I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much rain. Every single day it rains. My plants are beginning to look sad and droopy from too much of a good thing.

As the climate warms, the atmosphere holds and release more moisture. Which means that downpours are very much on the rise.

A Very Rainy Weekend

Last night after all the chores were done I laid down on my bed and started reading a new book. I could hear the soft patter of rain on the roof, which I find quite calming.

The book I’m reading is about a man and a woman, happily married with one child, a toddler. The boy is two and has brain cancer. He has been in the hospital in the UK for several months.

The doctors tell the parents that they think it is time for palliative care. He has brain damage from the tumor and the surgery.

An eBook I’m Reading On My Kindle

The husband wants to research options in his home country and take his boy back to the US for treatment. The wife wants to let the boy die peacefully because he’s already been through so much.

A court case ensues. Now estranged, they plead their case as they see it.

Either Max wins and takes his son home to the US. Or Pip wins and they let Dylan die a peaceful death.

What a horribly wretched situation to be in. Makes you thankful for what you have, doesn’t it?

I bought two little hedgehog stuffed toys for Ivy at Tuesday Morning. They looked like they’d be harder for her to tear apart.

But, she won’t have anything to do with them.

Does she know they’re hedgehogs instead of mice? Surely not. I guess I’ll have to find her another mouse baby.

I tease her with them, toss them across the floor because she loves to chase things. And she just stands there and looks at me.

Personally I think the hedgehogs are much cuter than the mouse.

The hedgehogs are on the couch, untouched. Unwanted. Poor little hedgehogs.

Yesterday in between rain showers I went out and once again started cutting back the tall lemon balm and peppermint in the blue raised bed.

Someone asked the other day about Jade, the ginkgo biloba jade butterfly tree. Here she is, where she’s been since I brought home the wicker settee and placed it in the corner.

Jade seems to be growing lopsided. Not sure what to do about that.

Charlie had three laser treatments last week. He is showing some improvement. I’m wondering if I should look into a place for pets that provide even more types of therapy.

More expensive, I know. But I owe Charlie the best treatment I can find. It’s called Pet Acupuncture & Sports Medicine Facility.

I recall phoning them last year, but then he got better. Maybe I should give them a call today to inquire about his condition and what they could possibly do to help him.

A week ago I decided to try Netflix. I’d never watched it before. But I liked the price. Under $10 a month is something I feel comfortable with.

So I’ve been watching Good Girls and yesterday started watching Ozark with Jason Bateman. A great series. Both of them are.

I actually didn’t think I could sit and watch TV for a couple of hours, but I’m finding that the shows are so intriguing I manage to pass the time completely engrossed in the story line.

One night last week I watched the 2007 American Gangster with Denzel Washington. Boy, can that man act.

Have you tried Netflix? If so, what are you favorite shows?

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  1. I started watching the Netflix original “Designated Survivor” with Keifer Sutherland. Rather starring Keifer, not watching with him (I wish!). I can’t stop watching it! Love it, it is so much how our president should be.

  2. The Crown is good.
    I loved House of Cards but it gets kinda weird to me the last 2 seasons. The Reign is a good one too. I love series based on history.

  3. I don’t watch a lot of tv, but when I do, it’s usually Netflix. They have some great shows and fabulous documentaries. I think you’re going to like it more and more…lots to discover.

  4. About the headgehogs…… Set them somewhere and act like they are your decor and you don’t want her to touch them…. see if she shows some interest then.

  5. Last Tango is really good, just doesn’t last long enough. Yesterday, I forgot to mention West Wing. So many people whose blogs I follow have been watching it and it’s probably as good as to two I mentioned earlier, or better. You may not have been able to give it the time – seven seasons or years, maybe. It’s just good writing, as always, from Aaron Sorkin and fabulous acting. Finished now, I think. scg

  6. I, too, enjoyed Last Tango in Halifax and hated to see it end. Maybe more to come? Also found Disappearance of Madeleine McCann interesting. It does move slowly but blended well with doing some knitting. Our approximate three year old “Tri” is not a very playful cat; we have tried numerous toys but his interest is short lived. Bird watching is his favorite activity.

