It’s a rainy Saturday morning. It has rained off and on for days.

I was walking into Barnes & Noble to look through magazines yesterday and a woman coming out shielding her head said: “Well, it’s October.”

It is indeed. Still during the month of October in Oklahoma you often alternate between the air conditioning during the day and the heat at night.

Today might be different. There is a nip in the air.

Plant pot vignette

I wanted to look at decorating magazines, but there was not a stool to be found, so I sat down on the floor. Upon getting up, I felt a sharp pain in my bad ankle and one in my lower back.

I wasn’t buying anything, so I hobbled on out to my car.

I had just been to Tuesday Morning, where I like to browse sometimes on weekdays because there typically aren’t many people there. And I found Ivy this cat tree.

What really compelled me to buy it was, first, the price: $29.99. And second, it was sponsored by the ASPCA. On the side (clever marketing strategy) was the story of Bruce the cat.

Cat tree box

Some of the proceeds from the sale of the cat trees goes to the ASPCA. And you know how that tips the scales for animal lovers.

There were three. This box was the least beat up of the bunch.

This isn’t a big cat tree. But big enough to amuse Ivy for awhile, along with her two scratching posts.

Ivy and her cat tree

So this is where Ivy eats and plays on her cat tree and stares out the window. Surely she can’t get into trouble there.

About 30 minutes ago I was sitting here with my coffee and reading emails. I was not aware that Ivy was on the sewing machine table next to me, playing with the mug of pens I keep there.

Suddenly she knocks over the lamp, and I catch it just before it hits the surface. She about gave me a heart attack with that one.

Ivy, please be good today. Mama is hobbling around on her ankle.

Charlie my Yorkie

My dining table and chairs came late yesterday, but I haven’t taken a photo yet because it’s very overcast outside and I don’t have a light in there.

I know you’re wondering: “Why on earth don’t you have a light in your dining room?”

Well, I’ll tell you why. I had them come take the lights off the ceiling fan because they were those ugly bell shaped ones and nothing but dust collectors.

They put a new ceiling fan in my bedroom recently and I told them to put one up without lights.

I know I’ll have to clean the blades, but I can get one of those Swiffer things for that.

Walking up the step ladder (which only has two steps) can have me stuck on the couch for weeks with my ankle. So I’m trying my best to make things easy on myself.

Which is why the top 4-6 inches of my living and dining room have not been painted. It’s looked like that for a year, but I can’t get up there to do it. I thought I could manage it, but I hurt my ankle attempting to finish the job so I just left it that way.

Ivy on the quilts and Charlie on my bed

I’ve only had to wear the ankle boot once in the last few months. Wearing the CAM boot causes me to walk lopsided and then my hip and back hurt too.

CAM stands for controlled ankle motion walking boot. And here’s what it looks like. I’ve gone through a number of them over six years time.

CAM boot

In case you’re a newer reader and have no idea what I’m talking about, I broke both sides of my right ankle in 2012. I’ve had two ankle surgeries since then.

I had to move here from a rent house because I couldn’t walk up the two steps there while carrying groceries.

It’s only been in the last year that I haven’t had to wear the CAM boot much at all. Before that, I wore it a good part of the time.

At night I wrap my ankle in an ice pack alternated with a heating pad for at least an hour.


Well, the babies are sleeping now. All is quiet.

The lady next door hasn’t moved in yet, but I was getting my mail yesterday and saw her get out of her Lexus SUV and start walking toward her apartment.

I yelled out that I was Brenda, her new neighbor.

I hope to get to know her because when Charlie and Linda lived there, we helped one another. Linda wasn’t able to do anything due to her health, but Charlie and I exchanged home cooked meals and helped each other in various ways.

Now there will be four single women in this four-plex. Just as I wanted.

The other two women have lived here for some years. As did Charlie and Linda. I’ve lived here four and a half years. So before now, I was the newest resident of the four.

This seems to be a pretty stable four-plex in terms of occupants. The younger people come and go, but the older folks tend to stay put. One story apartments are hard to come by.

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  1. I’m so sorry you had sharp pain! Sure hope that was short-lived.

    And thank you for showing us the story of Bruce the cat—how sweet!

  2. Hi Brenda,
    Here’s a solution to hip pain that worked for my neighbor. She found the “Evenup shoe balancer” on Amazon. Her PT recommended it. Hope this helps you.

  3. Hi Brenda! The home improvement stores have extension rods/poles that you can use to attach to your paint roller or paint pad. You then don’t need to stand on a step stool to reach the wall near the ceiling. Just a thought!

  4. Good evening Brenda,

    I hope that you are feeling better and that Ivy has not been very mischievous today! As for Charlie I am sure that he was his cute and sweet self today.

    I love magazines! Although I subscribe to a fair number I do love to go and peruse through them at Barnes and Noble, especially the Europen ones.

    I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing Sunday.

  5. It’s too bad your ankle is still screwed up after you had surgery. And what’s with your B&N not having anywhere for people to sit down? The ones here have benches and chairs by the magazine section, then a few scattered chairs throughout the store, and then a cafe with plenty of chairs and tables where they also serve Starbucks beverages.

