1. If it not too big for your patio yard, perhaps you could use it there. Maybe waterproof it, maybe not, and let it age. Use it for layering potted plants and hang tools from it if it has an edge. Store stuff underneath… xoxo

  2. Hey Brenda: I Love your blog. I have been reading now for a month and I don't know a lot about your past but…..If your friend Israel is handy with tools, maybe he could revamp the table for you. Make it round or cut it down?? Merry Christmas to you and your fur buddies.

  3. 32×32 is a big coffee table…I didn't realize from the pictures that it was that big!…I would just try to sell it…if it's too big…it's too big!…I like the pottery bowl with the candle and garland in it…I have a vintage yellow-ware bowl that would look great that way!

  4. Hi Brenda, I just started my decor. I was so busy with my dining room project, but that's finally done. You have to repurpose that table! In my book that's a big ticket item, hard to get what you paid for. As someone said before, maybe cutting a chunk out of it and re-installing the legs might work.

  5. My husband comes home in the evening and as he goes through the house he turns on a light in every room he enters, and leaves it on when he walks out. When he's been home about ten minutes our house is blazing like a cottage in a Thomas Kinkade painting. He says he doesn't like to be in a dark house. When he eventually gets settled into one spot for awhile, I go around and turn off all of the lights in the other rooms! Just trying to save a few cents here and there. I don't think your little tree will add too much to the bill.

    Since you ordered your coffee table, I'm guessing you put it together. Can you take it apart and use the wood for other projects? Or is there a consignment store where you (or Israel doing it for you) could take the table and have it sold there? That sounds like a hassle, but it would be better than having anyone come to your house. I haven't bought or sold anything on craigslist for a long time, but when I have done it, I arranged to meet in a restaurant parking lot in the daylight. You are right to not want anyone to come to your home. Too scary.

    The candle with the gold beads and stars and the doily is so pretty and makes a warm arrangement with the photos.

  6. I don't have any ideas about the table except for what some others suggested doing with it. Would you daughter want to buy it from you? Abi could be coughing because of the dry air. I sleep much better with a humidifier going in my bedroom at night. I wouldn't worry about the Christmas tree lights running up your electricity bill – they don't use much electricity.

  7. I put my little 4' tree up on thanksgiving. kind of a tradition now.
    and other than a vignette on a long pine bench…
    which is a set of three small white houses that have a led 'candle' in each one that flickers like a real candle… and three small evergreens from hobby lobby… all sitting on and with a background of children's Christmas books I've collected and read on Christmas eve… (I know! it all sounds too weird!) but it really looks pretty good. and i'm through! I never really do too much anyway. 🙂

  8. Hi Brenda! we have our tree, but not decorated yet. It will be simple this year b/c we usually get an earlier start. Hope Abi enjoys the diffuser. It is so much dryer in the cooler months. HAPPY MONDAY YALL 🙂

  9. Could you possibly do a redesign by cutting the table to the size you want and re-installing the legs? Does Israel have the kind of tools where he might be willing to do this for – some home-baked cookies or a nice pie, maybe?

  10. You mentioned a 'gate code'. If this means you live in a gated community, is there somewhere you could put a 'for sale' notice for your table – perhaps in a communal laundry room or a rental office on the property? If you had a photo with price & your phone # on it & a person is interested, they could call you. I also live alone & I totally understand about being cautious.

  11. Brenda, I really like your round end tables. A round coffee table would certainly complement them. They have them that are padded on the outer perimeter and solid in the center. You always have good taste. I believe it will come to you.

    1. I thought the same thing. Great minds think alike! Actually I ordered one and will be showing what it will look like tomorrow.

  12. Hi there,
    Maybe you could go up with the table? You might see if there is a way that you can stack it under or on top of something else. If that won't work, try using it outside? Just keep thinking, I know you will work it out.

    1. Oh, you know how I think and rethink things. I've already considered all that. I don't have room outside. I can't even use the outdoor coffee table that came with the chairs because it's too big too!

  13. Hi Brenda: Sometimes the only way to see if something is right is to live with it. Have you considered cutting the legs down and upholstering the top of the table?? It would take up less visual space and add to your comfort at the same time. Maybe your pups could use it to get to the sofa, making one set of doggie stairs unnecessary. As a last resort–if you donate it to charity, you may be able to take a deduction on your taxes.

    1. No, the dogs can't jump up on the sofa anymore. They're too old. So I need the two doggy steps. Remember this time last year Abi tore her ACL and had to have surgery from jumping. And Charlie just can't jump period.

  14. We bought a huge square coffee table for our great room, several houses ago. It was a big great room and the table worked perfectly. We used it in the next two homes and it still worked, sort of. After we moved into this rental we gave it to Habitat for Humanity because we new we would never have a large living or great room again.

    1. I measured and measured, but what I didn't realize was how the doggy steps would crowd my getting up from my chair; thus running into it. I doubt I'll ever have a bigger space either.

  15. MERRY CHRISTMAS BRENDA, I THINK YOUR coffee table is pretty nice….if I were you, before getting rid of table…I would pad it then cover with your favorite fabric…then you still have coffee table and foot stool for resting. If the table is to high after adding padding…the legs are pretty simple style, so trim off some height. To be able to have both table and stool might solve the problem. Wish you and the puppies a beautiful day. ?????

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