  7. Is there any place in the country that isn’t being inundated with rain this Spring? Maybe Arizona! I am so, so tired of not seeing the sun for more than a half day at a time out of ten.

    I don’t think I could read the book you describe. I am having some depression issues lately anyway and that might just push me over the edge. Seriously. I need something up-lifting or hilariously funny right now. Any suggestions, anyone?

    That Ivy! I wonder if the hedgehogs don’t smell right to her. Do the mice smell like catnip? Maybe that is why she prefers them. Maybe you could rub some catnip on the hedgehogs!

    I’m glad to know that Charlie is doing better. I have the vet coming to the house tomorrow to re-evaluate my aged kitty as to whether she recommends euthanizing her since her breathing is now so labored and she has twice urinated on the bed. I just hate the idea of euthanizing her. She is such a sweet kitty. She doesn’t seem to be in pain, except that her breathing prevents her from lying all the way down to sleep. I’ve placed a folded towel where she sleeps and sometimes she props herself up on that which I think helps the breathing.

    Wish/pray/envision SUN, everyone!

  8. Hi, I also love Netflix. I agree with Breaking Bad, I really enjoyed watching, after not being sure if I would like it.
    Marcella, a series I enjoyed.
    Monty Don’s various garden shows. I like that they are available when ever we have the chance to watch.
    Have a great day.

  9. There is a show on Netflix called Wanted. It’s Australian. It is about 2 Australian women whose lives are turned upside down, through no fault of their own, by a criminal event witnessed.. They don’t know each other until they start working together to survive. One of the women is older, one is younger. They are constantly on the run. It definitely holds my interest, and neither my husband nor I have ever fallen asleep during this show., and hate to see each season end. You’ll be able to binge watch for a while because it has been on for at least a couple of seasons.

    It’s a good one! I hope you enjoy it.

  10. The series Bloodline is very good, Last Tango in Halifax, Tidying Up (Marie Kondo) is interesting, When Calls the Heart, Nurse Jackie, and Annie with an E is a precious series about a little girl being adopted by an older unmarried brother & sister. I think you would really like it too. Those are all series & there are so many good movies as well. We’ve had Netflix for quite awhile & its so handy to watch a little when you have time & you can always go back to watch more later. Thank you for your wonderful blog, I love your decorating, your precious babies, your green thumb & your interesting life.

  11. I don’t think I would enjoy that book. I had Gamma knife surgery 11 days ago. They got rid of 2 brain tumors but the cancer is still elsewhere in my body.

  12. Oh.. one more excellent movie.. very suspenseful and happens out in the wilds on the Colorado River, with Meryl Streep and Kevin Bacon. So so good if you like suspense and the outdoors! God Bless the Broken Road is a really good “feel good” (someone Christian) movie. Loved both of these. Marilyn

  13. I LOVE Netflix! I have Amazon Prime too, but prefer Netflix. My all time favorites are: Heartland (sisters on a ranch in Canada and one is a “horse whisperer” – just awesome); Longmire (older guy sheriff in Montana – great series); Drop Dead Diva – just a hoot. a “diva” dies and comes back in another gal’s body who is quite frumpy and heavy-set – great series and very addictive!); When Calls the Heart – another series back in the early 1900’s… gal is a teacher and goes to a small town in Canada to teach – excellent!; Designated Survivor – series with Keifer Sutherland; How to Get Away with Murder – series, is riveting; and many many good decorating shows… I loved Fix It and Finish It, Stay Here and House Doctor. There are so many older TV shows series and I love those, as when I need a day to just binge watch, I love the series. Also many good movies. You can search for an actor, or theme, or just about anything. Last Tango in Halifax was great too, but only 3 seasons and I wanted more. Lots of good British shows. Jericho was another excellent series about what would happen if everything in the world just shuts down. So well acted. I could go on and on!!! Have fun. I hardly EVER just sit in front of the TV during the day, but every once in awhile, I just need a day when I can totally chill out.. so I’ll binge watch a good series. It’s SO well worth the money. We used to get the DVD’s through the mail, but I love being able to stream movies, etc. I actually found a place on Netflix where I could print out a list of what I’ve watched in the past. Was 41 pages! I think I’ll save it so I can refer back to it for movies, etc. Have fun! Marilyn

  14. Call the Midwife – such outstanding writing and acting . It can literally make me cry ( which I RARELY do ) and smile deep, deep in my heart during the same episode . I find it fascinating comparing America and British families during the same time frame .

