A New Look & A New Reality

Last week when the housekeeper was here, I knew it was time for a new look and a new reality.

So I had her move my living room furniture against the wall to make it easier for me to get around the room.

In A New Look & A  New Reality, my living room furniture is up against the wall.

My new look is to have the couch along the wall, out of the way, for what is my new reality.

No Post Saturday:

I didn’t post yesterday. That’s something I haven’t missed doing in a long time. I’ve always posted in the mornings, first thing.

But I’ve found that, although I work on posts about books and movies just as hard and put in just as much time, you’re not viewing them. Thus I’m getting paid nominally for writing them.

And it’s okay that these kinds of posts just don’t interest you. I realize that you don’t find these posts as enjoyable as the ones I used to be able to do.

I can’t go out and work in my garden space right now. I can’t drive a car to a park or lake to take photos for you. You’re seeing the same old, same old.

So I get it.

But after 13 and a half years of having this blog, I have to re-evaluate things. It costs me around $150 a month just to have this blog live on the internet and keep it there.

If I stopped paying for that, the blog would completely disappear.

My new reality is that I don’t know if I’m going to be able to walk and do the things I once did.

Another part of my new reality is that what I’m doing is reading lots of books and watching movies and looking at life through my patio doors.

Just like Ivy views the world.

And it seems most of you just aren’t interested in books and movies. Things are different than they were before.

So I have to think hard for things to actually write about some days. And often it’s much ado about nothing much.

Where my couch is setting now

So I’m not going to post just to post anymore. It’s not fun for me and it’s not fun for you.

Actually, very few bloggers post every day. Most post every few days or weeks and call it good.

You have to entice people to your site by posting content that they find useful. And when I first moved into this apartment, I think you liked to see what I’d do with the place.

My World Is Smaller Than Before:

My world has been reduced in size out of necessity.

I’m still plodding along trying to get to a place where I can just walk with a walker. I’ll be more than happy just to get to that place for awhile.

So I’m not going to beat myself up about it because there’s nothing I can do about how things are. My body can only do what it can do.

And now I have to have the furniture arranged where I can get the scooter and walker around it. I have to think about what’s best for me at this point in my life and not what might look best.

I should have had someone move this furniture for me months ago, but I didn’t.

Because I didn’t want to accept that things might be different permanently. And I still don’t know. Or even know when I might know.

In A New Look & A  New Reality, my apartment looks a little different than it did before

Posting With Nothing Much To Say:

It’s not doing you any good or me any good to post just for the sake of posting. That gets so little traffic it’s not making enough money to even bother writing at all.

So I’m just going to post when I have something to say. Every few days maybe. Three or four times a week.

Maybe in a few months or a year, things will look different. I might be walking. And I might get back to something resembling the old me.

Beyond my current situation with my ankle and not being able to walk, there is the fact that my hands are not in good shape. It is hard to type very long due to the arthritis in my joints.

I will be having both hands looked at medically before long. I just want to get to where I can get around a little easier first.

Tackle one big problem at a time, so to speak.

My new look has a walker against the wall

Where I Am Currently:

I’m 65 years old. Certainly, I’m not as agile as I was when I started this blog in 2009.

I’m here for you all. But in a different way. With a body that currently works differently and is more limited than it’s ever been before.

I’m just facing the facts as they currently stand.

My new reality consists of a walker folded up against the wall and a knee scooter nearby so I can get around my apartment.



  1. I just read your post on my iPhone for the first time and that is a whole new thing! I read you everyday but I must have missed this one because I see this is dated Sept and today is November 4. I see you have 80 or so replies and they are all interesting reads. The last year my health has changed a lot and I am staying put more (I love my recliner!) I keep reading you as long as you keep on keeping on! Much love!

