The comment left yesterday spurred me forward. Someone mentioned they were looking forward to a boho decorated tree. I hate to disappoint.

So I got my step ladder and one of my table top trees off the top shelf in the closet and started trying to decide what I wanted to do.

I have some ideas today, but nothing has been decided. I will get the tree fluffed and figure it all out. So before very long you will see a boho tree.

But today I have a Christmas vignette easily created for small spaces in the dining area.

Right now the green buddha is watching over it. Not sure if he’ll stay there for the holidays because I might need that room for something Christmasy!

Once again I got out one of my vintage boxes for a base. I love how vintage boxes add to the texture and reminds me of my childhood. I only have I think three of them now and I use them constantly.

I placed a fake tree at either end, the red tree I’ve had since I lived in Texas in the middle, and two Santas in front.

The two Santas have kind of a vintage look to them. Hm, I might need to put something under the short Santa to give it some height.

The boho basket behind the vintage box is sort of a grounding area. It highlights the vintage box full of Christmas decor in front of it. It also adds even more texture, which I always like to have in a vignette.

On the other end are elephants. Not sure if they’ll stay in place once I get more holiday decorating done.

I love creating vignettes. It’s like taking puzzle pieces and putting them together, and I always did love puzzles.

Now I’ve got to get moving if I’m going to come up with ideas for a boho decorated tree! I have no idea what I’m going to do, but it will come to me.

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  1. I always love your vignettes. And can’t wait to see how you create a boho tree. I like creating vignettes, too…it’s a very relaxing, creative process for me. But funny thing is, I don’t like doing puzzles and never did. At least not jigsaw puzzles. (I do like word puzzles.) They frustrate me.

  2. Glad you are having fun, still, with your decorating…So looking forward to more and the BoHo tree. I am a big fan of vignettes and have them everywhere..because I have too much stuff.. lol.. (husband calls it a 4 letter…. Happy all looks so colorful and festive…

  3. I love the little box with the trees and Santas, Brenda. You are so good at vignettes. I think you do need to raise that little white Santa, though. Just for balance with the other one. And the basket behind is perfect.

    Can’t wait to see the boho tree! I know it will be fun.

  4. Yes.. I was also going to suggest putting some red bows on the elephants! They are so darling… I do that sometimes.. red bows go everywhere on things I already have out, when I don’t want to put them away to make room for Christmas stuff! Red beads would also look neat….. and the buddha could use some red beads also. Love your tall skinny tree too! Marilyn

    1. You are a joy! My friends will all be glad to hear that your Boho Christmas is now definitely on. We often have lengthy discussions inspired by your posts, thoughts and memories. We don’t always agree, solve our problems or save the world but we communicate with grace, tolerance and respect.
      Thank you.

  5. I love the new display! I would only put something underneath the Santa in red to raise him up higher/taller so he looks more a “match” that isn’t matchy with the Santa on the other side.

    I love elephants – I have them displayed in many different places in my living room. In India there are various gods and goddesses who take on the form of an elephant, representing strength, wisdom, intelligence, longevity, and in the female form, a strong maternal nature. Elephants communicate with various calls to each other, as well as through the use of their trunks which are flexible and can form many different curve and hook-like shapes. Each angle of these trunk maneuvers communicates something to another elephant. I would keep your elephants out and add some sparkly ribbons and beads to adorn them – see this image of a decorated live elephant, for instance:

    Very boho and love the look!

  6. Hi Brenda. I had to laugh today when I read this post and you mentioned your step ladder. I thought you were going to say it would be your boho tree, which is just the approach my husband took back in his boho hippie college student days. He decided to put up a Christmas tree but didn’t have extra money for decorating. So he pulled out an old wooden step ladder, tossed a string of lights around it, and sat a potted plant or two on the steps of the ladder. I’ve seen a photo of that “tree,” and despite the rather careless approach it is a successful tree in terms of showing a lot of good cheer. And it was true boho, which meant he wasn’t thinking one bit about boho decor, but just needed to do something cheaply that had a bit of flair to it.

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