    Father Brown – lighthearted mystery with characters I like .

    The Crown -.LOVED it but then I have ” followed Queen Elizabeth ” since a required high school project ( and the irony is that my 17 year old self thought she was ” old ” in 1967 .)

    Just watched ” Wheelchair President ” about FDR and Warm Springs , Ga . Eleanor Roosevelt is just amazing to me so I enjoyed this .

    I’m more of a reader but I have to have background noise on …. so I watch a lot of Netflix without really watching it .

  15. We”ve had Netflix for years. I watch little network tv–American Pickers, judge shows, some PBS. There are tons of good programs and tons of garbage, but there is always plenty to watch that is good.
    Call the Midwife is good. There are a lot of old sitcoms that I love. Can’t stand any of the new nasty stupid ones. My mind is blank now of the ones that are really good. I like a lot of the English programs. They have excellent plots, good actors, and not full of cussing and sex.
    If I remember some others I think you’d like, I’ll come back and post on this day’s blog.

      1. That is one of the best TV shows I’ve ever watched, along with Breaking Bad. I love the music in Call the Midwife. They use it so well. I hear just a few bars of it and will tear up…in a good way. Another really good show that they use music so well in is Victoria, but it’s on PBS, at least for now. Another interesting show on Netflix (I hope) is Salt, Fat, Acid Heat. Main character is just lovely. Sorry this got so long.

        1. Oh my gosh I love Call the Midwife, what a great show!! And we also loved the Crown, and Grace and Frankie is my favorite. I know some people have an issue with Jane Fonda, but the combination of her and Lily Tomlin is hysterical in that show!

      2. I’ve grown fond of Call the Midwife and look forward to each new season. Grace and Frankie is a love it or leave it kind of storyline. I get a kick out of Lily Tomlin and confess to binge watching each new season!

  16. Hi Brenda, I haven’t been commenting much but I’m always here! We cut cable a few years ago and have Netflix. I find a lot to watch that I really enjoy. Someone mentioned Breaking Bad and I will agree that is a very good series. I didn’t want to watch it at first because it didn’t sound like something I would normally enjoy but I must admit it was a riveting series that was very well done. I also love some of the British programs on Netflix and enjoyed The Crown. I love the decorating programs too and there are a lot of TV series that I missed when they were on that I am watching now. Sometimes it can be difficult to find shows on Netflix if you don’t know the name so when I have time I just scroll through the listings and see if anything sounds like I would like to try it.

      1. If you type “decorating” in the search window it will bring them up along with some cooking shows. There are also some gardening shows if you search that. I hope you enjoy your Netflix!

  17. I enjoy the documentaries on. Netflix too. Lots of good shows. I wanted to tell you we bought a lemon grass plant and the dogs love it. I’ve had to put it up out of their way before they eat it all. And I think I mentioned we had gotten a chocolate mint plant and it is a lovely trailer. Good to hear Charlie is benefiting from the therapy.

  18. Maybe the facility has water physical therapy they can use with Charlie?
    Try rubbing dried catnip on the hedgehogs for Ivy. She mat not like the smell or texture of the hedgehogs. Worth a try. I love your blog, makes me smile every day.

  19. Brenda, I think you would enjoy watching The Crown on Netflix. It’s about the queen from the time when her father was still king. I’ve had Netflix for a long time and my husband liked it, but I just don’t have time for the long series or movies. I have a 30 minute attention span. And the rain!! Will it ever end?

  20. Oh my gosh, look up Grace and Frankie on Netflix. Two ladies our ages and it is so easy to relate to. And very very funny.