  2. I hope you continue to blog as much as it makes you happy to. When it gives you stress, take some time off. I am very much having similar physical problems that you are except after I got my knee surgeries and was doing pretty well, my knee area swelled up, and then it swelled a lot. I have now been diagnosed with lymphedema. My swollen leg knocks my good knee out of the way and makes me unstable on my feet outside. It kind of breaks my heart that I can’t get around enough anymore to do any gardening outside, and my husband doesn’t really give much of a care about gardening. So our yard looks so ugly to me now. If I am not careful, I get depressed about it. Right now cooking really wears me out because of the size of my lymph. leg. It is like dragging around at least a half gallon of milk tied to my leg. I pray some treatment will help it, but who knows. Our little old Pomeranian Fuzzy died back in March at 17 1/2 years old. It broke my heart. In August we got a tiny little black Pomeranian named Fritzi who looks so much like Fuzzy, but has even more fur than Fuzzy did, and will only weigh about 4 lbs when she is fully grown. I sure forgot how much work pups are and she was 7 months when we got her. When she is mischievous I wonder what did we do?! When she is being sweet and doing funny things I am so thankful we have her.
    I am not comfortable having a cleaner come in to clean, because my house is pretty messy right now, and I can only do a little at a time. I had it cleaned up pretty nice just two weeks ago, and now it’s a mess again. I manage to cook our meals and clean up after and I am done for afterward.
    I am trying to keep the faith that I will someday feel better. I am keeping the faith that you will feel better in time, too. Healing takes time.
    Your blog was the second one I ever read and I have been reading you for a long time. I always admire your photography so much.

  3. Brenda, I don’t comment often but I read your blog daily. I always look at your movie reviews. We don’t seem to like the same books but that’s ok. By the way for light reading is like to recommend Elizabeth Berg and I love Ann Pachett’s nonfiction. I’d enjoy more tours of others apartments as I’ll be moving from my house to an apartment soon. I used to enjoy when you showed us rooms & apartments around the world. I love reading your reminisces also and your commentary on Ivy. I hope for your sake you regain some of your mobility. I know the struggle as I’m on a walker too. But hey we’re still up & about so I’m grateful for that. Keep writing please. You help to fight loneliness for so many of us.

  4. Hi Brenda,
    Like you, life has changed in the past few years for me and limitations have piled on. I completely understand everything about your post. We are the same age, and I have Sjogrens’s and Rheumatoid arthritis that keep progressing and have made my world so much smaller. I can no longer do the gardening the way I used to. What little I have done with potted plants on a porch and my houseplants I even struggle with. I get so frustrated because I can’t clean my home the way I used to. I haven’t commented much on your posts in the past year due to arthritis and fatigue that keeps me from putting words into a complete sentence most days. I am just getting over Covid which had me flat on my back for 6 wks.
    As I am feeling better, I am able to concentrate and read books which I enjoy. Many times I have taken your book suggestions and read them and enjoyed them. Since I go nowhere, I have become a voyeur of sorts of other peoples homes. I do live seeing pictures of your home and decor style. I have gotten so many ideas from you that I am able to incorporate
    and enjoy in my home. I am also an animal lover and have my fur babies, and seeing what Ivy is up to is fun as I can relate to cat antics. So for me, your blog is not boring and though we have never met , I feel a connection to you with our similar interests. Having had a difficult, dysfunctional childhood myself, I can relate when you talk about your feelings. I love the posts you write that are retrospective and heartfelt the most. Just be kind to yourself, and take care of YOU first. Then consider the blog. I hope you will be able to continue to make an income with it. Best wishes to you my friend!

  5. Brenda, having been a blogger as long as you have I know how you feel. It is exhausting to write a post that gets little or no traction, comments, etc.

    That said, I would suggest reposting old posts, whatever you do, do not remove the original photos. Add updated links and content.

    Also, if you have posted many posts that are similar, soups for winter, cosy decor, etc. Combine those into a post, “10 soups for Fall” or 15 cosy cottages with beautiful decor”

    I will be here to read no matter what or when you post.
    Take care my friend, I can only imagine how hard it has been for you. You are in my prayers.

    1. Love your ideas. I want Brenda to keep writing. I like different books but I often like the movies she writes about. Love your ideas about Brenda incorporating recipes etc.

  6. I feel like the others…I always look forward to your blog! Maybe if we all make comments it will help you come up with subjects that are important to us all. The weather is always an important topic from different parts, and our health issues that we face! We all like to decorate and maybe share ideas. I had gall bladder surgery on July 25th, and for anyone facing that, I had 4 really rough days, and then felt so much better! I think more people really appreciate you and your insights and we wish better mobility for you as all of us move forward. I hope encouragement for you, as pain, being inside and immobile, is tough and depressing for everyone. Let us all share in this journey we call life. May God bless you.

