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  1. Brenda, it might be cheaper to use cotton training pants on Abi. (I hope you can find a size small enough.) You can put them on her and figure out where the tail hole should be. Cut a little fabric out for her tail. These will become wet, of course, as she pees. Then you can just take them off and put on a fresh pair. They are reusable and might save you money in the long run. After your initial purchase, the only issue would be frequent washing! This is what I did for my aging dog, Nicki.

  2. Hi gal, glad your feeling a little better. Sorry your Abbie is under the weather. As a puppy momma myself I know its just terrible not to be able to fix what ails them,now! We love our little ones sooo much! We to are having hot days so this weekend I'm doing in slow motion.
    Blessings to you!

  3. Cute little bird! I've never seen one. We may not have them here in Michigan. Glad you are gaining some energy in the a.m. Just allow yourself to rest when you need to and soon you'll have more stamina longer in the day. That's how it was with me when I had the awful flue, bronchitis early in Spring. The cough and lack of energy lasted for two months, I swear. But I just didn't push myself, which isn't like me, and eventually I got back to normal. I was impatient, though, not being able to do the things I usually do. I kept myself under control pretty well!

    Those doggie diapers are really expensive! Let's see, twelve would last about four days if you had to use three a day. You'd need two packages for a week. Thirty-six dollars! Holy cow! Baby diapers would be cheaper!

    I'm hoping to work in my yard this weekend. I got groceries today–one of my least favorite jobs–so I can just stay home and dig around in the dirt. My very favorite thing to do!

    Hope you have a pleasant weekend. Stay cool! And I think it gets hot here! One hundred degrees would be very unsual. We have high humidity here which makes it feel stifling even at temps only in the 80's. "Only!"

  4. Love the white coneflowers. I hope you got Abi diapered and that you get a good (and dry) night's sleep. It's no fun having to wash bedding so often especially when you're not feeling up to par. As for the weekend, it's supposed to be cooler than it has been so I'm going to replant a few flowers and weed a flower garden. And hopefully we'll get started on a project we've been putting off for too long.

  5. sure do not envy you the dog wetting on your bed – I hope you can use the diaper suggestions given in above comments – do not have a dog so I haven't the slightest idea what people do in these situations. I didn't realize the Tulsa area was so much hotter than central Arkansas – so grateful to be up on a ridge with trees all around – it has not hit 90 at my house but has been up to 94 in the valley a few short miles away – hope you get to feeling better soon.

  6. Beautiful photos Brenda and wow! It's hot there already. I'm not sure the size of your ceiling fan bulb covers, but you could always try mason jars… I've done it before on a chandelier or two that I didn't like the shades and they just screwed right on. You'd want to not go crazy on the wattage but ours did find with 60W bulbs… just an idea. 😉 Enjoy the weekend! ~julie

    1. That's a great idea. I would have not thought of that. If your concerned about bulbs getting too hot inside the enclosed jars, you could use LED bulbs, even little LED candelabra bulbs. LED bulbs don't put off any heat. Might help with Brenda's reading by lamp light since she previously mentioned she didn't like the heat from the bulbs. You can get them in soft white too. (doesn't glare so much) I might have to try the mason jar idea on my fans!

  7. Glad you're feeling better – and I sure don't envy that heat! Bleh! – is it always that hot in the summer in your region? Is it humid or what they call "dry heat"?

  8. I just love seeing your sweet little Yorkies. My little pug dog Phoebe has lost the use of her back legs. She uses a wheelchair now. She can't pee on her own and meatballs just fall out of her. They fall into a pouch on the back of her wheelchair. She used to always sleep on the bed with me, but started having accidents, so I got a waterproof mattress cover. Now she has to sleep in a kennel at night for fear she might fall off the bed. My bed is very high. I miss her sleeping with me and she misses me. I tried diapers of all kinds (doggie and baby, cloth and disposable). Pugs are built with a large chest and small back end. NOTHING stayed on her. Next I'll try suspenders to hold them on. I love love love your patio and all your pretty plants and water fountains. The bird and squirrel pictures are so sweet. I enjoy your blog so much. Thank you for putting so much time into it. I too like to start my day with a cup of coffee and reading your blog. Have a restful day. Sandra

  9. My Rosie can be incognizant so she can be leaky at times and I tried putting diapers on her and it was a real struggle. And yes they are quite expensive. Planning on spending time with my Mom this weekend. It has been 110 degrees here so we are on the down swing today at 104.

