It was raining softly when I woke up this morning. It has stopped now. Soon I have to take Charlie to his acupuncture appointment.

I tried the strawberry and mint infused water with supper last night and it was delicious just as it was. I poured more water into the jar and will keep doing so until it doesn’t taste good anymore.

I simply poured some of the water from the jar into a glass. It was perfectly sweetened and tasted a bit like strawberry soda, but very watered down.

I’ve been steadily working on my meditative relaxation space and will probably be showing it to you tomorrow. I’m having fun with it. I like to try new things.

I’m thinking I may just decorate this way throughout my apartment. I like it and it’s a bit whimsical, a bit feminine and of course a bit boho. Everything I seem to like at this stage of my life.

I’ve grown a bit tired of the farmhouse look. I want to stretch my imagination and decorating boundaries. If there are any, that is.

We can always redefine ourselves. Not our past but certainly our present and future. If we’ve decorated and been drawn to one or two styles our whole lives, why not stretch our horizons to include yet another?

For one thing you can use bits and bobs to decorate with. You can use your jewelry or make boho crafts out of yarn and beads. Pretty much anything goes.

Nothing has to match or be aligned perfectly. In fact boho decorating embraces mixing textures and patterns and colors and types of furnishings.

I have a couple of throw quilts on order that should come Monday I think. I plan to put them on the wall. I figure it should do two things: decorate and insulate.

Ivy sleeping in what she considers “her” chair. That cat sure has strange poses when sleeping. But then Ivy isn’t like any other cat I’ve known. She is different in most ways, and I find that endearing.

Last night I had moved something temporarily atop the red chest next to my bed. The top of it is far up off the green dresser. She sensed that something different was up there and kept stretching her body to reach it.

I finally just moved it into the closet. I don’t know how she senses subtle differences, but she does.

Here’s Charlie.

That right back leg is mostly behind him these days. I’ve tried to do the exercises with him, but he resists. For some reason it frightens him. He doesn’t like change.

When they do it at the acupuncture place, he lets them. I suppose because he has no routine expectations there.

He will let me rub his feet and brush him and move his feet across surfaces. But that’s it. I will tell them that today and see if they have any suggestions.

I will be glad to see August come to an end, though I know September will likely be just as hot. At least we’ll be creeping toward fall.

I’ve always loved the fall season in the past. But in the five years or so it’s gotten so hot here that it isn’t much fun until we’re right at winter weather. We often miss the fall season altogether.

Here’s a better photo of the chimes. I suppose those are sand dollars, aren’t they? I love the pigments of color.

I can picture myself walking along the sand next to the ocean, with the waves building and then straightening out. The sand is grainy, warm and soft beneath my bare feet. There is an ocean breeze coming off the water that kisses my face.

I see water as far as the eye can see. It stretches out like a tapestry and meets at the line of sky miles away. Right into infinity.

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  1. Hi Brenda,
    I’m a new subscriber to your blog, having just discovered you yesterday! I love your Cozy Little House and your wonderful garden! Oh, and the furry folks who share your home and life, too, of course!
    Cats are such interesting creatures, aren’t they? I don’t have one, but my downstairs neighbor does. She (the cat, not the neighbor) is an indoor/outdoor cat. She spends most of her time in her favorite corner of my deck, watching the birds at my feeder. This morning, inspired by seeing your beautiful garden, I made a start on “decorating” the deck. Miss Kitty, who usually ignores me, inspected every pot and plant I added to “her” space and finally curled up in what I mistakenly thought was going to be MY new deck chair.
    I look forward to seeing the changes you will make to your Cozy Little House.

  2. Yes, your wind chimes are capiz shells. They are pretty and I’ve heard the tinkly sound they make. I should get some; it’s a pleasant sound.j

    I think it’s good to change things around every once in a while. Lately, I’ve been wanting to change the looks of things in my house. Even to thinking of getting a new silverware design! Is that a little crazy?? I plan to paint my bedroom this fall and give it a bit more of a coastal feel with a new comforter and color scheme. And I’m getting rid of two of my living room chairs that just don’t fit anymore and getting a rocker recliner which I’ve wanted for a while. Funny thing—I’ve been looking for a recliner in a color other than beige, brown or grey for a while and finding nothing in my price range. I told my neighbor who I walk with and she said she was thinking of getting rid of her blue rocker recliner as nobody sits in it. I said how much do you want for it and she just said she didn’t know if she really wanted anything if I wanted to take it off her hands. I said, “Done deal!” Just have to go transport it from three houses down, now. How crazy lucky is that? We’ve been friends and neighbors for a long time. Our daughters went to school together from the time they were in elementary school. I love the continuity of living in one place for a long time.

    Gotta get to bed! I’ll be interested in seeing the changes you make in your decor. ‘Til tomorrow.

  3. I can see right into Infinity. I totally love that, you have such a wonderful way of writing. Can’t wait to see your “new” decorating style, sounds light hearted and magical. Hugs to you and your lovies.

