A Bit Of Christmas

Just a bit of Christmas from my little apartment. I haven’t decorated every space. Just a little here and there suits me in this smaller place.

I enjoy decorating for the holidays, but I’ve started scaling back. When I moved to Oklahoma from Texas, I had a lot of Christmas decorations and a full size but skinny tree. I no longer have the tree and I’ve given away many of the Christmas decorations.

Photos of the pupsters when they were just pups. And a wreath I made years ago.

This wreath was covered with a long muslin strip that has rough edges. Then I added various bits of lace, ribbon and other embellishments. Lastly I added burlap in order to hang it.

And Abi would be put out if there was a photo shoot without her being starred in it. So here is Abi in all her glory.

She is my sweet beautiful girl, Abi Rose.

Charlie shuns the camera and is nowhere to be found. I don’t blame him. Because I kind of feel the same way!

I have taken to putting a bunch of small Christmas trees of various varieties in this old vintage suitcase for some years now. So I suppose it has become my tradition. 

I need to find some tiny wreaths to go over the sheep’s heads in the old vintage pickup so they won’t feel left out during the holidays. 

And of course, candlelight. Flickering in the dimness on this gray and rainy day. There’s nothing quite like a grouping of candles to cozy up your home any day of the year. And especially at Christmas time.

I surrounded the candles with sea shells as a filler around the vanilla candles. Sometimes I add marbles or beans or some other filler.

What are some of your holiday traditions?


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  1. Your Christmas decorating is perfectly delightful. I love the cute trees in your suitcase-and I have been crazy over candles this year myself. For various reasons and of course the obvious, Jesus being the light. I have really stepped them a notch and even put a few in my kitchen window-the battery sort, but they are still candles!
    Have a good week-

  2. Brenda, I love your décor for the holidays. Its absolutely perfection in color, design and texture. I do not decorate, do not get a tree and do not give presents. I had terrible trauma around the holidays and for me its a time of year of torture that I have to suffer through every year. I have no family left and lets face it, we single ladies are forgotten by our friends this time of year and we are the outcast of society during the holidays.. So I embrace and enjoy home projects and staying out of crowds. Reading 6 books a week and curling up with my cat. Your pupster is adorable. I love the candles, in my rental they are not allowed but I use LED battery candles which simulate candle light and give a nice glow.

  3. Everything looks beautiful and reflect the season. I especially love grouping of candles at all different heights. Your collection is perfect and I really love the tray you've got for them. The grouping of Christmas trees is great too. I'd do something like that but I literally have no flat spaces to use. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  4. The trees in the suitcase are adorable. You always amaze me with your decorating! We started doing take out from a BBQ place here in town for Christmas Eve. After having back surgery in 08, it just was too much to be cooking big dinners on Christmas Even, brkfst Christmas morning, and then a dinner again. We all love it and it's so much easier on me now! I was thinking of you the other day Brenda and wondering how you were able to scale down so much. I have so much Christmas stuff I don't even put out yearly now. If I ever move from here I'm in deep trouble!

  5. Loving the suitcase o'trees. Very festive without being over the top! Are you doing anything outside on the patio this year? I'm thinking white twinkly lights and some blow molds, but that's just me 🙂

  6. I love getting a glimpse of your quilts in that photo of the corner table. Those sheep look like little fat snowmen. Maybe they need plaid scarves! I spy other delightful touches, like the tree in the Santa cup, and the hardware scattered around, like the doorknob and keyhole. And the green of the painted buffet is giving off a cheery glow. All in all, it's a cozy, inviting scene.

  7. Your touches of Christmas are just right for your little home. Love the suitcase and the trees! I always have my cubbies filled with vintage Christmas. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

  8. I love the little trees grouped together in the old suitcase! And the cute vintage pick up truck is perfect too. I love candles lit at night too. I've been doing that myself. It just feels so cozy inside. It's dreary weather here too. Misting rain, cloudy and foggy. Tomorrow will be even worse, but then the sun should come back out on Sunday.

  9. Love the trees in the suitcase…and your little bit of Christmas looks so pretty. You are so much farther ahead than I am. My tradition is using the tree skirt and stockings that my Mom made for me. I can't have a Christmas without them.Mom was our Christmas and she needs to be a part of it every year!

  10. Hi Brenda! Your little bit of Christmas looks great! I love those sweet little lambs peeping out of the back of the truck! Your Christmas trees in the suitcase are cute too! Take care and have a nice weekend.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  11. So pretty Brenda! I love, love, love the trees in the suitcase!! What an awesome idea!

    I love lots of candles too, but when my kiddos were younger I got used to having the faux ones around for safety. I still like them now as they have timers so I set them and they just pop on by themselves every night. I still have a few real candles every year though too. There's no mistaking the charm of that real flicker.

    Have a great weekend! 😉

  12. What a merry merry place you have! I love love love the trees in the suitcase and that Abi is just adorable!!! So glad you are feeling well enough to deck the halls Brenda!

  13. Brenda, Your dog looks so cute. I love the tree in the old suitcase. so clever. I feel sad for Judy…holidays are the roughest some times. I know John was your friend and that you will miss him too, Brenda. Hugs to you. xoxo,Susie

  14. Oh Brenda, you
    Your home looks just like your blog says "Cozy", content and peaceful and that Abi is adorable. No matter what time of year, candles burning always settles me down, makes me take a moment and remember. We have a few traditions such as a Dirty Santa party for the big family get together and it is always a lot of fun. Times have changed now there is just too many of us too many miles apart, and some have to work (Rail Road, medical, etc.). After 4 phone calls getting their schedules (3 whose schedules change every three days) and us being an hour and a half away we have decided to do something different this year. We will stay home. Christmas Eve will be appetizers, Christmas Day will be a full meal, and the day after will be desserts plus left overs. They will all make it here but just at different times. We have so many friends that have become family that there is no way I could get us all in one place at one time. This three day open house is going to work best for us this year. Maybe this will be our NEW Tradition?? xxDazee

  15. I love the touches of christmas you added. The trees with the suitcase is so lovely. I have been decorating and will have my pics posted on my blog next week. I went all out, I joked with my hubby that is looks like christmas "threw-up" in our place…lol

  16. Just enough to make it festive. I'd say it's done and to stay off the ankle. I've done all I'm going to do too. I don't need every corner filled with holiday any more. I also like having some decorations in the same places each year. Since you only see them once a year, I think it's nice to have things in the same place they were enjoyed the year before. I have always liked seeing your little trees in the suit case. That's an idea I hope you keep doing each year.

  17. It looks very Christmasy (is that a word?)! I love the suitcase with trees in it.

    Hope you continue to heal. Have patience my dear!

    Also, Abi is adorable as always.

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