do things.

In having a better day, a photo of a beautiful sunset out at sea

Some bloggers depend on affiliate income, but I’ve never had much luck with that. I do have Amazon affiliate links on some posts, but that’s it.

Feeling Better Today:

The good news is that I slept much better last night. And when I woke up this morning I spent time in bed stretching. Which I know is good.

This kind of reminds me of when my girls were little and they’d be watching Mr. Rogers on TV. I’d go about cleaning or cooking, and in the background, I’d hear the soothing voice of Mr. Rogers.

Have you ever heard a more calming voice than his? Oh, there’s another guy I used to watch on Saturdays who had a very soothing voice. Bob Ross the painter! He would paint on his easel and explain what he was doing.

I’d be just lulled along as I listened to him. It would just about put me to sleep, and I never can sleep during the day. I miss Bob Ross. He died of lymphoma in 1995 at age 52. So young!

What do you do when things seem to overwhelm you? Do you have an old standby, like making a cup of hot tea and staring out the window at birds?

I’m curious to know how other people distract themselves from worrying to get through a difficult day. Maybe we can help one another with the suggestions that are given.

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  1. Just a thought, but sometimes when my recliner acts wonky, it is because something, like part of a shoe or a book, is stuck underneath it. It’s back to normal after I remove it.
    Sometimes it’s something my kitty has been playing with.
    I dread the day it really stops working! I fall asleep in it a lot.
    I bet you can find old episodes of Mr Rodgers and/or Bob Russo on YouTube. You could play these when you are trying to fall asleep.
    For me, it is nature documentaries. I love to watch them, but inevitably get drowsy & fall peacefully asleep.

  2. I have days too when I’m stuck in the “worry mode” and feel overwhelmed. When that happens, especially right before bedtime, which I know it will keep me awake half the night, I say to myself “Let Go and Let God”… over and over again, and as I say it, I just dump all of my worries and pain and feelings of being overwhelmed onto Him. The Bible says we can and should do that, so I do! It really helps alot. It’s like I just took a big bag or box full of my “stuff” (worries, etc.) and gave it to Him to handle for me. It lightens my load and frees me up to relax and sleep (or get through the day). I also use EFT (emotional freedom techniques) to help me relax if I feel stressed, tight, anxious and overwhelmed, which works immensely! Look EFT up online. Gary Craig was the founder, or the one who made it current and popular. Good luck! And yes.. I’m sure Ivy is feeling your stress and knows something is changing. I know she is like my maddie who was a rescue kitten, and she is VERY sensitive to any change and can get very aggitated and mean to my other cat, when she is feeling the changes. Take care… Marilyn

  3. 😊 Happy to know you are feeling better today Brenda.
    Soon the big move will be a thing of the past!
    Then life can begin anew for you to enjoy fresh ❤ surroundings!!
    Love reading your posts!!
    Here’s to a new year ,,,,,, let’s have a toast 🥂 with sugar free tea!!!

  4. Glad to hear you had a much better day! When I first started blogging, I thought it would be easy to make money. Ha! That never happened, so I decided not to even try, except for some Google ads and Amazon affiliate links. When I’m having a bad day, I find that working on a project is a good distraction. Or, I go shopping. I don’t necessarily need to buy anything, but I find that wandering around in a store gets my mind off things for awhile.

  5. You certainly did have a tough day, one of those days when everything from soup to nuts goes off kilter. I think tension builds up until the universe blows and the soup spills. I find myself in more physical pain every time the weather changes. I’ve always thought we feel more tense with each swing in temperature as well as we do when contemplating dealing with changes in our lives. I’m glad you woke to a feeling of less pain, discomfort and emotional fatigue. A good sleep certainly helps. Ivy and the tuna… I read about the additives to tuna that is canned for human consumption – and the reason we should not feed it to our cats and wondered why it’s ok for us? 🤔 A new recliner ordered now for delivery to your new apartment might be a very good idea. Furniture wears out faster now that you are using it so much more. Sounds like yours has been a necessity and would be difficult to do without.

    1. Soup to nuts, never heard that one! I slept well last night. I’m finding my back cannot handle my walking in the boot, so I’m trying to just rest up because both are off-kilter.

    2. Brenda ,,,,,
      Re canned tuna for Ivy.
      Don’t feed her that. It can make Ivy sick. Firstly, the sodium content is outrageous.
      I always purchase salt-free tuna, packed in water.
      You can ask the vet if this product, a small portion, will be okay for Ivy.
      You might need to put a few drops of olive oil on her plate.
      This type of tuna is dry.
      Just wanted to mention.
      It’s important our pets do not consume salt & sugar.
      Well, limited amounts anyway.