  10. Good Afternoon Brenda, Another cup of tea and your blog…makes me happy to read them 🙂 I am in the process of adopting a little 11 year old dachshund and he has a disability and has to wear diapers as well….The foster mom said she uses dollar store unscented diapers. Much much cheaper and he likes them better than the doggie diapers!!! So we are stocking up. I know what you mean about the price because I was on Amazon the other day and wow!!! The cost is some thing else!!! So many cute things for the babies though…they have these neat little girl dog pants that you just slip the diaper in and wha-la!!! Not as cumbersome for them…..!!! Im so glad you are feeling better! I am with you about morning. I feel good than as the day wears on I get sluggish with this crazy fibromyalgia!!! But, we are blessed with huge indoor pool and that is my salvation for the day!!! I know someday's I Am water logged lol but, feels so good to not pain!!! Our weather is still very cool here in Northern Minnesota …we are hoping for 70's next week….so you can surely blow some of that hot air over towards us!!! Well, I shall go finish up my art lesson for the day and get a few laps in and snuggle up on the couch with my fuzzy blanket and "try" to find something decent on the tv! You take care and good luck with the puppy diapers!!! DEB 🙂

  11. As for Abi's problem, my friend used little doggie britches and Poise pads.
    She had said any brand of mini pad would do.

  12. I'm so glad things are a little better. I think these hot days are the equivalent of being snowed-in in the Winter. Nothing to do but to hibernate. I'm old enough to remember Phoenix before refrigeration!! The newborn baby diapers and cutting a hole for the tail are a great idea and it works.

  13. oh that adorable abi face!
    thank heaven you both got some sleep last night!
    and while she's having this… to protect your mattress you might try getting one of those vinyl fitted sheets … or mattress cover. it would help!
    i'm so glad you're better.

  14. Glad that you are starting to feel better;that shot of the wren is just adorable. I hope that you get a break from those high temps! Right now it is raining and we are to have it today and tonight. Tomorrow I babysit for most of the day….son and DIL are going on a motorcycle charity ride

  15. Such pretty photos. Stay cool. Did you consider the Shingle vaccine? It is suppose to lessen or prevent flare ups. I think it is called Zostavax . xoox Su

  16. Somehow I stopped getting your blog in my email, that is the second time that has happened. I thought about you yesterday and thought maybe you were feeling too bad to post the last few days, but when I didn't have a post again today I decided to see if it was like before and you were posting but I wasn't getting them for some reason. Yep, that was the case. Oh, well, technology!!

    Glad to know you are not worse but I know you wish you were over the shingles mess. Sorry you are having to wash bedding everyday, that is a real bummer!

    Hot here too in East Texas, we had some effects of Tropical Storm Cindy yesterday – quite a bit of rain but we needed it. They say we are supposed to get some more rain this afternoon, but it is so hot and humid. I get up early in the morning and go outside to try and do any yard work before it gets any worse heat/humidity wise, but it is still bad at 6:15 a.m.!!!!

    I am trying to make a quilt like your "x" type block pattern. I just love that block and couldn't find one like it anyplace so trying to make my own. I remember I asked you one time about it and you said you made it up yourself (I believe), so I'm giving it a try — I either will succeed or give up and go onto something else!

    Have a good rest of the day and try and stay cool!

    1. Your email does not show up. If you will email me with your email address, I'll see that you're put back on the list. Or see what's going on.

  17. It has been so hot here in Colorado!! At 4:30 this morning the temp dropped and we received some much needed rain! Doggie diapers are $$, in the past for my little dog, I used a generic newborn diaper and cut a hole for the tail, worked really well. Hope you are feeling better and on the mend. 🙂

    1. That's a very clever idea! I'll remember that in case I need it for my 8 year old yorkie.

  18. I don't think we have those wrens here. I have a date with the weeds this weekend, they are taking over my property. And I have two rosebushes to plant, one a climber to replace one that died, and one rambler to plant along the fence. I'm going to be tired and cranky by the end of the day!

  19. I'm glad that you are feeling better. We had rain from Cindy all night here. Beautiful blue skies now but more rain to move in this afternoon. Prays for you and your little ones.

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