My sister and I found one another. 

We still have not met, as we live in different states. We talk on the phone. I’ve been learning about her life. Her childhood. 

I’ve learned more about two of my sisters, and I wrote about that here.

This is Marietta. Doesn’t she have a beautiful smile?

I wrote about how we found one another here. We have found that we’re actually quite a bit alike, though she is younger than I am. 

I wrote about our similarities here

Our family is complicated. I imagine most are. 

We were separated early on. Six siblings, who really know next to nothing about one other. I wrote about that here.

I wrote about sisters here and here and here

And speaking of family, then there’s precious Andrew…

I wrote about a day in the life of a little boy here.  

Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails, that’s what little boys are made of.

In the middle of the night my bed broke. Right at the front right where my head was. I wrote about that here.

So I had to get a new bed. Abi is showing it to you.  

I decided to take the removable wallpaper off the wall behind my couch. Was that ever a chore! I wrote about that disaster here.

We had a power outage and it broke my beloved Breville Smart Oven. So I had to get another one. 

I wrote about the Breville here.

Abi managed to corner a huge possum out on the patio in the middle of the night. Boy, that was a sight! 

I wrote about that here.

Charlie Ross learned how to chew a bone at age 11. I wrote about that here

They finally cut down the two trees that were pushing my fence down. 

This got me to thinking about growing trees in containers. 

So I went to Southwood Nursery, just to look around, and ended up coming home with Jade, a Jade Butterfly tree. 

I wrote about that here.

Just before Christmas I woke up to snow. It was beautiful. 

We don’t get snow around here often. Especially not right at Christmas. I wrote about that here.

So now it’s a week later and the new year will be here in just a few days.

Another calendar taken down. 

Another year of possibilities.

Another year when I will write to you from my cozy little home and share my life with you.

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  1. It was quite a year, Brenda! For me, too, as the bank decided they would foreclose on my Home Equity Loan which I was behind on. Thankfully, after spending the whole summer exploring and applying for solutions I was saved by our Michigan Housing Authority just before Thanksgiving when they paid my arrears on the loan for me and got the bank to reinstate it. So, after all that, I am so grateful not to have to move from the wonderful neighborhood I've lived in for over thirty years. Whew! What a blessing…and a learning experience, never having dealt with the court and lawyers before!

    So I'm looking forward to spending another year in my house (at least) and another year (at least) reading your blog! I am wishing you good health in 2018 and many days of joy and happiness.

    1. I commented but have no idea what happened to it. I'm fairly new to your blog so I didn't know that much about you or your early childhood. Are any of your siblings half? And are there any boys? Glad you have your one sister to share with along with your daughter and Andrew.

  2. Happy New Year Brenda. I look forward each day to reading your blog. I love hearing about you and your pups, the garden with all the flowers, birds and of course the squirrels. On the gloomiest of days you give each of your readers something to look forward to hearing about.
    I hope that this new year brings you good health and much joy.

  3. Happy New Year Brenda to you, Abi, Charlie and all your loved ones! May 2018 be a much healthier year for you! Thank you for your blog and sharing with all of us here in blogland.

  4. those are the sweetest pictures.
    and Andrew and little Abi and Charlie. can never get enough of seeing them!
    have a lovey New Year dear bean. here's to good health and happiness!

  5. Hi Brenda, Sounds like you are feeling better and anticipating the daily gifts the New Year will bring to us all. Throughout the year your blog is like a letter from a dear friend; I look forward to "hearing" your thoughts AND SHARING YOUR COZY HOME. Thank you for all the effort it requires to produce your blog for us. Whether it is about your furbabies, your garden,your decorating, or life as it is, I enjoy every word you write. Happy New Year friend…Sylvia

  6. I truly enjoyed all your blog posts this past year. My own year has been probably one of the most eventful ones of my life. It seems like this past year has flown by. Happy New Year Brenda, I look forward to all your posts in 2018.

  7. Brenda,
    Have a wonderful New Year!! May this New Year's Eve be a cozy, safe and happy one. You have blessed me soooooo much(beyond actual words) by your delightful and honest blog. What you have written has given me hope, inspiration and insight on issues I deal with. I pray you find 2018 to be good to you. All my love

  8. Happy New Year Brenda!! I just recently moved to OKC from Las Vegas!! Just had my belongings delivered yesterday!! I purchased a home four doors down from one of my sisters. I have always dreamed of living on the same street as my family. I enjoy your blog very much and your book recommendations. I have read two so far. The exit and the book store one. I loved them both. Thanks for writing.

  9. Happy New Year to you Brenda! Stay warm & cozy and enjoy your day doing what you like to do best. We gave up the party life many years ago. Just enjoy our recliners, coffee and the quiet life now. Take care, Kaylene

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