1. Good morning everyone. Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.
    I always receive your blog a day late, so Easter wishes are a day late.
    My oldest daughter’s family all work in hospitals. Her and Husband, 3 daughter’s and a daughter-in-law.
    So I do worry about them all the time.
    Easter day here was beautiful. Around 70 degrees. So spent a little time outside enjoying the sun.
    My Hayley really enjoyed being out with all of the new smells.
    Stay safe and well.

  2. It is a strange time, for sure. We have a grandchild due in 8 weeks…my son may not even be able to go in the hospital with his wife. But they’ll get through it…just praying everyone is healthy through it

  3. Happy Easter, Brenda. It’s been awhile that I’ve visited you. I’m glad to see that you are well. Yes, crazy times, indeed. My new next door neighbors recently had a baby. I’d love to go over and introduce myself and welcome them to the neighborhood, but that will have to wait. I pray that a vaccine or medication comes much more quickly than expected so we can all get on with living life. With so many scientists around the world working on this, one would hope that it won’t take as long as they say. Stay safe, and stay healthy.

  4. Happy Easter. I hope people will continue and do better at social distancing to save one another and our doctors and nurses. They are out national treasure and to think of them otherwise is foolish. Praying for this to pass and for people to help one another.

  5. Certainly is a very less than ideal time to be giving birth…but maybe it would help to consider other very difficult times for giving birth in history…and then today looks some easier. At least medical care is intended to be good…and everyone is facing the same risk. Scary tho and I am glad not to be in that position right now. Some say there must be some kind of DNA component in that some seem immune and others die. One wonders…also read that if you have type O blood while not a guarantee, it is somewhat less possible. Being we are called the universal donor, it would make some sense perhaps if less O type blood folks are immune. Very strange… Might be a good idea to be taking zinc right now…even if the other drugs are not available…zinc is known to help with immune issues. (We have taken it daily for years). I think other helpful things are Vit C and D too…we need to get out and get some sunshine, since finally the weather here is warming.

    1. oppsss…meant if more type O folks seem more immune to the virus…

  6. My DIL is in labor as we speak, first baby, and I really feel for her and my son right now. It’s scary giving birth for the first time but with all that’s going on right now, their anxiety is through the roof (mine also). So sad that they can’t have any family visit them now or when they bring the baby home. I will not meet my grandchild for many weeks because they live 3,000 miles from me. Breaks my heart

    1. Patricia, our first grandchild was born 3 weeks ago. It was just as all of this had started. No visitors at the hospital. When she was home for 3 days we went in to see her because we couldn’t stand it any longer, but just for about an hour. Since then the guidelines have become much more strict, so we have not seen her since except for FB messenger calls. We spent about an hour this morning visiting with them. It is fun, but certainly not what we envisioned this would be like not so long ago. And we only live 1/2 hr away…but it might as well be 3,000 miles! Our anxiety remains. Such a very hard time for everyone. Congrats to you!

      1. Wow glad she was born before all the new rules, at least you got to meet her in person for a little bit. Congratulations on becoming a grandma, it’s the best thing in the world! (I have 3 other grandchildren who live close by)

  7. It rained this morning, and now it is snowing. We are expected to get 6 to 10 inches. Such is life here in WI. on Easter Sunday. I agree with you, about a new life coming into the world in times like this. My grand-daughter is expecting her third child (my great-grand daughter) soon, this month. A different birth for sure, one that will be remembered with joy, but one that will also be remembered as joy brought to the world during the sadness of this horrible pandemic. Happy Easter Brenda, stay well and safe…

  8. Hang on-WAITT- “We’re All In This Together. ”
    This, too, shall pass!

    1. Happy Easter. Praying for you and family,on this wonderful day. With God, we can find peace, for He loves us all. With all the tragedies going on around us, it is hard to se and hear the news..Heartbreaking.
      Take care Brenda. Thank you for the beautiful photos and wonderful patio garden and decorating.

  9. It is so hard to hear about all of those who are suffering and dying. It is hard to not internalize it. I’m glad you have the company of Charlie and Ivy and that you have your lovely patio. xo Laura

  10. I feel for those new mothers, nurses, and doctors. They are all so brave, but the rest of us just have to keep in mind that this will end. Someday. It can’t go on forever. Hopefully.

  11. Happy Easter ! My granddaughter is expecting her first child at the end of June and we are all praying this terrible virus is over by then ! She was not able to have a baby shower that was planned, but had to be canceled, and as of right now her husband will be able to be in the delivery room but not my daughter ( her mother ) who my granddaughter wanted her to be so much for moral support ! I am so looking forward to this baby, my first great grandchild and I want to hold him right away not have to wait who knows how long !

    1. Happy Easter, Brenda!!
      joyce, I could have written this exact same comment about my granddaughter expecting her first child in June, the cancelled baby shower and everything else. I share your disappointment and concern for your granddaughter and first great grandchild. My hope is that her husband will be able to be with her. Praying that all of the babies born during this time, and their parents, will be healthy and stay healthy.

  12. I just need to say “Thank you” for all the pictures you post. Since we aren’t able to enjoy the great outdoors your pictures are a nice distraction from what is happening in the world. We all need this pleasure in our lives. Please stay safe and have a Happy Easter, however you choose to enjoy the day!

  13. I would like to see your container garden. A glimpse is not enough. It looks like a happy, serene place to be.

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