In nature, I found my love affair with life. My spirituality is there. With the seasonal theme of the trees and the rushing of water in the background.

I was never good with loving men; I failed each time. But now I know that my heart was never in a relationship with a person. It is walking around with a camera in a quiet place, twigs and leaves crackling beneath my feet.

Yesterday it was a rainy misty day. I grabbed my camera and headed out to Woodward Park. I knew there wouldn’t be much in the way of plant growth. But that is not the only reason I take photos there.

I photograph the bare tree branches and the empty swings. You see, they all evoke a feeling, a story I want to tell with what I capture in that moment.

As I put my car in reverse to back out in front of my apartment, I noticed Ivy staring at me from the top of the living room window. The film on the window is only on the lower half, and I happened to have the shades pulled high yesterday.

There was Ivy, stretched out on her back legs. Her face was staring at me, both front paws on either side of her head. I had to laugh. It was like she was saying: “Mama, don’t leave me.” I wish now I’d taken a photo of that precious moment in time.

There is a way that nature speaks, that land speaks. Most of the time we are simply not patient enough, quiet enough, to pay attention to the story.  – Linda Hogan

So today I’m primarily showing you photos of Woodward Park. Later I’ll post photos of Swan Lake which is close by. Oh, and don’t forget the image in your head of Ivy beseeching me not to leave her.

As I walked in the empty park, there were no discordant sounds of people and cell phones and traffic. The city was just outside the gate, but the sounds of it were imperceptible.

Instead I enjoyed the sound of surging water rushing over rocks and boulders.

“Photography is the art of frozen time… the ability to store emotion and feelings within a frame.” Unknown

The rocks are discolored and shaped by the water rushing over it year after year. Lichen was growing over some of them like a road map.

The trees are bare against the sky and the birds are quiet. We never really notice the shapes of tree branches until they’re bare, I suppose. But the shapes are interesting. They tell their own story.

There is no one roaming around but me, shielding my camera from the misting rain and looking for shapes and angles that call out to me.

The koi swim up to me, flopping over one another in their eagerness, rippling the water in their haste.

Their ripples create foam, and I find that interesting too. Plus the texture of the rocks that are always wet and shiny in the pond.

“Photography is a love affair with life.” Burk Uzzle

I am looking for rain drops hovering on plants, and the way plants are shaping themselves toward spring.

For shadows and the way one object of nature plays with another.

Photography is the story I fail to put into words.” – Destin Sparks

Finally I leave the solitude and drive back home. I’m a bit hesitant to leave all that peacefulness behind to drive in traffic.

But it was a wonderful couple of hours. My favorite kind of afternoon. When I can push thoughts of everything else aside and lose myself in the tranquility of nature.

“Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time.” Unknown

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  1. Beautiful photos!!! May I ask what kind of camera you use??? I’m in the market for a new one…

  2. Brenda, your photos are so pretty. There is such solace in photography…just you and the camera and your view of the world! There is nothing better. I know when I’m out and about shooting, I lose all track of time and just enjoy getting lost in what I see through the lens…a totally different perspective of the world! Love and hugs!

  3. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures! You have a good eye for photos,capturing moments some would pass right by.

  4. Lovely post, Brenda. Both text and photos. I love the quotations, especially the top photo of the stream and rocks and the quote about photography being frozen time.

    Sounds like you had a lovely afternoon. You inspire me to do more photography. I haven’t in recent years as I don’t have a camera that I love to work with anymore. My old Olympus SLR was my most loved camera and I loved exposing film. It’s been difficult for me to change over to digital. And I haven’t been able to invest in a really good digital camera. But, I do have one, not of my choosing, a gift from my daughter, so I think I’ll try to use it more now with better weather coming on. I do like to take pictures of nature, especially flowers but I also have always loved doing portraiture. I have a studio set-up and lights and all, but haven’t used them in years. Probably should sell them. De-clutter, as it were!

    What a sad image of Miss Ivy Lou in the window. Poor baby, with her Mama leaving her behind. I wonder if she’s never been as aware of you leaving before. Could she have been trying to guilt-trip you?? I don’t know if cats could really understand or act on that concept. However, despite her pitiful look in the window I wouldn’t feel too guilty. She has you at her disposal more than most cats for sure!

