A House Flipping Couple In Dallas

Hannah Wilson and her husband Chayce had moved all over the world, from California to London and beyond.

But they knew it was time for them to settle down where they felt most at home, in Dallas, Texas.

Having dabbled in house flipping, they quit their jobs to pursue home renovation full-time. This is one of their flip houses.

The house a house flipping couple in Dallas renovated.

They married young and almost didn’t make it. Around the five-year mark, things came to a head. He was going one way, and she was going another.

But they recommitted to a life together, as challenging as it was. And moved forward with their business.

A House Flipping Couple In Dallas spent a lot of money and time renovating this modern house

Eventually Dallas, Texas:

They sold everything they had and moved to England for a year. Then they backpacked through Europe for a month with just a map and some train passes.

They lived in Malibu for a while and finally ended up in a high-rise apartment in Dallas.

The shiny wood floors and staging of furniture makes the home feel cozy

As a child, Hannah was always particular about her bedroom. Every few months she’d rearrange it. Her first job was to work for a very talented businesswoman who dealt with design and decor.

Hannah learned first-hand how to design a storefront and be a buyer at trade shows and wholesale markets. Her style was still a few years from materializing, but that helped lay the foundation for a good business and what it takes to succeed.

Moving To A High Rise Apartment:

After they got the apartment in Dallas, Hannah decided for the first time that they were going to make it into a home, regardless of whether they would move again.

When they went back to Texas and found normal jobs, they sort of reached the conclusion that life is just too short not to do what you love.

The dining room of the House Flipping Couple In Dallas

Husband Chayce flipped his first home as a senior in high school. It was before the whole house-flipping craze really started.

He got his real estate license but never really wanted to do that full-time.

After they married, he continued to remodel around a home a year before they left for England.

A modern living space with a gray fireplace

Their Business Goal:

The goal for their company was that they wouldn’t even be able to call it work; that it would be more like play.

The couple who flipped this house painted the kitchen cabinetry navy blue

Ultimately, in renovating a house, they want to make a great product that a buyer will love for as long as they own it.

The bedroom of the flipped house was also staged with lots of blue

Buying The Ugliest House On The Block:

They go about finding a house by looking for the ugliest one on the block.

This house had been sitting vacant for a decade and it was the bane of the neighborhood’s existence.

But the couple gravitated to it right away.

A bathroom with raised cabinetry, hexagonal tiles and gold hardware

After a few inspections, Chayce was at the house armed with a sledgehammer.

They quickly came to realize that this home renovation was much bigger than they originally thought.

And all those nice little estimates that the eager husband came up with more than doubled. Everything that could go wrong, did.

And before they knew it, they had pretty much put it all on the line to bring this project to completion.

A modern tub sits next to a glassed in shower

They could have done a lot less to the house and probably made more money, but they wouldn’t have felt right about selling it like that.

Making This House A Quality Home:

To really make it a quality home, they had to gut it to the bones, and even replace a lot of those too.

The laundry space also has navy blue cabinetry and white appliances

One of the first things they did during demo was to completely open it up. They tore down walls, raised ceilings, took out some pillars, and brought in more windows and skylights.

From the moment you walk in the front door, you can see all the way through the living, dining, and kitchen right through to the pool in the back.

The back of the home this couple renovated, with lots of natural light

They originally wanted to live in this one because they needed a home base there in Dallas, and living in a 750 square foot high-rise apartment wasn’t cutting it.

But once they started taking down the drywall and seeing the real extent of the work necessary, their budget more than doubled. They priced themselves right out of the home they wanted to live in.

Their Next Plans:

So the couple put this house up for sale and moved on.

At some point, they’d love to move back to the Malibu area so Chayce can continue at Pepperdine, and Hannah can use her design degree on some sweet beachfront properties.

{Photos & details courtesy of The Everygirl}



  1. They did a beautiful job on this house. I think this is the first time you didn’t talk about the rooms and what they did in them. Instead, you talked about them as a couple. Their story is very interesting.
    I really enjoyed that a lot!

  2. What an interesting journey they’ve had. The house is gorgeous – I love their design style. I hope they realize their dream of moving back to Malibu.

  3. Didn’t flip it but we gutted a house down to the frame in the 80s, wouldn’t do it again without a gun held to my head,LOL
    Its always out of budget since there’s no clue what’s behind those walls and many times it’s very expensive.
    That house is very modern, not for me but if they’re happy I guess that’s what’s important.

  4. Good for them for recommitting and moving forward. That is easier said than done. It looks like they compliment each other when it comes to rehabbing. Diana

  5. Wow. Interesting life they both had together. Survivors for sure. Glad they found a “forever” home. Nice & modern. Best way to go when older. More simple.

  6. Good Friday morning Brenda! I love this house! It is always so fun to see the inside of peoples houses and why they picked them to see their personality shine through in their design.

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