  6. I am glad you are feeling better today.

    When I read that your recliner was feeling like something was going wrong with it and that you may have to buy a new one, I just wanted to suggest that if the recliner manufacturer or store where you bought it offer repair service,you might want to look into that. A while back my recliner/lift chair (about 4 years old) developed a problem where every time I sat down and reclined or sat back up, something in the seat of the chair bumped me in the rump! I called the store, who referred me to the repair place and the recliner repair person came out for a fee of under $100 and took a look at it. It turned out that a big bolt had some how moved itself out of the hole where it was supposed to be which caused the mechanism to bump up as the reclining apparatus worked. All he had to do was screw the bolt back into the hole where it came out of and I guess he put a nut on to keep it from falling out again. Ecept for the service calltherewa no other charge for the repair.

    I started even sleeping in my recliner when the arthritis in my knees got so bad, and now I can’t get comfortable in a regular bed anymore. In early November I spent an entire week sitting in my recliner looking at the floor while my macular hole surgery healed. As I was healing from my eye surgery, in my spare time looking at the floor, I got to thinking what if my recliner broke? I wonder what the delivery time on a new one would be, with all of the shipping problems that are going on now.
    I hope you continue to feel better each day. Cold weather and winter time has made my arthritis flareup throughout my body (not just the usual places) for a few years now. When warm weather comes back I start to feel better all over. I had bad arthritic side effects from several different statin medications. The doctor kept trying me on different ones until I finally said the pain isn’t worth it. My cholesterol was in the mid 180’s, but that doctor wanted it to be lower due to other health issues, but each of the medications I tried made me feel so bad, I just couldn’t continue to take them.

  7. Glad you’re doing better today. You do have a lot of overwhelming changes coming. Its hard for me to remember it when I’m stressed out and overwhelmed but for me, going outside in the fresh air often helps soothe. Of course as long as it’s not 110 degrees out.

    1. I think change is always hard, but especially as we get older and follow a routine. I stare at this mess around me and know I can’t do much about it now. But it won’t be long now. Three weeks from today.

  8. Hi Brenda,
    Happy 2022! My eldest grandchild turns 20 in February,talk about time flying…
    I think we all get overwhelmed at times and more so if there’s pain involved,I need a knee replacement but it can’t be done until my BMI drops below 40,not easy with a funky thyroid!
    I’m familiar with Mr.Rogers,less so with Bob Ross,I know who he is but didn’t really watch him .
    I guess the most important stress reducer in my world is relaxing on my bed and listening to the 2 kitties purring,not sure why but its a very pleasing sound to me,we’re all gathering together on my bed,that’s where the electric blanket is,LOL
    enjoy your week and feel better soon.

  9. I am so happy you are feeling better today, Brenda. I know sometimes, it seems like nothing goes right, and everything you do goes wrong. Just little things, build up, and make you want to cry. But again, today is a new day for you, and like all the others have said, when moving is over, things will settle down, and you can take your sweet time, getting your new home put together.
    I had to laugh when you said you fed the girls tuna. When Cleatus was here, and I opened a can of tuna, she would come running no matter what room she was in, she somehow just knew she was in for a treat. I always saved some for her. She would only eat fish flavored cat food in the can. Hated beef or chicken. But she did like her dry food, and I always left that out in her bowl with her water dish. I sure miss her, and wish I was young enough to get another, but I fear a pet would outlive me, and I don’t know what would happen after I would not be here. Anyway, Take pleasure in Ivy and Gracie, they will get you through this, and you will get them through the move, and everything will calm down. Sending Good Vibes your way. Bonnie

    1. I don’t know if you have children. But I told both my adult daughters that if something happened to me and they didn’t take in my pets, I would surely come back and haunt them. My kitties only like the seafood canned food as well, except lately I can’t seem to please them unless it’s tuna.

  10. Light bulbs out, Christmas decorations needing to be packed away, pictures to be hung, dog hair dryer to be found and used, national news on the TV, and no fruit in the house.
    When there are many things like this to be finished, it makes me feel like the world is falling apart.
    Things will be better for you when you move.

    1. I only watch streaming TV and movies now. No news. I’ve stopped reading it online. Let the honchos in DC duke it out; I won’t be listening. Can’t deal with all their crap anymore. It doesn’t look to me like any of them are trying to help us anymore. So I don’t want to even hear them speak.

  11. I’m so glad you’re feeling better today, Brenda. Like I said yesterday, most of the time when we’re having an especially hard day, the next day is a little brighter.

