Yesterday I cooked a meal I couldn’t eat. That’s always disappointing.

I cut up a bunch of small potatoes to go in my Italian sausage sheet pan meal. Thawed frozen green beans were added at the end. I’d planned on eating this meal for days and then freezing the rest.

However after eating the Italian sausage I saw quickly what it was doing to my digestion (indigestion). So now I have this big casserole dish full of food and I can’t eat it.

I even tried it yesterday for both lunch and supper and heartburn loomed over me like a menacing thunderstorm.

The Recipe:

Here’s the recipe from The Seasoned Mom if you can eat Italian sausage and not end up with terrible heartburn.

Then by evening my right hand had tightened up and was throbbing. Guess I overdid it on the chopping. My hand/fingers hurt terribly by evening and I could barely sleep because of it, even with my arthritis gloves on.

I called both my daughters to see if they wanted to come pick the meal up I couldn’t eat and serve it at their house. But both are too busy right now to deal with such things.

Kasi works with companies to figure out the best healthcare plans for their employees. This time of year is her busiest.

And Kendra, who was finishing up work on one flip house and planning to take 3 months off (never going to happen) has just taken on even more in the past couple of days.

Kendra’s Last Few Days:

In the space of about 24 hours she bought a duplex and a house for herself in the area she’d been searching for months. Before that there was nothing suitable on the market and she was getting antsy because she needs to move.

Now she will need to prepare to sell the 3 level house she is living in. There was a relationship break-up early this year and she was left with 3 floors to deal with on her own. Along with a big mortgage.

By yesterday she was a wreck worrying if she could pull all this off. But she really didn’t want to spend the holidays where, last year, the families had been blended together. (Certainly don’t blame her there.)

Kendra will be 47 in November, so she is wisely coming to the realization that stairs are not good on her back for the long haul.

She wanted a house that had at least 2 bedrooms (she can build on another as she did with one flip house earlier this year). And she wanted enough of a yard in back for a pool. She promised her daughter they’d have a pool at the next house.

Which she swears will be her forever house.

She’d been looking for 2 more rent houses and this duplex fit the bill perfectly, though there is a lot of work to be done.

Well, you have to spend money to make money. But it’s very scary to jump and not know exactly where you will land. (I sure couldn’t do it. The stress would eat me alive.)

But she’s a maverick and seems to thrive on uncertainty.

No Three Month Hiatus:

There of course will not be a 3 month hiatus for her to rest up, though she said every bone in her body hurts. But then I knew there never would be a 3 month hiatus and she was kidding herself even planning for it.

She can’t sit still two minutes, much less take off fixing up houses for three months. And that’s not to mention dealing with her other two rentals and selling real estate as well.

Now my younger daughter Kasi, who will be 42 in November, prefers to have a safe and routine work environment where nothing much changes. (She does not thrive on uncertainty, and neither do I.)

On the other hand Kendra seems to always end up with an influx of matters to deal with at all times. And I really don’t know if she’d ever be comfortable “playing it safe.”

A Meal I Couldn’t Eat:

Well, I wish someone was around to take this wonderful meal off my hands. There’s lots of it left and I know the neighbor won’t be able to eat that Italian sausage either.

I’m just glad I can baby my right hand today by not having anywhere I have to be. So I’m going to put on my hand/wrist brace as soon as I get this out there. I tried typing with it and it was quite frustrating.

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  1. What a shame about your dinner, and your hand. Sounds like your daughter is a hard worker, and a go getter, and she will do what she needs to do!

  2. I can’t digest Italian sausage anymore either. It doesn’t give me heartburn, but it makes my stomach hurt terribly and I sometimes have bowel problems from it. It’s too greasy and spicy.

    You could always freeze your food into a couple of packages to save for your daughters later.

