1. This sort of thing needs to happen! Really its a must to take a look past everything and get upset. Generally this will allow you to take the inititive to make things happen.

  2. Beautiful yellow rose, so cute peeking out from behind the green leaves. Love roses but don’t much luck growing them. I do have 4 miniature rose bushes that are doing well. I love your small patio with your assortment of pots and plants. Looks so peaceful and relaxing.

    Wishing everyone a wonderful Easter.

  3. Do you know the name of that pretty yellow rose? I love the shade of yellow the blooms are and the foliage is sodark and shiny. I would love to try and get one for my flower garden.Susie D

  4. What a beautiful Rose. Wishing you and yours a Happy,Blessed and Joyous Easter.

  5. That yellow rose is perfect and a reminder that there is still beauty in this world. Little discoveries like that can totally make your day.

    I love chicken enchiladas and make pretty darn good ones myself! Hope you enjoy them.

    I am an introvert and love my alone time, but dang, this isolation is just too much for me. I saw my family and girlfriends on a regular basis. I really miss my mom, my aunt and my friends. I was telling my mom and aunt when the weather gets warmer, we need to have a social distance picnic so we can see each other. The weather here is still too cold.

  6. Hi Brenda,
    Just saw your post and it made me so happy! What a beautiful gift you received today and just in time for Easter. 🙂

    I’m looking forward to seeing my little grandson He’s 2 1/2 and we talk on Facebook Video.

    What is the name of the plant you posted in your last photo? I have that growing near our patio and am not familiar with plants here up north. It just popped up.

    Thank you!

  7. Your first rose is so pretty. Ahhh to know we will be seeing more and more of our flowers as the month goes on. You are getting yours about a month earlier than us but I see our tulips and daffodils opening and it is beautiful. Have a great Easter with sweet Ivy and Charlie.

  8. How beautiful that rose is! I pruned my rose bushes this week but hey are still just sticks with teeny tiny little leaf buds on them. Your yellow rose bush is so lush. Have you fed it yet this season? I’m not sure if I should feed mine yet or not. I’ve not been terribly successful growing my roses although I love them so much. Maybe it’s the soil here. Probably need to amend it some. Anyway, your yellow rose is a sweet gift when it’s still cold and cloudy.

    So happy that you are in touch with both your daughters. I miss my older one since this pandemic as she lives an hour away and doesn’t want to travel ’til all this is over. I think that’s the right thing for her to do so I’m not exposed to anything more and neither are she and her family. Still, it is hard not being able to see them, especially over Easter. But the holiday will be strange for everyone, particularly those with children. Few family gatherings, I imagine.

    Enjoy those meals and stay well!

  9. I am wondering if Charlie barks at your daughter when she comes into your apartment? Or is he getting used to her now?
    My husband and I are retired so our lives have changed very little as far as the virus is concerned. We are homebodies who both love being outside, and with 20 wooded acres, we always have something to do. We do wash our hands more often, and this week I started wearing a mask and gloves when I went to the grocery store, but other than that we are living quite “normally.”

    1. No, he doesn’t bark at her. He does beg her to pet him though. And Ivy as well. Yesterday one on each side of her begging for love.

  10. What a beautiful surprise. I love that yellow rose. I’m so happy that you have Kendra and your granddaughter to bring you meals. Wish I could see mine in person. I think next week I will hopefully be able to go pick up some veggie plants for my garden space and I think I will pickup some flowers for Katy at the same time to plant on her front porch. I can visit with her through her window and go by to see Cary and the grandchildren from a safe outside distance.
    xo Laura

    1. I haven’t seen Marley. She’s always doing something but Riley occasionally comes with his mother. I think Marley stays behind to play with Kendra’s boyfriend’s daughter who is only a year older and stays there part of the week as well.

  11. Love your lovely yellow rose. My Mom had a rose garden and shared her many roses with me and others. Alas, I have not done well with growing roses and have decided to not kill off any more of them. (heavy sigh) So please continue to share pictures of your garden. However, we have some pole beans and bush green beans up and our first tiny tomato showing. We are ridiculously excited about that. Blessings to you, Carolyn in Fl.

