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  1. If you like flavored water without fizz or any sweeteners, just plain water with a flavor, try HINT water. It is plain old water with a hint of a fruit. Pineapple, watermelon, cherry, lemon, etc. Lots of flavors and it is more like just putting a piece of fruit in your water. I know they sell it at Target. I don’t like sweetened or fizzed water. I do have a steel mug at home for water but I keep this water in the fridge for a water on the run. I recycle everything I can so I don’t feel bad using a plastic bottle once in a while. pam

  2. I was out of town all day and evening yesterday… just found your “Lovely Reads” post.
    THANK YOU! that was an amazing lot of work for you. I appreciate it so much!
    and also… I’ve been meaning to try some of the flavored waters. thanks too for your thoughts on those.

  3. Brenda thank you for listing all those blogs. In my original list of blo favourites that I used to follow, only very few remain current, or the page actually exists. So doing all this legwork for us is just fantastic and I’m looking forward to reading my way through your wonderful list of blogs!

  4. Thank you for the “Lovely Reads” suggestions…I so enjoy those when I have some down time…and I am not a very seasoned blogger fan..but definitely a blogger fan….wish I had found the blogs years ago… again, Thanks as very helpful and fun to see what is out there.. I am still hopeful to be able to have a blog one day, myself. I have seen some of those flavored waters but never tried..hmm. May check them out.

  5. I’ll have to check out the blogs on your Lovely Reads list.

    A suggestion for you with the water – buy a stainless steel reusable water bottle and fill it with water from home, to take with you when you go out. We’ve been doing this for many years. So many benefits to this: you help the environment by not using plastic; plastic is toxic…really shouldn’t be drinking water or eating food from plastic; you save money; and those bottled flavored waters have chemicals/preservatives and artificial sweeteners in them, which are all bad for your health. If you like flavored water, just keep a glass pitcher in your refrigerator or on your counter (which I do now that the weather is colder, since I don’t like ice cold water in the colder months) with cut-up fresh fruit in it. I buy lemons by the bag and cut up a fresh lemon every morning to keep in my water pitcher. Squeeze some of the juice out of the lemons into the water pitcher, too.

    As a Highly Sensitive Person, I can’t watch or read psychological thrillers. They’re too disturbing for me and cause me distress.

    Have a good Monday!

    1. Be sure to wash the chemicals and other gunk off the outside of those lemons before you put them in your water. Some of them are pretty nasty!

  6. It’s true – if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. That applies to both mind and body. The older we get, the harder it gets, but the second you stop moving your body and exercising your brain, you begin to fade all the faster. It’s important to stay as active as we can physically and engaged mentally.

  7. I often read your section called Lovely Reads so I’ll be sure to check out these blogs. I like to read blogs with authors personal views on decorating, gardening and life in general. You certainly keep this blog refreshed with new ideas all the time. Hope the sun is shining where you are today. It’s a pretty day in South Carolina so need to get out and about. Have a good day.

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