It rained last night. I slept right through it, but I see that the cement is wet on the patio and water is on the plant leaves. So it must have been a soft and gentle rain.

Mother Nature gave some rain love to my garden last night, for which I am thankful.

The plants react more positively to rain than to plain tap water.

I yearn for the nights when I will fall asleep to rain and thunder. Because I love thunderstorms.

We’re in that season, so the storms should be more notable soon. Of course that also means tornado season in my neck of the woods.

I haven’t heard the duck this morning, so maybe it got its problem sorted out.

One of you let me know that the photo I showed was of a duck, but the one in the pool was a swan. And asked if I saw another duck anywhere around.

No, and I was looking for them. It that’s the case, maybe that’s what the duck was squawking about. Perhaps it lost its buddies somehow.

The hostas are growing rapidly. By next week I expect to see them sprawled out across the blue raised bed.

There are four hosta plants, so that should take up a good amount of room.

I love to photograph rain dripping off trees and plants. The texture is just so beautiful.

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  1. Swan? I went back and looked and those are two mallards – female all brown and male more colorful. Did not see a swan which has a very distinct long neck. Mallards are often stopping over in pools on their travels.

  2. We finally got some rain today – a good storm. It has been so dry here. Now it looks like rain every day until Monday. Such is April though! I’m just glad we’re finally having some warmer weather.

  3. I love rainy nights and/or days and find myself craving them. The droplets on your plants look fabulous!

  4. That is one female Mallard duck (the brown speckled one) and one male Mallard duck (the one with the dark green shiny markings with black – the “pretty” one) in the pool. No swan anywhere to be seen. A case of mistaken identity. We need rain here. I’m more ready for it now, I got all the clean up of the front flower beds done today, and it was HOT outside, and humid. Rain has been forecast for each of the last 3 days but other than a brief less than 5 minute sprinkle on Monday (as I was walking home with a load of groceries from the supermarket in my granny cart) it hasn’t rained at all. Maybe that front that passed through your area will head this way.

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