A Boho Wall Display In My Bedroom

Today is overcast and looks like it might rain again. I’m feeling a bit sluggish today. I got my shingles vaccine yesterday and feel stiff and drowsy. Just took two Tylenol.

I’ve only done one thing in my bedroom that is boho in theme. It is just above my bed.

I’ve discovered that I have an affinity for elephants. Hadn’t really thought much about it before. But I like their likeness throughout my apartment.

I just took a basket, nailed it to the wall, then hung the elephant shape over it. Quite simple.

I have few flowers out on the patio, but I have another problem. See the tree limbs hanging down? It’s been this way for a few days.

I don’t know when I can get someone over here to cut them, but I think they’re about to break right over my wicker settee.

Ivy is sitting on the end table looking up to see what she might be able to reach and get into. She rarely stops. If anything new is brought into this apartment, she’s all over it.

Yesterday she was after a fly and it was so funny to watch. She jumped high into the air over by the French doors trying to get that silly fly.

She wasn’t having much success with this one. So I got my bug zapper and stunned it for her. She is relentless when it comes to bugs of any kind.

I watched the end of “Retribution” on Netflix last night. It only had about four episodes, so I watched it in just a few evenings.

Retribution Cast

I think I’m just going to take it easy today. Not that I ever have a really full schedule. I’m going to loll about in this recliner with Charlie and watch TV or read I think until I don’t feel so creaky and stiff.


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  1. I really love your decorating style. You could have been an interior designer. I enjoy reading about what you are doing, and the antics of your pets.

  2. Your knew decorating ideas are perfect for you I think. They certainly are cozier. I hope you can relax and enjoy the rest of this longer weekend

  3. I have the same basket on my kitchen wall with my crazy cat lady sign in it, great minds and all that jazz, lol.
    Maybe you could do a little rearranging out there to prevent any loss of your personal stuff?
    Could your son in law help you out in a pinch?
    Feel better and take it easy on yourself, a friends hubby got quite ill with flu-like symptoms after a shot.

  4. Oh my, I got the shingles shot a few years back and it GAVE me the shingles. I was sick for 6 weeks. Please be very careful.

  5. You are brave getting that shot…hope you will keep us posted on how you do…do take it easy and rest!! Likely Ivy will keep you entertained while you rest!! Hope Nathan or someone can come chop off that branch for you!!

  6. Love the tobacco basket and elephant. I love things in the baskets. Makes for a nice framing of objects.
    Concerning your limb. You might mention something about it to management that you’re concerned it looks like it might come down on you while you’re sitting in your settee. To them this screams lawsuit and then they might quickly attend to this tree. Of course, you may just want to pay Nathan if he’s available.
    The heat is returning to SC soon. I spent a week up in the Adirondack Mountains with my grands and family and it was cold. At night I slept under. Hudson Bay blanket in August !i did have a wonderful time seeing old friends and being where I grew up which will always be home.
    Hope you feel better tomorrow. For today it’s enough to care for your little ones and yourself… you do count,too!

  7. Love the basket with the elephant. I purchased two of those “tobacco” baskets a few months ago and I really like them on my wall in the dining area. I had not thought about hanging anything in them but I just purchased a few small boxwood wreaths and will try hanging these inside the baskets. I love that the elephant gives the basket more definition, color, and meaning. Hopefully, these boxwood wreaths will do the same for my baskets.

    Hope you begin to feel better by evening. You have wonderful friends to keep you company as you recuperate from the shot. I just had my pneumonia shot and have had that same sluggish feeling ever since. Maybe once this holiday weekend is over, I will be back to feeling better as well. This getting old is not for the faint of heart.

    Take care and enjoy your “down” time.

  8. Good morning Brenda, and Charlie and Ivy,

    I love the boho elephant in the basket, little changes in decor are always fun and they change things up just a bit so it looks fresh and new.

    I hope that you can get Nathan to help you out with the limb, you don’t want it to fall and break any of your pots.

    I would rest and relax if you are feeling sluggish, enjoy your time with the pets. Have a great day.

  9. Do you have hand clippers that can cut up to an inch or so in diameter or loppers that can cut up to 2 inches? I’m not the strongest person in the world but if I work on a branch if it doesn’t cut through cleanly the first time, I can get them down. I would tackle those branches with those and remove the excess overhanging branches, keeping as much as possible to provide shade but still not be something that I’d walk into every time you approach the settee area. If you are unable to do it yourself, maybe Nathan? If you hire someone else to do it, my guess is they will charge you quite a bit to do what is essentially a 3 minutes clean-up job (for a strong man with the right tools).

    1. Nathan has hurt his back. Last time I tried to do that my hands hurt for days due to the problems I have with them. But if he can’t get them down soon I’ll have to do something myself.

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