  7. I am not much of a “comment” person. I do enjoy your posts about what you are reading & watching. These posts give me something different to watch or read & opens conversations.
    Chronic pain can really get you down. I had a bout with it recently & I caught myself going to a more restricted world because of the pain. But tomorrow could change the level of the pain or our ability to deal with it so give it one more day & maybe one more day & somehow something will change.
    About not posting something because “a person” didn’t enjoy it. I spoke with an incredibly intelligent & kind person once about how other people’s descriptions or statements made me doubt myself. She told me if one person says you have a tail just blow it off. If ten people tell you you have a tail maybe you should turn around & look. Did ten people say they didn’t like seeing your home tours or your posts on books & what you watch? If once in a great when your daily post doesn’t interest me I just skim thru it & look forward to your next post.
    You need to do what is best for you but as you can see I the many comments you have received to those post you make many people’s day. You bring joy & thoughtfulness in your posts…that might be a thought to get you thru to the next tomorrow. Extra lovin to Ivy, kind thoughts to you.

  8. Dear Brenda,
    You still have so much to write/say. We appreciate you so much! You are a great writer. Maybe post about things you’ve learned throughout your life. You are still vital even though your physical world is smaller.

  9. I look forward to reading your blog every day on my lunch break. We are the same age (I’m 65 next month) and have interests in common including reading, pets, gardening and making a serene and comfortable home. I too am facing the reality that due to arthritis and mobility issues, I need help to do many of the things that I used to do on my own, including gardening. This is very hard for me to accept – I don’t like to ask for help. You have been an inspiration to me. I like your strategies and suggestions. I am interested to know the books and TV shows that you enjoy. I wish I had your gift for decorating, but use your ideas as inspiration. I am currently eyeing the quilt ladder you recently purchased. Although reading your blog is my daily treat, I know it’s a lot of work for arthritic hands and I am sure everyone will understand if you give yourself a break and not post every day. (But I will miss it!)

  10. Brenda, I’m late in reading this post, so I’m sorry I didn’t comment earlier. I LOVE your blog and have checked in for new posts everyday since I first found you. If I don’t always open the posts about movies and books, it’s because I find them very, very interesting; would love to indulge myself by getting and reading your finds. However, I find myself raising great-grandsons, ages 10 and 13. I have two dogs and recently lost my adult son whom I was caregiver for. I would love to sit down and read a good book and your tastes are right up my alley. I was caregiver for my husband for 11 years and he had so many dr. appts at the VA hospital I thought I lived there. They had a book cart and I was allowed to take as many books as I wanted. I grabbed books of all genres. I only skipped romance and si-fi. I was reading a couple of novels a week back then while sitting in waiting rooms. Now I’m fixing school lunches, doing laundry, walking dogs, cleaning bathrooms, changing sheets, sorting and purging my son’s belongings……..well, you know. I just turned 76 and have raised or helped raise 15 kids (yours, mine and ours + adopted grands). I’m tired. I read a blog called Engaging With Aging. The author just turned 100. So encouraging. Keep doing what you are doing. You are well loved by so many and we are all behind you. Hugs. Sandra

    1. Wow wow ,,,,,, you are definitely a superwoman Sandra!!!!
      Have had a very very VERY busy life!!!
      Much applause for you!!!! 👏

  11. Your apartment still looks great, so warm and inviting. The picture of the couch reminded me how much I like your coffee table.

    I won’t abandon your blog if you don’t post every day. You should get days off too!

    1. Yes ,,,,, I feel the same as Lynda.
      Every day when you’ve posted in your blog, always enjoy reading.
      Of course I don’t always comment if busy or not feeling what I’ll say would matter too much.
      Take some time away from your PC Brenda.
      It’s okay. ❤️

      1. I agree with you Marcee and Lynda. I read your blog everyday Brenda. As Marcee said, I too don’t always comment if I get busy with my daily chores or I feel that what I have to say wouldn’t matter to anyone! You do what is best for you and we will all be here for you!

  12. Hi Brenda – as you’re recuperating maybe you can make it easier on yourself and come up with some daily topics. For example: Thought of the Day, My favorite Meal, A Blog to check out, Ivy’s Antics, A Look to the Future, Thoughts from the Past, Movies I’m enjoying, Books I’m Enjoying, My Home Today, Gardening tips, My Dream Garden, etc. Those are just off the top of my head. Just add to your calendar and you’ve got a rotation of ideas. I enjoy your posts, and look forward to your interesting take on life, your decorating ability, and well, just your unique voice.