    I like your idea of sharing how we get through an overwhelming day. For myself, talking to a trusted friend is #1. I also think self-care is of utmost importance….a hot bath with lavender essential oil, yoga stretches, a home manicure, some kind of organizing project to keep busy and keep the mind occupied like cleaning out a closet, drawer or kitchen cabinets, guided meditation (I love the Insight Timer app), making sure I nourish my body with healthy food, journaling, getting lost in a good book.

    1. PS – I also wanted to add, taking a walk outside in a beautiful, quiet place filled with trees, or by a body of water or anyplace else it’s peaceful lifts the spirits immensely.

    2. I so enjoy going out to take photos, but last week was hard because of my ankle. And there are only so many photos of leafless trees one can take!

  12. I have also been going through a challenging period. I try hard to keep things in perspective and remember that there are people out there who are going through far worse things than me. I pray a lot. I try to soothe myself with whatever comforts me: my cat, music, taking walks and, yes, watching and listening to Bob Ross. I hope that everything gets better for you. I’m sure that it will.

  13. Hi Brenda,
    I’m glad today is a better day. We all have “those” days on occasion. I realized once that I tend to have those kind of days when I am overwhelmed or overly tired. Right now, you are tired, overwhelmed and having a lot of pain. Like several have mentioned, animals pick up on your emotions. With boxes around in various stages of packing, Ivy is aware something is up. Also, cats are finicky anyway, and go through stages of loving/hating their food. I’ve had a difficult past couple of years. It’s not always easy dealing with things, but I try to listen to my mottos; “one day at a time” and “this too shall pass”. You will have better days. Your friend Teri and the movers will get you into your new place. Your doctors and therapists will get you the relief you need. This time next month you will be in your new place getting organized and settled. Ivy and Gracie will be exploring and adjusting to their new environment/home.
    You have a lot of people who care about you and are sending positive and encouraging thoughts your way. You can only do what you can do. Things will get done and things will work out. They always do. Margie

    1. I have to really watch those cats. Ivy is getting physical and trying to fight Gracie. They say not to scold them, but I can’t just let Ivy beat her up. If I say her name, Ivy will stop but I know she feels resentful. The more stressed Ivy is, the more she takes it out on poor little Gracie. And Gracie is a kitten and wants to play and bat at things like Ivy’s tail.

  14. I love Bob Ross! And Mr. Rogers! I just went back to read yesterday’s post. I’m sorry your day was so crappy. I’m happy to hear you had a better night’s sleep last night though. Lack of sleep just makes everything so much harder. I hope today is going well. 🙂

  15. Glad you had a better day so far. I love to listen to Bob Ross and we still get him every day on our PBS station under PBS Create.
    Today I looked at the vacuum you purchased. I really need a lighter one because of my age and my shortness of breath due to a heart condition.
    I enjoy your blog and especially like to see pictures of your cats. I don’t think Ivy will starve if she misses a few meals! lol but she is a beautiful sleek cat and little Gracie has a beauty of her own.

    1. I am so glad this day was better. I know we all have those bad days and it seems like when they start they just seem to snowball. My husband says he just feels like going back home and going to bed when they happen. But of course we can’t always do that. Ha. Here is to better day!!

  16. Somehow I missed your post yesterday. It was certainly a trying day for you. Constant pain = fatigue = decreased coping and worry = huge frustration. Having a chronic condition wears you down physically and mentally. Been on that hamster wheel myself too often. I wish I had an answer as to how to make days like that better. Seems as though I have exhausted all of my coping skills. My mind gets stuck on the worry and I can’t shift gears. Have had rotten weather here and up all night two nights ago with severe thunder and lightening storms (yes in January),
    drop in the temp from 70 to 30 degrees, loss of power for 7hrs. an ended up with 3 inches of snow. Hubby had to go out while the snow was coming down for a covid test since he was symptomatic and is on medication that lowers his immune function. ( takes it for psoriatic arthritis). So , here I sit, wiped out and fatigued, joints screaming in pain and “stuck” on that hamster wheel waiting for the Covid test results. I just can’t seem to shift focus until I know whether hubby has Covid or not and if I need to quarantine as well.
    I was never like this before. I was always a go getter, on the move getting tasks completed, decisive and organized. What happened? I am so thankful Teri will be able to help you move. If you can just get through the next few months I believe you will start to feel better physically and will be able to breathe and relax. Try to keep the end goal in sight.

    1. It IS a hamster wheel! When I’m in pain I can’t focus and thus seem to make the wrong decisions, like getting the wrong cat food. It wears you down. I’m so sorry you deal with it too. Hope his test is negative.