    Glad you had a peaceful and pleasant afternoon with your camera. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. We’re surrounded by a wonderful park system. I go all winter. It’s actually my favorite season walking in parks. I go all year but winter and early spring are delightful. It’s funny because there are so many people here that go all year too. Many bring their dogs. I have to say our parks are well attended and they also offer such interesting talks for free in different locations. It probably sounds strange but I prefer photos of nature when it’s dormant. I call it my therapy and natural sedative.

    On a different subject. You might want to check on one of your advertisers. They have a reputation for being scammers…just fashion. I don’t know if it true or how any of that works but you might want to do a little research just in case so your loyal followers don’t get ripped off.

  6. I love going on nature walks by myself and taking photos, too. I had to laugh at your description of Ivy looking for you…my fur babies stare at me when I’m leaving the house and then I feel guilty! I always tell them that I’ll be back soon and that I love them. 🙂

  7. Wonderful quotes! Thank you! I’m sharing them on my Facebook.
    I’m glad you had a nature day. It is my happy place too. Camera in hand!

  8. Beautiful post. I enjoy your blog more than any other. Did you take photography classes or teach yourself? I feel the same way about nature and love to take photos but mine look nothing like yours. You have a gift.

  9. Thank you for the lovely photographs. I enjoy being outside in the cooler months, and here in central Kentucky, that means it’s likely to be rainy. We drove to Georgia this past weekend for a family gathering and got to see plants in bloom there that are six weeks or so ahead of what is happening in our area. We saw a lot of daffodils nodding their heads, and dogwoods and azaleas were starting to bloom. The air had a nice spring warmth to it. But, it will get hot in Georgia soon, so it was good to come back north where it will be fairly cool until early to mid-May.

  10. I love your explanation of spirituality. I love to hear the wind in the pines and water tricking. Calms my soul.

    I’ve not commented lately either feeling a bit out of it. So catching up. Really like the new table. It gives you so much more space. Can’t wait to see what you are up to next.

    Our Norah is slowing down a bit. Same age as Ivy but still quite the terror. Lucky us!!

  11. Brenda, your photos are beautiful! I love the serenity of being in nature alone, with now noise but the melodic sound of the birds chirping, and the squirrels chasing one another, the sound of the leaves crunching under my feet. Or walking along the ocean with the sand between my toes watching the bird run to and fro in the waves lapping at the shore. It is the perfect way to relax and enjoy the solitude.

  12. So wonderful you could find this time to go and find peace and beautiful pictures. What a smart idea to go when it was raining to have the place almost all to yourself. I can just imagine the pic you describe of Ivy not wanting you to leave her and Charlie.

  13. I visited Woodward Park once many years ago. The tulips and Spring blooms were a riot of color. I was in awe the entire time. It is a magical place.
    I love photographs, too. The trend to do so much video and keeping digital files isn’t as satisfying to me as printed photos I can hold. When I am in nature, I am so thankful for a God that loves us so much He has given us these brief glimpses of His absolute beauty. Like you’ve mentioned before, photos are such a wonderful record of beauty, but never really captures it’s absolute true scope. That’s the way I feel, too. It is fleeting, and we have to hold it in our heads as the many memories we collect, both good and bad. Thank Him for the good that can soften the bad if not remove them.
    Thank you, Brenda, for your wonderful eye and sharing His workmanship with us every day.

  14. Beautiful. Everything.
    And don’t worry, Ivy’s little face will be peering out at you leaving every time from now on! We’ll be waiting patiently for the pictures!

  15. Thank you for a wonderful post and fantastic photos; I could almost imagine the quietness of that beautiful landscape. It seems that the park was your chapel yesterday. This post prompted me to schedule a visit to Washington Oaks Park; on the calendar for next Tuesday! This park is not the traditional “family” park — more of a nature park with lots of walking trails, flower and rose gardens, native plants, huge oak trees, water features, and thoughtfully placed benches for sitting and appreciating the beauty of nature.

    Enjoy your day and thanks again for this post.

  16. beautiful. every word. every image. even the unseen one of precious little Ivy.
    I’ve had a long bout with pneumonia so haven’t commented. but I always read every post. thank you for them. and for being you. will continue to always read your posts!

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