  13. I love reading your posts Brenda! I’m interested in all that you talk about, books, decorating, plants. I’ve recently retired early due to chronic back pain and I understand the mobility issues. You’re an amazing person and I admire your courageous spirit!

  14. I seldom leave a comment but look for your posts every day. I skim through the books and movie posts because I have my own style I choose for reading and we’re not movie buffs. But I still look and see and always look for your comment on how you and Ivy are doing that day. And often you post wonderful descriptive posts that take my mind wherever you are going that day. Whatever you want to post is always welcome and I think we all like to know how you’re doing as we keep in touch.

    I understand how frustrating the healing process is. I just had total knee replacement and am dealing with the swelling, pain and lack of mobility that everyone experiences. But I try to remind myself that my body is not the same as someone else’s body and it needs to heal at its own pace. I think you, too, will heal — it’s just a longer process than you would like.

  15. If u don’t have much to say, then perhaps u could suggest some more food bloggers esp with all the holiday seasons coming up. I look up all the bloggers u have posted to find some more recipes to try that look interesting and yummy!
    Everything takes time esp healing Brenda! Hugs and prayers!

  16. Creating new content for a blog every day for years is HARD! I have always enjoyed the features you do from time to time showing various styles and approaches to decorating and furniture arrangement that other bloggers have used in their homes (kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms). I like those because you’ve done the “curating,” so to speak. I also like reading about Ivy, and what you’re reading and watching. My reading and watching habits are different, but I never know if I might come across a program you’ve watched, a movie, or a book you’ve read that might be up my rather narrow alley. Now – give me a good “Die Hard” movie and I’m hooked, but that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Some years ago I got bored reading other blogs because it seemed every one of the writers was married and had a large income, lived in large homes decorated to the nines in fancy suburbs and who redecorated spending thousands of dollars every three months or so and never had anything other than perfect everything, perfect life. Like – REALLY? Even when I was working full-time and making good money, I didn’t have a husband, I didn’t have kids, and I didn’t live in a large McMansion or a mansion of any kind, LOL. And spending lots of money redecorating every three months – forgetabout it. I prefer realism and comfort. Then I came across your blog, I don’t even remember how or when, but I’ve been a reader ever since. Rearranging your furniture for easier access about your apartment makes sense. I think by next season you will be able to get out into your garden area again as you continue to heal and regain muscle strength, maybe on some kind of rolling stool or cart that you sit on and can scoot about to tend to a garden in pots and planters you can easily reach.

    1. Brenda, I feel just like Jan does. Although I’m married, you and I are the same age and due to different physical problems than you, I am facing mobility problems these days. I understand what you are facing.

      It’s a daily ritual for me to check in on your blog to see what you’ve posted. I will miss your daily posts, but I will be right here checking for them anyway.

  17. Somehow I missed this post! I figured that u weren’t posting bc your hands were hurting, so u were talking a break from it.
    Take care and do what’s best for u Brenda!

  18. I read all of your posts. I guess that I’m one of the few that take your book & movie recommendations seriously. Because of you my husband binge watched “A Million Little Things”. He said to say “thank you” to you because he found it so touching.

    Take care of yourself and do whatever you have to do to stay healthy – both emotionally and physically.

  19. Brenda, I’m sorry your recovery is taking so long. I know that’s getting to you and I don’t blame you. Your creative mind is moving so much faster than your feet can carry you! I had no idea of the monthly blog expense. My own Blogger effort is $10/ year, but it’s just recreation to me. I admit that your movie and book reviews do not interest me, but I’m going to click on them from now on anyway. The main value to me from your blog is the warmth of your long distance friendship – and that of other readers – even tho we’ll never meet. I love seeing you turn blah living space into an elegant nest of reasonable cost beauty. I love your day to day adventures even if they just entail a trip to the patio to see what’s blooming out there. I love cheering you on for getting out of that previous hell hole and finding peace and companionship here. I love seeing your pets, and knowing that you cared enough to rescue both Ivy and sweet Gracie so her short life was one of security and love. I appreciate how you’ve taken to replying to our comments and having those to look forward to. So, yes, your friends out here are legion, and whatever you choose to write, at any frequency, is going to bring us back here!

  20. Brenda.. I love your posts that bring up memories of childhood and old times. You make all the memories so vivid!
    Continue to give book suggestion .. maybe at the first of the month… for those of us who do read and like your choices.
    Even random thoughts are good .. we need you as often as possible!

