I’m feeling a little more rested today. It literally takes a cocktail of three different types of medication (not sleeping pills) for me to sleep. One is Melatonin which I can order myself. And if I was to leave one of the three out, I wouldn’t sleep. Crazy.

I remember as a child going to school and always being so tired.

When I was around 20 a doctor said to me: “If only you could sleep you’d be so much healthier.” But sleep has always evaded me.

Last night I took a muscle relaxer and slept a bit better. I am just so attuned to waking when Charlie is in distress. Like a robot I jump up and let him out, and he stops coughing.

I sit here in my chair with Charlie and next to me is the front window, where vines and shrubs are taking over and covering the window.

Pretty soon the weed vines will take over if they don’t do something. I pull them down, but they grow really fast.

They still apparently haven’t found a company to do the landscaping work and mow. I told the manager yesterday that soon they’d be looking at having to get a tractor to mow.

In the above photo Ivy looks like she’s got something really important on her mind. She has the sweetest face I think. I bend down and slightly nuzzle my nose against hers and she acts like she doesn’t know quite what to think.

Right now she’s snoozing in her cat tower. She rarely leaves it.

Charlie is having such a hard time these days with his coughing. I would do anything in my power to help him, but I’m doing all I can.

But one of the medications Dr. Poteet prescribes for him he told me is the best you can buy. It’s called Vetmedin and it isn’t cheap. It improves and extends life for dogs with congestive heart failure.

There’s lots of pretty yellow flowers on my two cucumber plants. Now if I can just keep the cucumber plants alive long enough to make cucumbers. They’ve been so tasty in the past.

My little tomatoes seem to be staying light orange. I will leave them on the tomato plant a bit longer. But I’m thinking maybe they aren’t going to turn red.

I gently pull at them and they don’t seem to want to separate from the plant yet so maybe they just need a bit more time.

I did get to work on my decorating project a bit yesterday. There are still a few details I haven’t figured out and I’m debating whether to paint a piece of furniture.

It will all come together.

Sometimes I just have to live with things not quite finished and eventually the answer will come to me on its own time table. Can’t rush it, I’ve learned. The answer will come if I just give it time.

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  1. Glad you got to sleep better. Your flowers are gorgeous. Hope your cucumbers a turn out fine,the same for the tomatoes. There is nothing like home grown tomatoes.

  2. So glad to hear you’re able to sleep better. And thank you for gorgeous flower pix–again!!

  3. My Capo takes VETMEDIN-1.25 mg twice a day for his heart murmur. A while back when his vet was having trouble getting it from their supplier I began ordering it from Wal-Mart Pet RX. They have always had it available , I order a 3 months supply at a time to make sure we never run out. Their price is better than Chewy’s or the vet but even if it wasn’t I would still order from them, the peace of mind knowing I can get it when needed is more important than saving a buck or two.

    I also give him Paw Healer’s Hound Honey which is a Trachea Soother Syrup, a mixture of Chinese herbs for his coughing. It’s not vet prescribed but she is ok with him taking it since it seems to be helping him.

    Other than sleeping more than he used to he’s pretty spry for a 12 year old, always ready to go for a walk or car ride, still enjoys playing with his toys and doesn’t need help jumping up on our bed at night. He’s my buddy, my pal, my friend for which I am truly grateful.

  4. Glad you slept a little better. I don’t sleep well now that I’m older. I fall asleep within a reasonable amount of time, but I only sleep for a few hours after that. I get up to pee, then go back to sleep another couple of hours, but then all I do is toss and turn after that.

    We will do anything for our fur babies, won’t we? Clementine is on two medications that cost a lot of $$ – $2/day. That’s $60/month just for her meds. Not to mention her prescription cat food is $75/case (of 24). And her prescription dry food is about $40/bag. She has regular blood and urine tests for her kidney disease every few months, which are pricey. And she’s gone through holistic testing for her anxiety/skin issues which have also cost $$.

  5. One year I had little tomatoes until November. When it was going to be a hard freeze, I picked all the green ones and put them in the window sill. Eventually they all turned red and we ate them.
    Ivy is such a pretty cat. Glad she loves her “tree” so well.
    I hope Charlie isn’t in pain with his troubles. Seems sad that he has to suffer just to live.
    The flowers you post are so pretty and healthy looking.

  6. Hi Brenda,
    Anxiety, and stress are the culprits in problems with sleeping, at least for me. Your worrying about Charlie and everything else going on these days, will undoubtedly stress anyone out.
    Ivy looks plump and adorable in each and every photo! I sure wish my little Merci Kitty, who’s a little younger than Ivy, will fill up a bit more. Kitty is a bundle of energy, but still skinny. Maybe it’s her spurts of energy/zoomies.
    Love the yellow cucumber flowers too.
    Stay safe and try to rest.

  7. Hoping you get more much needed rest & that Charlie stops coughing & feels better! Beautiful Ivy, so glad she likes her new cat tower. It was a great idea & she can perch & watch the outside world or nap. Your flowers are beautiful as always. The last flower photo reminds me of a herb but must be a flowering plant I’m not familiar with, such amazing colored blooms. Anxious to see your latest decorating project. Take care & stay cool!

  8. Waiting often provides an answer to things doesn’t it? Whatever comes I am sure will be pretty!! So sorry about Charlie…that is the hardest thing about dogs…they simply do not live all that long really. Take care of yourself.

  9. “The answer will come if I just give it time.” I think that sentence is one we can all take to heart. It would actually be a great tattoo! It’s funny, I was just remarking to my wife how determined and fast growing the weeds are in our yard when I came in from watering this morning. Wish some of my plants exhibited the same determination! best to you and your family.

    1. Your plants are truly beautiful.It’s
      a red hot summer here in Houston.
      I have to water a lot also. I have to carry water.thru the house to plants in the front because there.is no facit out front.
      I’m so glad you got some rest.
      Poor Charlie, not being able to
      stop coughing.
      I hope you get more sleep tonight.
      Can’t wait until you finish decorating. I always enjoy what you create.

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