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  1. Looking forward to seeing what your new plan is! The weather here in NJ is changing, and it’s really starting to feel like fall, although my summer plants are still booming. Tuna is my go-to when I can’t think of what to make. I hear you about fireplaces. We have two and never, ever use them, Too much work, and they’re gas fireplaces, which I don’t really like. Electric sounds like the way to go.

  2. Me too! I can’t wait to see all your changes for Fall! I’m glad you reordered another fire place. You really enjoyed your last one. Do you have a spot for it in the living room, or do you think you’ll use it to cozy up your bedroom at night? Do you have Fall colored quilts for your quilt rack? I know you have pretty Fall themed paintings. They are beautiful. I think, since tomorrow is finally October, maybe I’ll do some decorating this weekend. I’ll put some Halloween decorations outside for the neighborhood kids to enjoy. That book sounds like it’s interesting. How does the poor guy go from trying to help, to being accused?!! I love tuna sandwiches! I was thinking tomato soup with it sounds pretty yummy!

  3. Uncanny about the tuna, because that’s what I just ate for dinner! I made a tuna salad earlier…2 cans of Wild Planet albacore tuna (I get it in a 6-pack at Costco, otherwise it’s too expensive individually in the grocery store), whole grain elbow macaroni, chopped celery, green onion, and halved olives, a spoon of avocado mayo, a little olive oil, a dab of mustard, pepper, paprika, parsley, celery seed. Delish and made a big bowl. Brian now has a couple of lunches to take to work.

    1. That sound soooo good, Melanie!!

  4. If you feel like mixing things up a bit, used mashed canned and drained chickpeas instead of tuna in a sandwich. You can add mayo, onion, celery, pepper – or whatever you like. Healthy and delicious!

    1. I’m not very creative when it comes to food. I would never have come up with that!

  5. I love soup and any bread or sandwich with it. I found a butternut squash soup I really like with oyster crackers. Tuna is one of my favorite meals too and my husband likes a fried bologna sandwich with onions and peppers on top. Simple meals are just as enjoyable as fancy ones to us. A nice glass of milk with my tomato soup and sandwich and I feel like a million bucks, whatever that feels like!

    1. I’ve never had butternut squash soup. Or oyster crackers. I’ll have to try both. Easy and simple meals are the best. I don’t care for fancy food. I grew up thinking pinto beans and cornbread were a real treat.

      1. Mary in PA says:

        I agree with pinto beans and cornbread as a great treat, Brenda.

        1. I agree with pinto beans and cornbread being a great treat. YUM!!!

  6. Even though most of my family and my friends think I’m nuts, I love canned tuna! I make several different types of casseroles with it and also just mix it with mayo to make a quick spread on some bread with some cheese and lettuce for a quick sandwich. I especially like it on Harder’s 12-Grain bread. Harder’s is a family-owned bakery in Chicago and we get their bread at the Metro Mart (formerly a Pick ‘n Save owned by Roundy’s Foods and now owned by Kroger where I live – best bread I’ve ever had. It’s not inexpensive even before inflation due to alleged “supply chain issues” hit the U.S. and the rest of the world, but it’s got all the nutrients and especially a good Folate percentage, which is something a lot of people don’t get enough of but is very good for one’s health. I’ll sometimes make the sandwich on toast, sometimes not. I can still get Kroger brand canned tuna on sale for $0.79 a can, and I also get coupons from Metro Mart through the mail monthly that will give me $0.40 off three cans. I didn’t know your electric fireplace stopped working. I wonder if there is a way to get it fixed? Is it just a shorted out wire maybe that could be fixed with a new cord attached? I’ve no idea, but that’s why I also have a great handy man who seems to be able to fix every issue that happens around my house, and he’ somebody I trust because he’s the husband of one of the women I used to work with for 12 years before I retired. I know trust is an issue when it comes to hiring a handyman, even if it is off one of the popular on-line services. I have been looking for an electric log set to use in my gel fuel fireplace when I don’t feel like using cans of gel fuel, but I haven’t been able to find anything shallow and narrow enough to fit inside the “fire box.” But as your fireplace is a wood burner (?), it may have enough room for a good size set of electric logs with a fan that could heat the entire room.

    1. I looked at electric logs, but was afraid to have them with nosy Ivy around. I don’t know what happened to the little fireplace, but it just went out. Have no idea what would have fixed it and I no longer have it anymore. I love the Whole Foods brand of tuna best. I like to toast the bread in my convection oven (I no longer have a toaster because the convection oven toasts just fine) and then spread mayonnaise on the toast and add the tuna. Tonight I might add a little relish.

  7. I made beef stew a few days ago and my daughter said it was awesome. I’ll be making broccoli soup, potato and ham soup, minestrone soup, chicken soup…
    These are my favs but I’ll be trying new recipes too bc it’s getting cold here at night! I love making chowder soups too. Yum!

    1. I’ve only ever made potato soup and stew.

      1. I can’t believe I forgot this soup I make is whole yellow pea soup with ham. I have 5 bags of it in my freezer right now. Yum!

  8. Mary in PA says:

    Love almost all soups, hot weather or cold weather. I made a veggie beef soup that turned out really delicious. Some is now in the freezer. As I eat very little meat, it’s something I rarely make. Has to have cabbage and some barley in it with lots of veggies, plus this time I added some low sodium V-8 with the lower sodium beef broth(Swanson’s) and I think that really made it yummy. Almost like I remember my mom’s …how I loved her soups!
    Thanks for the book review – yep, adding to my list. Hope you do check out Lisa’s Chick Wit column. Cheery and very funny!
    Hugs to you, pets to pretty Ivy. And can’t wait to see your new decorating ideas.

    1. Oh, I meant to write about her column that you sent me to. It will no longer be in the paper, it said, so I signed up for it at her website.

    2. I checked out her column too. It was quite funny! I also signed up on her email list.

  9. You’re so right about tuna, I mix it with dill relish, mayo, and celery if I feel like chopping it. Tuna is something my four kids always liked and could fix themselves.
    I love to change things around, so I’ll be waiting to see how the art changes. Have a nice weekend!

    1. I kind of want warm and cozy but not cluttered for decorating fall/winter. I’m kind of over a lot of stuff around.

  10. Yes fall is sneaking up on us. Your home always looks so cozy. October is my favorite month with the cooler temperatures, the changing colors of the leaves, pumpkins, yummy cider and soup. I could eat soup everyday. Enjoy your weekend.

    1. I love October. What is that saying? I looked it up. It’s: I’m glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.

  11. I, too, can’t wait to see the changes you make. Our days are still in the 90’s but nights are definitely cooler. Wonderful respite – I’m tired of the heat.
    A small Duraflame stove will add coziness to your much colder days.

    1. It just arrived and Steve brought it in, as it was too heavy for me.

  12. Sounds like you have fall planned. I can’t wsitvto see the changes you have made in your
    Cozy Little House.

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