A Little Christmas In My Kitchen

When I look at my kitchen I always think of Christmas. It’s because of all of the red and white I suppose.

I love my kitchen. Kendra helped me make a few improvements last spring. And I haven’t changed much aside from moving things about on the counter or rearranging things in the open cabinets.

And I haven’t even done much of changing up the cabinets. I like things as they are.

I added just a few elements of Christmas decor in here. I’ve had that red tree since I lived in Texas. And I think the snowman as well.

The other day I realized that the little snowman next to him has a ski broken off at the bottom. Oh well. Accidents happen.

Yesterday afternoon I was going through the storage boxes under the bed and found those two red and white polka dotted hens you see at the top. I’d forgotten I had them!

Of course they fit right into the red and white decor.

I did have the basket in their place that is now next to my red picnic basket on top of the refrigerator. I keep snacks in that basket.

Last year I found the little lamb with the bird perching on its back. I believe I found it at the grocery store.

I don’t think I added anything else in terms of Christmas decor in here.

Like I mentioned, all the red and white looks like Christmas to me anyway.

I enjoy having such a fun kitchen. There’s nothing really special or expensive in here. After all, it is an apartment kitchen.

But over the nearly seven years I’ve lived here, I’ve added this and that to make it feel more cozy.

I love my open cabinets. If there’s dust up there I don’t notice. And what I don’t notice I don’t clean.

And it’s so convenient to reach up and grab a plate or glass when I’m fixing a meal.



  1. Its very much your home! So lovely! I like seeing how other people home …… another great woman to follow is Susan Buchanan , the Little Poet, who has her own unique style of home.

  2. Hi Brenda. Something popped up on my feed today and there was a photo of your bedroom years ago with one of your red and white quilts on the wall. I hadn’t noticed you online in a long time so I thought I’d find you and here you are still blogging! Always loved your pops if red and remember those cute red chickens. I’m no longer blogging but am on FB and IG. We downsized over a year ago and are in a cute little bungalow on a tree lined street.
    So glad to find you! Hope all is well ❤️❤️

  3. I think your kitchen is very charming and cheerful! I love red and white. I have one of those same hens, except a little larger than yours and mine’s aqua with white spots.

  4. Your kitchen is the Place To Be….My daughter-in-law, says that, about a certain area in their cabin up North. And your kitchen is that place. What a fun, and wonderful place to share a cup of coffee! All the cozy touches, like the sheep wearing a red cap, and the little bird. Just Love it All!

    1. I like that saying “Your kitchen is the Place To Be” changing up the word kitchen to suit the place you’re in. Such a quaint, inviting statement to suggest a favorite spot. In my many moves it’s always been the kitchen though. Expect my current place…. the kitchen is galley style and one person only space… it’s very small and no place to gather.

  5. Dear Brenda,
    love your kitchen! The style reminds me of a chic European bistro…French, Italian etc. Red and white with your unique touches of personal accessories through out the year… very smart! You have a good eye! That red breadbox with the sweet lamb w/bird figurine on top made me want to get one of each.
    I’m amazed at what you pull out of “storage” under your bed and in your closet!
    Thanks for sharing your home with us, It’s very special.

  6. Your Christmas-y kitchen looks just right. The polka dot hens look good with the white hen. I like the metal touches here and there as well as the wooden touches in your kitchen. I just noticed your light fixture above the sink — I really like it. I have removed the fall decor, which wasn’t very much, and I set up a little wooden Christmas village on a bookshelf. I will put some electric candles in the windows and have a small feather tree with Shiny Brite ornaments. But I have to put it up high so the cats don’t get it!

  7. Very, very nice. I love your kitchen. Added Christmas touches are perfect.
    When I painted my small kitchen I left the doors off too. It makes a small kitchen look so much bigger.

  8. The little lamb is adorable. And I think the kitchen is perfect as is. Your curtains are great. I use red in my kitchen and love it.

  9. Your kitchen is decorated just right, not so much that it looks cluttered ! Very pretty just like the rest of your apartment! I’m like you, if I don’t notice the dust I don’t clean, there’s too many other things to do and besides, it is just my daughter and I and I never get any company other than my granddaughter!

  10. I love your kitchen, as well. When you show pictures I can’t help but smile. 🙂
    The added touches of Christmas are wonderful.

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