  17. I have learned through the years that when I have an exceptionally bad day, I have a glass or two of wine, watch some brainless something on the internet, preferably something that makes me laugh, and I go to bed early, following Scarlett O’Hara’s advice of “I’ll think about it tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day.” And when I wake up the next day, it’s all gone, like how mom used to kiss our “OWEEs” when we were little and make it all better.

    1. I’ve been watching some rather brainless movies. For the last 3 days. I’m going to do it again today because my hands hurt and I need to get the internet for a while.

  18. When my mind is racing and I can’t physically get things done, I make lists. I have monthly things I want to do, daily too. Also, you can make lists of easy meals, takeout, plan your next “garden,” your coming blog posts and ideas, books/shows you want to enjoy, meals that can be delivered. Channel that busy brain. You can also try for some free meditation, which might be helpful. Your daughters I’m sure would drop off a meal or run an errand for you. I know you don’t like to ask. Continue your stretching and follow your doctor’s advice. Your move will happen and before you know it you will be in your new home. So glad you have help for the move. Best wishes to you!

    1. I used to make lists. But with the arthritis in my hands, it’s more difficult to do. And be able to read it. But I could do it on my iPhone.

      1. I’m an arthritic list maker and recently downloaded an app called Lists To Do. It’s simple to understand and easy to read. It was free.

      2. Brenda, I don’t expect you to answer this because it’s not my business. But if you happen to be on a cholesterol lowering statin,
        those are renowned in the medical world for giving people arthritic pain. You don’t have to take a statin even if your cholesterol is high, there are many other avenues. And if you happen to be on one, let your doctor know about all of the aches and pains that you are having. There are other choices now that don’t cause such musculoskeletal problems. I have a close friend who was starting to get literally tears in his muscles. He stopped taking his cholesterol medication and had to get stem cell therapy to repair the muscles, but he is now pain-free. And the doctor agreed that the tears in the muscles came from the cholesterol medication.

  19. I did read your blog yesterday Brenda, I can relate, one thing goes wrong and then a lot more follow on the same day, at the time it is very upsetting. I am glad you are having a better day today. I would say that the kitties are aware if you are upset or anxious and so then they act out not knowing why. I am sure once you are all in your new place things will settle down for all of you. They will also have more room and will be able to avoid one another if they feel like it.

  20. I think it was Netflix that had a documentary on Bob Ross. He was really cheated out of his earnings by his managers. Very sad ending. I’ve done a few of his pieces and they are fun to paint.

    I can see you leading a class in gardening and offering your advice in the new place. It just sounds so wonderful. Can’t wait for you to get settled.

    I love the picture you posted today. So relaxing. And I might take you up on your offer one day to paint from one!

  21. A cup of tea and watching the birds sounds nice and relaxing. I find that sharing your feelings helps to lift the burden off of your shoulders. Bob Ross was an amazing painter with a soothing voice. I saw a Bob Ross toaster that made an imprint of his face on your toast! And don’t forget the chia pet Bob Ross. It is finally sunny today after about a week of cloudy days. The sun is such a mood lifter. Have a great day!

  22. Bob Ross is very popular again these days! There is a whole channel on Twitch devoted to him. People like to listen to him because his voice is soothing. They call it ASMR.

    1. Wow, I didn’t know that! I will check it out. Years ago when he was on TV I would often turn it on and close my eyes and just listen to him talk in that soft voice.

  23. I, too, can easily get upset with things, and I don’t have family here, but I keep busy online by taking French lessons, free classes through Harvard. I also write letters (snail mail) to others, and I am an avid reader. There is nothing like a good book to get your mind off of things. I have also noticed in taking French lessons that my memory has improved. I’ve been taking them for eight months now, but I noticed memory improvement within 3 months. That’s a good thing.

    1. Just researching for and writing posts I’m hoping keeps my brain active. I was just looking at the new apartment activities where I’m moving. And if you’re so inclined, there’s lots of scheduled events to take part in.

    1. I tell readers if they want to copy any of my photos and enlarge them, go for it. My blog is free, and so the photos, in my mind, should be free as well.

      1. Brenda,
        Sorry to disagree but I think you are missing a source of income from your photos.
        We appreciate your blog is free, and your photos are so appreciated, but in my mind your ability as a photographer is seperate. I inquired about purchasing a photo a while back, and you did tell me to print it. I did not do it because I didn’t feel it should be mine for free.
        If you ever have the desire, and figure out how to do it, and create a site to sell your pictures I will purchase some. You have so much talent!
        I do hope I haven’t spoken out of turn. I appreciate your blog and your talents so much.

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