  3. I’m in the same boat when it comes to spicy food. I do understand the disappointment of putting time, effort and ingredients into something that doesn’t agree with you. I hope Kendra can figure out a pain management plan to help her continue work and life more comfortably. It’s just hard to live every day like that…and we know because we live our own versions of pain filled days, right? At least she’s got a good can do attitude to carry her along and she can get out from under her expensive mortgage and memories that disappoint. Better times are coming. 🙌🏻

  4. Brenda, I buy a turkey sausage made by Butterball that’s not spicy but does have a nice flavor. I usually put it in steamed cabbage and it doesn’t bother my stomach at all. Your casserole sounds delicious so I hope you can figure out how to adjust the recipe so you can make it again.

  5. I use Sam’s choice Chicken Apple Sausage, which I can get with my Walmart curbside pickup. It’s very mild. I use it in my red beans and rice. It’d also be good with a sausage sheet pan dish.

    And I hate when I cook something and I can’t eat it for some reason!

  6. I don’t use Italian sausage in my recipes any longer cause the grease and fat bother my inner workings. I do use poultry Italian sausage and find it stays together nice in spaghetti sauce and soups I like. I like how you chatted about both girls and their distinctive work personalities. At least they know their limits and what they want to do to support themselves versus ones who just aimlessly don’t do a thing but complain about their careers or lack of jobs they can’t find and want to blame others for not having one. You’ve taught them well to be self sufficient. And yes, Kasi has that job right now every corporation needs to find the right Insurance plan to provide for their workers.

      1. When i make or am given (by my daughter or friends) a wonderful but too spicy meal i make scrambled eggs and add just enough to make it tasty but not too spicy or greasy. Turns out to be a tasty treat. I hate to give up on anything.

  7. It is amazing how one’s body will change with age…we used to eat hot stuff some….now? NEVER!! It is not worth the heartburn…I don’t know how any older folks can eat it either. Sorry for the ruined food…yea, sometimes you end up throwing things out…
    Hope things work out well for your daughter…that is a lot to manage at one time but life seems to throw many challenges at us, and usually several at one time.

  8. Oh gee Brenda. 😒 At least a good thing to stop eating the Italian sausage. Some ppl wouldn’t make the connection. I cannot have overly spicy meals. Also, there’s zero pork in my foods. No piggy for at least 20 years. Doesn’t agree with my sense of pleasant aromas. I concentrate on fish or chicken. Even turkey in small quantities.. Have never had any other strange meats. No thanks. Wow. Eldest daughter is going through a lot now. That’s difficult for anyone. Do you think she can get a few ppl to help fix up her (older) house? Saves time & her strength. No matter what age you are, it’s always something. Life is rough. Especially these days. So much happening, and so much we cannot do anything about. I sure do hope, the newest purchase of your daughter’s home, 🏡 😊 will be a forever one. ❤

  9. If you’re fond of Italian sausage, you might want to try the Beyond Meat Italian sausage. The flavor is the same, but without all the grease we’ve never found it to induce heartburn. I use it frequently and my omnivore (and heartburn prone) spouse loves it.

  10. Brenda, could you take the sausage out of the casserole and eat the beans and potatoes? What about giving it to your vet or another place that you go for appointments? I bring food/baked goods to my dentist, doctors, hair dresser and more.

    As for your daughters, how interesting that they are the exact opposite of one another. Both hard workers like their mother but in different ways.
    Take care and have a great day!

  11. I’m so sorry the dinner didn’t agree with you. I cannot eat anything spicy either because of the heartburn issue! Like others have said, maybe you could freeze it and give it to someone at a later date. Hope your hand feels better as the day goes on!

  12. I was a bit concerned when you told me you were going to make the Italian sausage. I know I can’t eat it because of heartburn. Sorry I didn’t work out for you but I agree with the other comment that you could freeze it for your daughters or you could give it to your neighbor. You’ve told me she can eat anything. XO Laura

  13. Love your kitty in her basket! : )
    Don’t fret over the recipe that didn’t work out. It’s not like you make a habit out of wasting food. Now you know!

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