1. Wow, the views from all those windows are beautiful! I would love to have that much natural light. I, too, have always leaned more towards lighter, less bold colors, because I was afraid I’d get tired of them. That being said, my sister is not afraid of bold colors, and her house is stunning!

  2. Brenda this is off topic for this post However I was pondering your spring gardening challenges . Have you considered having a five gallon jug of water delivered to your patio area and using a handheld siphon pump ? When we lived in a converted barn in PA we did that to fill our humidifier in the winter, We used a wood burning pellet stove to keep our family room cozy and as auxiliary heat. We had five gallon water bottles delivered and used a hand held pump to fill the humidifier tank,It did the trick as the wood stove kept the family room cozy warm but too dry. Perhaps you could place the five gallon jugs inside of a planter of barrel to disquise it


  3. Even though this isn’t my style and is too modern and colorful for me, it’s at least interesting and kind of cool!

  4. I love the colors but the furniture is not my taste. Overall it is too modern looking
    ( guess I am stuck in the past) and it doesn’t look comfy and cozy to me. But, we all have different tastes don’t we?

  5. Well, contrary to the consensus here, this home gives me the heeby-jeebies. Too much head space and huge windows. Too many jarring walls of deep color. Too many sharp angles and dissonate (sp.?) fabrics and materials. Sorry, but I guess I am just more a cottage type. Maybe I’m not adventurous enough to be comfortable in the type of environment shown in that house. But, as always, to each her own, right? Interesting to see, anyway.

  6. Love this story! She did have the perfect haven for staying in when Covid hit. My husband follows on Magnolia network the show Restoration Road with Clint Harp and many of his barns he has moved to other parts of the country have come from NEw York, especially the Hudson Area. All well built homes and barns in that area. I believe the Beekman farm/store is also in that area as well as many others well known.

  7. I love all the natural light! And that it reflects her style, not just what’s trendy.

  8. I like the colored walls in the bedrooms. The art collections are incredible. My favorite room is the primary bedroom with the “jewel tone” colors. Those are not the jewel tones I remember from the 1990s, but the blue color is great and I like the use of wood furniture and neutral leather upholstered pieces. Everything old is new again, colors and styles keep rotating in and out, even brass hardware is back after being declared dead around 2011 or so. We seem to be having shorter cycles where things go out of fashion and then come back into popularity again.

  9. Cool! I would to some of that…but I’m not the only one living here! This is the time of year that I NEED color. But I do put bright colors here and there.

  10. Love this home tour. There’s a lot of bold colors but the overall feeling is calm. I especially like the main bedroom colors. I don’t think I would have thought about putting those colors with each other, but they go together so well.

  11. Oh my goodness I adore that house! I have always wanted to put more color in our house but somehow I am too scared to do it so have always gone with safe colors for big items like sofas and chairs and a bright colored rug or two and colorful pictures.
    Why can’t I break out and go with color! It is partly because I don’t want to buy something expensive and then can’t stand it in the end.
    I also love the many large windows in that house. I can’t stop looking at it to see if there is something I can copy.

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