A Funny Andrew Story

It’s a bit cold, but nice and sunny outside. Occasionally I go out to the patio and sweep or rake leaves I’ve missed or rearrange pots.

I have a funny Andrew story, who will be 4 this month. He just started playing T-ball.

At the game when he went up to bat, the coach said to be sure to hit the base. So Andrew hit the ball, ran to the base, and then reached down and touched it!

He took it literally as children do. Kids are so funny.


I’ve started another book. I tend to finish a book every few days. Now I’m reading “The Other Mother” by Carol Goodman, an author I haven’t read before.


It’s a novel about a woman suffering from a bad bout of postpartum depression. A psychological thriller that keeps me guessing as I turn the pages.


Here’s Charlie looking out the front door.

Yesterday the pupsters were sleeping on the couch when a Siamese cat came right up to the door, stared inside for a bit, and then walked away.

They missed it. It would have created quite a bit of excitement had they seen that cat!



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  1. I loved your cute Andrew story. The little children are so adorable playing sports. They take it so seriously.
    Wouldn’t that have been something if your pupsters would have caught that kitty spying in at them. Charlie would have had some new entertainment besides the squirrel.

  2. Charlie looks like he’s on his “watch

    Kids are a wonderful source of entertainment and laughter with their innocent little quirks. I nursed my oldest daughter well into her second year. When I started to try to wean her she was not on board! One evening at bedtime, which was one time that she usually nursed, I suggested we would read stories instead and didn’t offer for her to nurse. She sat up in my lap and looked straight at me and said, Mama, I wish there was some nice lady who would nurse me.” !! What a great way to guilt-trip me! Well, she was precocious with words! It’s one of the stories about her that is told over and over. She did, however, give up nursing well before kindergarten! And I gave up feeling guilty!

  3. Love your stories. Love your books & your comments. But where oh where did you get that quilt pattern?? I have been admiring that since I joined your blog!!

  4. Oh such a great story. You need to remind him of this when he makes the big leagues. I have the same cup holder. Great for not too many cups.

  5. What a cute story about Andrew. When my granddaughter played T-ball, her coach told the kids to make sure they rounded all the bases after they hit a ball. The first child to hit the ball ran to first base and then ran around the base. It was so much fun to watch and more fun to tell the story.

    Charlie looks so cute and attentive at the front door.

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