1. They did a beautiful job on this house. I think this is the first time you didn’t talk about the rooms and what they did in them. Instead, you talked about them as a couple. Their story is very interesting.
    I really enjoyed that a lot!

  2. What an interesting journey they’ve had. The house is gorgeous – I love their design style. I hope they realize their dream of moving back to Malibu.

  3. Didn’t flip it but we gutted a house down to the frame in the 80s, wouldn’t do it again without a gun held to my head,LOL
    Its always out of budget since there’s no clue what’s behind those walls and many times it’s very expensive.
    That house is very modern, not for me but if they’re happy I guess that’s what’s important.

  4. Good for them for recommitting and moving forward. That is easier said than done. It looks like they compliment each other when it comes to rehabbing. Diana

  5. Wow. Interesting life they both had together. Survivors for sure. Glad they found a “forever” home. Nice & modern. Best way to go when older. More simple.

  6. What a gorgeous flip. Very modern for me but I have to say I love everything they did. I love the houses you find to show us. I love seeing before and after homes. Happy Friday.

  7. Good Friday morning Brenda! I love this house! It is always so fun to see the inside of peoples houses and why they picked them to see their personality shine through in their design.

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