    You got a good deal on that cat tree. They’re usually pretty pricey. Another place to get good prices on pet stuff is HomeGoods. I just got my cats their favorite cardboard-type scratching post for $20. It’s in the shape of a big cat. The triangle-shaped cardboard one I had been getting through amazon was $43.

  6. This is for Karen K. ho asked the name of the quilt pattern in one of the photos. It is made of two patterns; the Pinwheel Pattern block that is surrounded by a Four Box Pattern block on it’s four sides, then a round of Pinwheel Pattern Blocks around those and etc.

  7. Hey,
    Always wondered why its a CAM boot,broke each ankle once and they can give us the fits:(
    My daughter’s cat messes with the mini blinds when she’s feeling neglected, saw it in real time yesterday.
    Hope she enjoys her condo more than my 2,it’s been at each window in my place and it.just. sits…and sits,LOL.
    I think Bella sat on it once when I was in Virginia.
    My little place has its little idiosincrasees that seem to drive others crazy and don’t bother me in the least
    Rest up and take care of that ankle!

  8. hi Brenda, catching up today w my fave blogs. So good to see you and the furbabies. Cant believe u have been there 4 years plus! I had to get one story too. In Jan this year.. ur 4 plex sounds really nice. would love all neighbors like that. have a great weekend oxox from my neck of the woods .

  9. I hope your ankle is feeling better Brenda and your not in much pain.
    That’s a cute cat tree for Ivy!
    I think it would be fun, seeing pictures of all your beautiful quilts sometimes! ?
    I started taking a quilting class and I couldn’t finish it cuz I broke my ankle. I had to go up too many stairs on crutches and had a fear of falling backwards. So that was it and they never had that class to take again. Otherwise I would have all kinds of quilts too! ?
    Have a great weekend!

    1. I had a friend years ago who helped me learn how to quilt. I can’t quilt anymore due to all the surgeries and now arthritis in my hands, but I sure loved doing it while I could!

  10. Hi Brenda — Congratulations on your new furbaby! I was silently hoping you would get a cat for both you & Charlie & I hope it’s rewarding for all of you! Gosh, the older we get, the more things on our bodies go wrong. I tried sleeping in this morning & couldn’t because my knees woke me up. Another time my shoulder, or my back. urgh! I wanted to ask you if you remember what the quilt pattern was for that gorgeous quilt you have hanging up. It’s in the picture with Ivy & Charlie today. I’ve tried to figure it out & it looks simple, but haven’t been able to. Do you remember? It would be soooo appreciated!!

  11. I’m a sit in the dark kind of person myself. When I moved into this house, I had the large ceiling fan with light removed and I covered the opening with a small but fancy ceiling medallion, probably the most ornate thing in my house. If I need them, I have two boudoir lamps on my triple dresser and a small lamp on my nightstand. Rarely have had to turn on one of those in the four plus years I’ve lived here. Every now and then I may turn a light on or two around sundown (low wattage bulbs) but usually turned off by 8 p.m. As I am mostly on my computer, either working, reading, writing, watching streaming shows from the services I subscribe to, watching Youtube videos (those are free, yay!) and/or reading online newspapers from around the country while listening to MSNBC radio for free on Tune In, the computer screen provides more than enough light for me to read and/or view by. So, I sit in the dark. A street light at the front of my house not far from the edge of my lot lights the sidewalk, the road, my front porch and my front yard. It also filters into the front windows of the house (where my living room and 2 of 3 bedrooms are). I have pretty good night vision, so I can see fine inside the dark house. And if the street light is out I know the house well enough to be able to maneuver around in the dark. If I need one, I keep a flashlight in my dresser in the bedroom and one in a kitchen cabinet ready to grab. I even remember to check them periodically to make sure the batteries are still good 🙂 As I live by myself, this suits me fine.

    1. I’m giving you a head’s up cuz that’s what burglars look for! A house with no lights on. I would put a light on in a different room each day. It happened to me 2 yrs ago. Some guys were trying to break my window, then I heard one say there’s a light on in there. Now nobody would dare break in cuz they’re scared of my dog! ? He’s very protective!
      It was on the back side of my house, cuz it was dark.

  12. So sorry about your ankle Brenda; I hope it feels better soon.
    I would say you got quite a deal on the cat tree, they can be expensive. I hope Ivy does not knock it off the table!

    1. I’m much better. I didn’t think Ivy would be getting a cat tree, because you’re right, they are expensive. And I couldn’t pass up that price.

  13. Oh that Ivy! Kitten stage is fun but dangerous for your home. You are right about adding toys and climbing opportunities for her! Sorry you hurt your ankle again, bit doesn’t take much once we have had a serious injury. My back goes out if I just move the wrong way sometimes.

    1. So does mine. That’s why I do the yoga stretches on the floor every morning. Sometimes I don’t feel like getting down there, but I do it because it makes me more limber.

  14. I’m glad u found the apt for your sake and that ankle. And of course that amazing patio aeqlesnrhe deal I’m sure. Let’s hope the ankle is a little hic up for now. That’s a great little tree. I’m not crazy about having such a big one but Norah is loving it. She had been jumping on my new desk chair and it was driving me nuts. I think she liked the high back on it. Now the tree is helping and no more desk chair. Here’s to an entertaining weekend with Ivy and Charlie. Ann

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