  21. I am in my late 70’s and my husband and many of our family and friends are even older. Old age is narrowing all of our worlds. I have read your blog for many years and always enjoy it. Do what is best for you. I seldom comment, but I’m always here.

  22. I look forward to your posts..so fun and interesting; however, I am of the ones above..not an avid reader or movie watcher..! Thank you for sharing..I certainly see how there would be pressure coming up with something daily to post..wow..You have done great for so long. I wish you better health and mobility and maybe with time the healing will surely come. Thank you and best of wishes. I will check and enjoy your posts as you are able to share them with us. :0)

  23. Hi Brenda I read your blog every day and enjoy it .I find everything you write is very interesting and for now you can only do what’s comfortable for you .
    When you sometimes you feel like missing a blog . That’s fine I go on and look at your pictures from your old apt .I love the way your patio looks .But right now you have to look after yourself .You’ll be back . You’ve gone through allot and remember time heals .My daughter’s dog passed away in her arms .It hit her hard she couldn’t kids so she turned him into her baby .Jackson was a rescue dog who came from bad abuse she had him when he was 2years old and he passed just before he turned 17.And I tell her time heals .Take care of yourself and from what I read you are the shining star to allot of us .

  24. Brenda…whatever you do or write on your blog will be pleasing….I read it every day and have for a LONG time. Almost never comment. Hoping for a steady recovery from your surgery…..take care of yourself.

  25. I’m a first time commenter, though I’ve been following you for years. I’m sure most of us appreciate what you do, and I suspect you’ve been having a particularly rough time and you’re bound to be some-what lonesome and restless and just tired of the pain! Continuous pain is exhausting, made worse when you worry about when – or if it’s going to end. I too enjoy the pictures and decorating, and I’d love to see more pictures and posts about other homes and apartments. Pat D

  26. Brenda, so glad to find your blog again. I love all the movie reviews and book suggestions. Of course, your writings from the heart are my favorites. I love the home decor and the cats.
    I have missed your blog because I have been ill and it seemed
    overnight I couldn’t drive, or walk around the block, or cook a meal. We all have to make adjustments. I’m so thankful for each day I now can dress myself and tie my shoelaces. I really enjoy your blog. Take a few pictures that you can use for when you have a small world day with a short post. Glad to be back with you.

  27. Healing is difficult and slow. Do what makes you happy. The photos you take are beautiful.
    I do not read much any more and have a list of movies I want to watch on Netflix.
    Can you make your posts shorter? I enjoy your decorating. How about posting the dishes and food you eat.
    Take care.

  28. Blogging is hard work. Those that aren’t bloggers wouldn’t understand. It takes a lot of time and work to take pictures, edit them, upload them, write a post and edit it. I get it. You are right – there’s not many bloggers that write every day. I only know a handful – yourself included. I rarely watch movies or any TV shows, so unless something is fabulous and someone mentions it, I don’t have much of an interest. I read a lot, but not mystery or thrillers.

    Take good care of yourself, post when you can. We’re all here for you.

  29. I enjoy your blog everyday, Brenda but understand your need to do what works best for you. You certainly don’t need to have it become a stressor in your life, or aggravate pain in your hands. I’m sorry your recovery isn’t as quick as you were hoping for, but can’t help but believe that your mobility will improve greatly in time. I’ll be reading whenever you do post. Hugs to you and Ivy.

  30. I was drawn to your blog b/c of the home decorating, the recipes/food, the kitties, and your yard/patio plants/decor. And I like hearing about your family and life experiences… I don’t watch TV or movies….I do read, but not fiction . Have you thought about moving to one of the free blogging sites? I have a now defunct blog on BlogSpot…it is free…not sure if you can make any money using it though…you’re in a valley right now…I get it…I’m older than you and have dealt with and am dealing with health issues that can be debilitating…all we can do is make the best of it…not easy some days for sure.

  31. So glad your ok . I checked several times yesterday for your post . I look for your post everyday . I understand you need to do what’s best for you . I’m not much of a movie watcher , I read but they are just random books I find at work or in a thrift store . I’m good with whatever you post .
    In the past you’ve done posts about recipes or easy food ideas . I also just enjoy seeing pictures of Ivy and hearing about her antics .
    I hope your more mobile soon. Sending prayers.