    1. I will not watch ANYTHING with Jane Fonda!!! Viet Nam will always be fresh in my mind and forgiveness is not an option for her!!!

  21. At first glance, I thought I’d never be interested in Breaking Bad. It was absolutely phenomenal. Sometimes the topic isn’t as important as the story, you really should watch it.

  22. We’ve had nothing but rain here in IL, too. It’s past the point of ridiculous. Non-stop since April. It’s also been so cold here the past few days that we’re wearing jackets.

    We’ve had Netflix for years but honestly, I rarely watch TV. I’m just not a TV/movie person. I’m much too energetic to sit around and “do nothing”. If I’m going to sit and relax a few minutes, it’s to read some blogs or read a book at night before I go to bed. We did watch Broadchurch a few years ago and it was riveting and heartbreaking.

    1. For me, if I find something to watch on TV, then I’m not using my hands online and the nerves aren’t zinging. I’m now getting PT on my hands and neck.

  23. I love netflix. I watched “House of Cards” it was great. I watch lots of stuff on Netflix, movies, decorating shows, one I liked a lot was “Escape to the Country”. It was about people in England who wanted to move to the countryside. I found it fascinating how different their tastes are compared to ours, but the homes were very charming.

  24. Brenda,
    Bloodline on Nerflix is really good. Sissy Spacik is in it…good show.
    Also the Outlander series is very good.

  25. For Jade I wonder if she’s growing lopsided to reach more light or maybe staking her would help her grow straight. I don’t have Netflix but it sounds like an inexpensive way to be entertained. I go to the movies occasionally because I like to go to the theater but it is expensive. But it’s a once every 3 months or so indulgence. I went to see “ Poms” last night with Diane Keaton who I enjoy. It was ok but a little sad too. Getting Warner here in SC we are back in the 90’s time to start dragging hose around the yard.

  26. Brenda, We loved Ozark and can’t wait until it comes back for another season. We also liked Breaking Bad and Dead To Me, as well as The Crown. We’ve watched quite a few others and in between we also watch Midsomer Murders. For another $15 a month, you can also get HBO Now. The recent Chernobyl series they had on is excellent! We’re currently watching Westworld on HBO. So much to choose from! PS, I’m currently reading The Night Circus.

  27. I love Netflix esp. any British shows. I find their writing so superior to most of what we are turning out. I enjoy mysteries. I’ve watched Rosemary and Thyme (lots of gardening in this one.). Midsomer Murders, Land Girls, Death in Paradise, and Miss. Fisher. Enjoy.

  28. I have 2 cats and their favorite toys are the ones I buy, take out the “stuffing” and replace it with catnip from the Dollar store. I’ve also have the mice from Ikea that I replace the stuffing. Just a 3 inch square filled with catnip will get carried around the house all day and sucked on until it’s wet. They love their catnip!!

  29. Try turning the pot of the tree (maybe Nathan can help with this) so that the side where it is lopsided is located where the branches are really growing. Thinking the one side is getting more sun and that is causing it to be lopsided. Worth a try.

    First seasons of The Crown are available on Netflex and it is a really well done series on Queen Elizabeth II life.

  30. Breaking Bad and Homeland are really good series on Netflix. We loved House of Cards also, but it might be an HBO series … I don’t remember.

  31. You could try rotating Jade’s pot 90 degrees every month so that each side gets more even sunlight, see if that helps. I have a large potted plant on the counter behind my sink which sits kitty-corner and faces a pair of corner windows. I noticed after awhile that the plant was always growing toward the light although it seemed to get plenty of light from both windows, so I started turning it once a week and that has made a big difference in how she grows now – much fuller and evened out in its growth instead of all the plants/leaves pointing toward one direction. I didn’t think it would make that much of a difference, but it sure did.

  32. B~
    Have you tried applying cat nip to the little HedgeHog toys?
    I find that works with Bubba,
    Perhaps Ivy finds the stuffing and/or the outer material to be offensive.
    I have both dried catnip as well as the spray.
    wishing you a sunny day!

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