  4. September is my favorite month of the year. I could go for having September all year long.

    My husband does not like flavored water. But I sure do. About 3 years ago I ordered a water pitcher that you can add fruit to . If water is flavored I will drink more of it.

  5. Good morning Brenda,

    I am looking forward to seeing your new decor, have fun with it and enjoy! You are so right, you can reinvent your past but you can the now.

    I hope that the doctor can help you do something at home for Charlies leg. It is good to know that the will let them exercise it. I am sure it is helping.

    I don’t think those are sand dollars, but the inside of shells maybe?

  6. Brenda I really enjoy the pictures of your sweet Charlie, he is my Capo’s mini me. I was wondering if you do his grooming yourself or take him to a professional? He always looks like he has just gotten a fresh trim. Capo only looks that way for a short time after he has been groomed and then his hair starts to grow and before I know it it’s back to the groomer for him. Those appointments certainly aren’t cheap but he does so much better with short hair, especially when it is so hot. I can’t even imagine how much effort it would take to maintain a dog show cut, not something I would ever attempt.

    1. I take him to a woman I’ve been taking him to since I moved to Tulsa. $35 each time and I give her a tip. He gets tired and can’t stand so she has to prop him up on towels. I’d be afraid I’d cut that tongue of his. I bought the equipment years ago and attempted it, but they wouldn’t stay still enough for me.

      1. $35 + a tip is less than I have to pay but the “package deal” he gets also includes teeth brushing, nail grinding and anal gland cleaning. I shopped around for better prices when I first got him, even tried a few, but I found the less expensive groomers had high volume shops and weren’t as gentle as I thought they should be. So I now get my own hair cut at Super Cuts so I can afford the best groomer for Capo. There are no limits to what we will do for our babies!

  7. Not sand dollars, but very pretty. I’m thinking about a subtle wind chime like that for my bedroom. I can’t hang things form the ceiling here. Pesky rule, but I could get a hanger that extends from the wall. Thinking about it. xo Laura

  8. I think it is always good to change decor styles. Keeps us from getting into a rut! I’m so tired of the hot weather here…we are still experiencing triple digits…no rain in forever and none in the forecast! Everything is brown and dry here. I’m ready for fall/winter to go ahead and get here. Summer is miserable! Love and hugs!

  9. Hi Brenda. About the windchimes: The discs probably have been cut from a shell such as a mussel shell, that has an iridescent interior and a rougher, earthy-exterior. Sand dollars actually are the bony skeleton of a type of sea urchin, and usually are white or pale gray, and have no shimmer to them. I like how simple your new wind chimes are, with just some string and a piece of wood to hold it all together.

    I look forward to seeing what you are up to with your purchases, and I do think you will enjoy seeing some of your things scattered throughout the apartment. It is fun to switch things up now and then. I’ve had a country/farmhouse kind of look going for many years, but I recently saw some photos of an apartment I had when I was in my early 20s, in the late ’70s. It was a simple and pleasing look with white walls, brown couch and chair, wall hangings in orange, brown and white, and a few plants and a bookshelf. In my bedroom, I had a desk made from two orange file cabinets with a narrow door (such as for a linen closet) stretched across them. The one thing I didn’t like was the shag carpeting in brown and beige that came with the apartment. I always wondered if something was living down in those fibers!

      1. I hate carpet too! I’ve managed to live most of my adulthood in houses with hardwood floors, and that’s been great.

  10. Oh Brenda, I could feel my BP
    Going down tasing about your walk on the beach. Your writing is just magical along with your decorating. Can’t wait to see the space tomorrow. My decorating has changed so much and now there pops of color all
    Over my house. Shocking for me. Haha.

    1. I just worry so over Charlie. Every time he starts coughing I tense up wondering if he’ll choke. It was taking me over. So I found a new distraction with all this. I plan on making simple boho crafts. I’ve created a whole new Pinterest board for it. It breaks up the worry.

  11. When I had reached the point in my life where I could afford to buy new furniture instead of using curb-rescued items and other people’s donations of things they otherwise would have thrown away (perfectly good again though, with a slip cover on it, which used to be inexpensive back in those days), I steeped myself in classic traditional furniture. I had a thing for English manor house, including hanging draperies inside door frames. Everything was lush, plush, and accessorized to the nines! But over the year, my tastes have changed. I’m still a pretty traditional design type of person, but I’ve relaxed it up a lot and added more transitional and even modern pieces here and there, and while I still probably exhibit what a lot of people would consider “clutter,” all of the things I put around me I love and they are filled with good memories. Finally, after having my own places for 50 years (holy cow!), I don’t decorate for anybody but myself, and I really don’t give a hoot if anybody else likes it! It’s said that all of us change over time, so why shouldn’t our way of decorating and designing our living spaces also change around us? You go, Girl!

  12. Hi Brenda
    The chimes are Capiz shells from the Philippines.
    they are translucent.
    Sand dollars are entirely different.
    they are solid

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