  32. I missed reading a post yesterday, but I didn’t fret. I was thinking you were taking a little respite. But this morning this was nothing, so I started fretting. I’ve checked off and on today and then there you were. I actually said out loud “woohoo”. LOL I read every post but don’t necessarily leave a comment.
    Today’s post is open and honest; I respect your decision. I’ll be here when you do post. Things are different in your life right now but I don’t believe it’s forever. You’ll find a new stride that works for you. Continue to take care of yourself.

  33. I too was worried when you did not post yesterday…just glad you are ok..I read your blog daily and always come back later to read the comments even if I do not comment…I hope someday life gets back to normal for you. I would really miss it if you stop someday but would certainly understand …continued blessings always💕

  34. Sounds like we ALL missed you yesterday! Yes, do what’s best for YOU. I’ve read your blog for many, many years and do check for it daily.

  35. Brenda you are not the only one growing older, we are growing older with you. I was concerned yesterday when I checked your blog. And unfortunately today I was really late checking up on you. I read your blog and didn’t even read the comments before I responded. I feel bad that you have pain when writing everyday. You not being able to go out and give us nature pictures, which I enjoy doesn’t bother me either. Just because we can’t meet for lunch or see each other on the path outside your apartment to talk doesn’t mean we don’t want to share our life experiences together. We check in with you because we are pretty much the same. And that’s what friends do. We share the good, bad, fancy, plain, interesting and not so interesting. Wishing you good health and hope to hear from you soon.

  36. Don’t worry about not having anything to post. Even though I’m allergic to cats, I enjoy reading about Ivy and her antics. You could post about her every day.

  37. I’m glad you are OK ~ I was worried y’day! I love your blog, but you & I have very different tastes in books and movies ~ which is OK!! Post when you have something to say ~ I’ll be here!
    Hugs ~

    1. Hi Brenda
      Honestly; I dont read all saved blogs everyday as I but I know that I will miss yours alot if you ever stop writing! I have enjoyed all your posts esp on home and decor! I pray you get stronger each day, slowly but surely!
      With lotsa love from Singapore!

  38. I too wondered about you yesterday because you could have fallen and been hurt! So I’m glad to know you are ok.
    I’ve been dealing with pain for more years than I care to count so I know how bad it was for you when your ankle was hurting so badly. So at the very least you can read and watch movies in more comfort. That is really a blessing for you even if you have to stay home to do them.
    I had to change my world a few years back & I’m grateful that I could….and did. When I was younger I never had time to read or watch much tv and I love them now. I especially feel grateful that I can do them in comfort and without chaos. It is wonderful know we have glasses to see with, walkers to support us if we need them, tv to entertain us. And I shouldn’t forget grocery delivery! 🙂 And so many more. I think often of how awful it must have been to face all the limits folks faced as they aged without all the “help” we have. And most of them don’t require lots of $$.
    A few months back I discovered a blog that talked about finding a couple pain relievers that have really helped my hands, feet and shoulders. Easy to do and they don’t cost all that much. Very little really for the relief you may get. For some time now I have been eating dried cherries which are remarkably effective for pain relief. A small handful goes a long way in helping my hands so I can sew and do a lot of the things I enjoy. The other is Krill Oil. I take 2K to 4K each day and my shoulders don’t bother me anymore. Usually I take 4,000 mg of Krill every day…..because Why Not? I get the 2,000 mg from Amazon. Several of my friends are taking them now with equally great results. So you might want to read up on that and see if they could help you too with your hands. Typing is one thing but having to push your scooter works on your hands.

    Sorry for such a long post!

    janet in TN

    1. I agree about the fish oil and cherries. Unsweetened cherry juice is good, too. I also take a Glucosamine and Chondroiton supplement. I have arthritis in my thumbs and currently no pain.

    2. Hello Janet….I read Brendas blog every day….love it. Today in reading the comments, I see yours about the krill oil. I think it would help my husband so much. What I wanted to ask you was what brand do you get from Amazon? There are so many. Thanking you in advance! Should I send my email address? Or can you reply on here? I don’t know about blogs and rules, etc. My name is Paula.

      1. Hi Paula, I hope the Krill helps your husband as much as it helps me! I have been able to completely stop all the OTC pain killers which is a real benefit to me. I use the Bronson Antartic Krill Oil capsules, 2000 MG and I take 2 per day to keep my hands and feet doing well.