    1. I have never grown beans. Beans and fresh tomatoes will make for a lovely meal! Maybe add a pan of cornbread.

  12. Wishing everyone a blessed Easter weekend, too. Our yellow rose (in Texas) bush started blooming two weeks ago. Yesterday was the 2nd time I cut one to bring in. My favorite color of roses; I hate to clip any but just had to have another one in a vase to enjoy it’s beauty up close.
    Please stay safe and continuing the instructions of our state governments to shelter in place and wash your hands and sanitize often.

  13. That rose is just lovely. And such a beautiful picture. How wonderful you are getting these meals delivered. Seems like a win win for that chef.

    Did you know Ozark series 3 is out? I am hooked again. That little Rachel, oh my such a character. And to see how Wendy is evolving is such fun.

    1. I watched the last episode, episode 10, of the new Ozark season last night. I hated to see the last of them because they’re so good. Rachel? Who’s Rachel? Do you mean Ruth? I told Kendra Ruth reminds me of her. Got the same spunk and determination.

      1. Yes you are right. It is Ruth. So you have seen it all. Can’t wait to finish but it will be sad. I am thoroughly enjoying the cast.

  14. Ahhhh!!! What a beautiful, perfect yellow rose! Yellow is my favorite color! It has been since I was a little girl & just in time for Easter too! Perfect timing!
    I am so happy that you have your daughter back in your life & consequently, your grandaughter too.
    I love strolling down the aisles of a nursery this time of year. My Mom always took us with her when we were growing up & I’ve always loved the smell of new plants & soil. My Mom has a green thumb too. Her Lady Banks Roses are gorgeous this year! I love Spring-such a beautiful time of year! A reminder of new beginnings & renewal. I wish you, Charlie, Ivy, & your family a blessed Easter weekend.

    1. I had a Lady Banks back in Texas. I hope you have a wonderful Easter, however you spend it.

    1. I got that one because my favorite colored rose is yellow, quickly followed by red. One day I’ll have to get a red rose bush.

  15. Beautiful yellow rose this rose is my favorite I have a few rose bushes but they aren’t blooming yet but I suspect in a few days to have several blooming I have a rose bush cutting from my great grandfather I love it when it shows out with its blooms spring is my favorite season even with my sneezing lol have a great day

    1. That’s a nice remembrance, the rose cutting from your grandfather. Yeah, I’ve been sneezing too.

  16. So nice you have meals delivered and sounds yummy at that…which is one way you see your daughter a bit more!! At least there are some good things to rejoice over right now!! You do indeed have a green thumb!! Looks like a perfect rose too!!

    1. I’ll get the meals whichever nights my daughter chooses to order. I imagine that will be Wednesday onward as they go to their dad’s on Saturday afternoon.

  17. The yellow rose was so beautiful. My roses haven’t bloomed yet. Whenever they do I always take a picture of them too ! Our children and grandchildren mean so much to us and with this social distancing every time we get to see them is so precious !

  18. You’ve brought your daughters up to be kind and care and there is no greater gift in life than to be felt loved as you all are doing for each other. What a joy to see your lovely rose this morning and realize not to take one thing in life for granted.

    1. Though the world is in mourning and turmoil, still a rosebud brings us a beautiful rose, no matter what.

  19. This crazy time for humans is a time of rest for the Earth…not as many cars on the road leads to less pollution…both noise and carbons. Someone I know mentioned that the air smelled cleaner…although it may be my imagination, I agree. Your yellow rose (of Texas?) is beautiful and my favorite rose color. I agree that the sight of one’s child is the most beautiful one and lifts the spirits to the sky. Our daughter lives in Illinois, and we get to have a visit a couple of times a year; our son lives near us, but we rarely see him or our grandchildren. I read your blog every day and always enjoy it. We have two raised vegetable garden beds where we have potatoes, pole blue lake green beans, tomatoes, and a few other veggies. We have a beautiful gate arbor filled with Star Jasmine bursting with blooms, and our day lilies will be here soon. Stay sane, safe, and healthy my friend.

    1. Oh you’re going to have good eating this summer! I’ve only grown tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers in recent years. Maybe I’ll branch out more.

  20. Beautiful yellow rose, my favorite.
    Beautiful sentiment about your daughter.
    You are blessed.

  21. That rose is absolutely gorgeous! You certainly have a green thumb!

    1. Oh, I haven’t done anything with the rose, like fertilize, since last summer. I’ve had it about 3-4 years now.

  22. Lovely post. I agree: anytime my daughter walks through my door with her two little hoodlums is the best day of my life.

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