I wanted to show you a project I just finished. I never quite knew what to do with this cow I found at the antique mall some time ago. 

I needed a place to put my measuring spoons so I could actually locate them when I need them. So this idea was born.

And you know how I love to frame things. 

So I “framed” it with the black frame I had in my closet. (One less thing to deal with in the closet I’m de-cluttering soon!)

I love to have a place for things, and for everything a place. Isn’t that a quote from somewhere?

Yep. Googled and found it…

Okay, so I was off a few words.

I just got this red hanger up. I’ve had it in a drawer for ages. Now I have a place for my pot holders.

I like to have these things in this area because of my Breville being here on the kitchen cart. That’s where my hot food is mostly cooked.

Lunch With Daughter…

I’m having lunch with my youngest daughter today. Looking forward to that. She’s picking me up soon.

I haven’t gone out since last week sometime. I don’t want to go back into stores until after the new year. I go out every 2-3 days and start my car to make sure it’s okay.

Freezing Leftovers…

I’ve been lucky that I’ve managed to freeze so many meals in my small freezer.

I’ve still got meatloaf & pork tenderloin in baggies in the freezer. And I’ll be making taco soup in a day or so. So I’ll freeze some of that. 

So nice to have good food at the end of the day that I don’t have to cook! The very BEST homemade TV dinners.

What I’m Reading…

I got this ebook free from one of the freebie sites that I get daily emails from. The link to these sites is on my sidebar.

Here is an Amazon.com snippet from “On The Inside.”

When Kristen is sentenced to seventeen years for committing a white collar crime, she’s forced to leave her husband and two sons behind.

Life in prison is a shock. She discovers that people aren’t always what they seem, love wears many faces, and friendship can make life worth living.

But as she struggles to survive on the inside, Kristen must face something even more frightening than her fellow inmates. . . herself. 

What are you reading? 

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  1. The cow looks like she's inside of a fence. She and the measuring spoons shouldn't get away! Very clever and useful decoration. The potholders and rooster hanger also are useful and add a nice spot of color.

  2. How cute…hanging the cow inside of the frame…Love the Ben Franklin quote but it just never seems to happen here..lol…Your book sounds good…actually I just finished a book last night by Brunonia Barry author of "The Lace Reader"…which is a great read..it follows The Lace Reader with the same local sheriff and his wife..It is "The Fifth Petal" and will not be released until Jan 24th..I won the pre-release copy and was thrilled because I was waiting for this book to come out…If anyone read the first one you are going to love this one…If you haven't read it I highly recommend them both!..Haven't decided what I am going to read next..

  3. Love the cow project – looks really cute framed on your kitchen wall. I had to run a couple of errands today and the stores weren't bad at all. I think most people are back to work. Finishing up Mary Oliver's newest book – Upstream. She's my favorite poet and I love most of her books of poetry, but this book is different. It's short essays. Sad to say, I'm not too enthralled with it.

  4. These are great ideas. You are so organized going into the new year. Enjoy your new book.
    Your wallpaper pieces are on their way. When you get them just let me know if you need any instructions when you do this. It is easy peasy. Have a great rest of this last week of the year.

  5. Super cute idea, Brenda!! I love anything with cows, roosters, and various farm critters. That book sounds good, looking forward to hearing what you think of it when you finish it. I'm reading "No Place To Rest" by DL Barnhart – I'm about halfway through it, good book!

  6. Once again you have completed a wonderful job! We are having our family Christmas this Saturday at our house. But, when that is over, I am ready to move on & do some different decorating too. I am with you in decluttering "stuff"…. Have a great rest of the week!

  7. What a clever idea! I, too, am admiring the kerchiefs etc on the window valance.

    Since I lost track of your blog for a while, last I left off you were living in a house your daughter had bought to fix up and rent – which you did. Are you still in the same house or did you move? I think you made reference to "apartment" in previous post. I love what you've done with the space- you are truly talented in making a house or apartment a "home".

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