A Garden Apartment In Brooklyn


Sofia lives in this 480 square foot garden apartment in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, New York.

Sofia is a banker by day and also dabbles in interior design.

Her bookcases are stocked with shelter magazines. Her furniture has been decoupaged, reconstructed, upholstered, hacked or built from scratch.

As you can tell, yellow is a recurring theme in Sofia’s home. It carries through what is basically a two-room studio. 

There are many nooks and crannies and built-ins. Every piece serves a dual purpose. 

The gray sofa doubles as a pull-out bed since there’s no bedroom.

Yellow continues into the kitchen and dining space.

But it is the outdoors that make this apartment home so very special. It is quite large, and Sofia has done a lot with this space.

She has carved out living and dining space, and areas for gardening.

I hope you enjoyed this garden apartment home tour.


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  1. To emt187ftw: I don't see how after reading only one blog posting on Brenda's site you can be so cantankerous. You must be the type of person who gives a person one chance to measure up to your standards or you're done with them. It must be a lonely life for you. I can only imagine what ills or mistreatment you have suffered in your life and I am sorry for your unhappiness. I would encourage you to give Brenda a second chance and find out what a loving, caring soul she really is.

  2. emt could mean "emergency medical technician"
    817 is the Ft. Worth, TX phone area code
    ftw usually around hereabouts stands in for Ft. Worth
    Here is a reply to emt817ftw:
    It is very hard to believe that someone from Texas wrote this comment.
    He/she was at least truthful when they said they don't understand the world of blogs. Blogging is HARD, it takes up lots of time, you sometimes have 30, 40, 59 comments, making it unreal to expect a "thank you" to each person commenting.A lot goes on behind the scenes at a bloggers house/office. You have to research, read other blogs for info, read articles and books, keep up with the world happenings-you have to be a jack-of-all-trades just to stay interesting to readers, and with this blogger, she takes lots of photos for her blog and spends loads of time editing and enhancing them before publishing them on this blog. Most readers who have followed her for years really appreciate her. If you have noticed, when you ask a legit question, she will reply with answers once a week or so to all questions and offers help to anyone who wants to rework their blogs or learn to take better photos, etc, etc. She is not a taker but is a giver. Just saying…

    1. I agree with you, Ance Mist. Blogging takes a special talent that Brenda obviously has. I enjoy her blog because it covers decorating, the plant world, cooking, re-purposing… all the things that interest me. EMT was "surprised"….. Bless her heart.

  3. That wall of cement blocks turned planters is astounding! So creative. Sofia has a real knack for creating storage for her belongings and taking advantage of every little bit of space.

    The "patio" is bigger than the apartment! But what does she do with all the furniture in the winter in New York? No mention of a place to store it.

    Fun to see, anyway!

    Hope you continue to feel better, Brenda.

  4. This is the best use of vertical space I have seen. I love how she has artfully displayed so many dishes and cookware in such a small space. She seems to have a lot but it doesn't look cluttered, it looks put together. Love that planter wall on her patio! Thank you for sharing this. I just noticed that her cute little top actually matches her décor!

  5. Sofia's place is wonderful. I know her friends must love coming to visit. And that patio area and planter wall are awesome. I've had to look at that wall several times.

  6. How beautiful. Sofia has made this place up so cute. Love love love that patio area. Those are so rare to come by in the city. What a beautiful home. Thanks for sharing Brenda.

  7. This is one of the cutest homes I've seen in a long time. I love everything about it and how she not a minimalist, but super organized and Nothing looks cluttered, just cohesive. That awning in the back gives her some privacy from the other buildings and that concrete planter wall is just too awesome. Just fabulous!

  8. I obviously don't understand the world of blogs. I posted a very nice comment on your blog yesterday and to my great surprise received NO response. I guess I thought that just out of common courtesy you would have said "thanks" or " nice to hear from you". That comment was my first, and will be my last.

    1. I will reply here. You don't have a profile that gives me an email for you, so I cannot respond to you personally. I am ill right now. And even when I'm not, it is hard to keep up with it all. I work all day long as this is my income, and still can't get to the comments to respond to them very often, much as I'd love to. I'm sorry you are offended.

  9. She has created a interesting and very unique space. The outside is just as neat and unique. I love the top she is wearing and she is truly a stunning young lady. Thanks for sharing this space.

  10. I love seeing what people do with small living spaces in the city – she has created a beautiful oasis, great accents and usability everywhere!

  11. The shelving with all of the white dishes is amazing and the pops of yellow are so cheerful. And who wouldn't love that outdoor space – beautiful!

  12. Sofia has very mature tastes and decorating skills. She has put together a serene and relaxing home in a very small space. It looks like she enjoys cooking and entertaining. I'd like to be invited to a dinner in her wonderful garden area! That garden area made from concrete blocks is really clever. Thanks for sharing this amazing place.

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