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  1. Yep, agree with others that so far, this home is my favorite of your shared ones. Very comfortable and warm house and decor. Loving the addition of old/er pieces of furniture to each of the rooms to give the house an “over time” decor. That fridge covering is genius! Thanks Brenda.

  2. Love this home. Best one you have shared yet.
    So comfy and warm looking.

  3. I love everything about this house! I especially like the way she put wallpaper on the fridge!

  4. I like so many elements of the home, but love the front porch!

  5. love love love this house! I love these inspiration posts. Thank you for sharing!

  6. It’s a wash for me. What I like about this house is offset by what I don’t like about it. I do envy the high ceilings.

  7. Very nice place, but the Calico cat on the porch is what really makes it!

    1. LOL! Gayle, I agree! The cat was the highlight of the tour.
      Thank you Brenda for sharing this tour.

  8. Lots of amazing ideas…lovely home!! Sometimes one finds such gorgeous, useful things at thrift shops, and other places that sell used stuff. We have 2 favorite chairs for our dining table…not matched at all, but we each one love our chair…and they only cost us maybe $5 each a few years ago!

  9. How beautiful is this farmhouse. Wowsie. Love it all. It is giving me inspiration for my new farmhouse cottage decor for the new place we are moving. Love that bathroom. Happy Friday. Have a good weekend.

  10. Lovely home. I especially liked the wallpaper on the walls even though I’m not a wallpaper person. It was fitting for these rooms.

  11. Overall its a nice home but some of the furniture is a bit too rustic for me.

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