  39. So sorry to read your post today! I read every day, and enjoy all posts. I frequently go back to make a note of tv shows and books to read. I’m 73, and have a painful foot disability caused fro m an injury and diabetes., so I understnd your world shrinking and not as much to write about. But that has never stopped me from reading every single word of every post. Yesterday was very worrisome looking for your post! So I am sad to hear that you will be cutting back because I will miss you very much!

  40. Hi Brenda I think the furniture looks fine the way you have arranged it as someone in the same ballpark I totally understand but I also enjoy the info for us old gals that you have been posting I do check on your site regularly and I will continue to I really am thankful for all the reviews on items you’ve done before the new items to help with what ever we do I have change several things for some of the same reasons thanks for all the time you put into it and being straight forward about it has helped me Gloria

    1. I will continue to tell you what products help me, as I would want the same from someone else. Especially as I age, I need help finding things that are of use to me. And I guess you feel the same way.

  41. Good afternoon. I don’t comment very often, but look forward to reading your blog daily. Whatever you write about, I learn something. I particularly like the books you read, some I’m not interested in, and that’s alright. Others I’ve chosen to read. You are expanding my interests. I don’t have Netflix, but the movies I’m interested in hearing about. I understand writing a blog everyday is hard, but I do look forward to yours! Do what is best for you, and be kind to yourself.

      1. Hello Brenda
        Like so many have said your blog is a daily ritual. It is the case with me. We watch a lot of British TV so appreciate your recommendations. I understand you are at a different season in your life. Please blog at your own pace. I’ll be here checking and reading when you do. What can we do as your readers do to help so that it is worth your while? I really don’t know how this works. Thanks! ❤️

  42. Saw the picture of your sofa against the wall. I think it looks fine. I know you’re not used to it that way, but you’ll get used to it. I like so many of your posts. I like stories and pics of Ivy, when you make new arrangements on the table, etc. Also news about your nice neighbors, and pictures from your sliding glass doors even. The Essence of Fall was such a nice post. So even if you only post 3 times a week or so, I will still enjoy those posts. Sorry that your hands hurt when you type. But don’t stop posting!

    1. Don’t worry. I won’t stop posting. Making any amount of money is better than making nothing. And I enjoy the back and forth between you all and me. If I could get out and actually talk to the neighbors, I’d have more to say here. But the only person I see now is my next-door neighbor Steve. Since I’m not outdoors, I haven’t seen the others in some time.

  43. I always enjoyed in the past when you would find House tours online or talk about something else from someone else’s blog. that might lead me to discover someone else to read as well as you. I also skip the movies and books, as we enjoy different things, which is normal. but since so many of your original posts were lost over the years previous, maybe you could pull up some of your old pictures from your Houston garden and the pond and talk about that. a lot of your readers probably never read those.

    1. I would, but all those photos were on the blog and four years went right down the drain. I didn’t have backups. I stopped doing home tours because some complained they didn’t like them. I will probably go back to providing those links to things I find interesting, so you can discover other blogs. I stopped doing that due to complaints as well. I probably shouldn’t stop doing something just because of complaints.

  44. Hi Brenda,
    Amy’s comment says what I feel. I don’t comment much, but I check and read your blog every day. I too checked yesterday throughout the day and I’m happy to know all is well. I have another blog I’ve enjoyed for years. She used to blog daily too and then a few years ago she pretty much said what you said and cut back to Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Sometimes she has a bit to share, other times a sentence or two. Life has changed for a lot of us. When I saw that Queen Elizabeth passed, I thought how another era is gone and will never be the same again. So much in life is different now. I’m a year younger than you and I see how much has changed in the world and my life. I just take one day at a time, that’s all any of us can do. You do what’s best for you. I will continue to check in daily to make sure I don’t miss you when you do post. I just ask that if one day you decide to stop posting all together you let us know please. Some of my old favorites just disappeared one day without a word and left us wondering if they just quit or something happened. Take care of you. I’m happy you landed in a warm and welcoming community with special neighbors that look out for each other and that you have Ivy for companionship and daughters that watch out for you. That’s a lot more than a lot of us have. Take care.

    1. I hate when a blogger does that. I would never do that to you. First, I don’t think I’ll ever truly stop blogging altogether unless I’m too old and feeble to put a sentence together. If you want to sign up to be emailed when I do post, you can do that. When you’re actually reading a post, to your right you will see a sign up form that accomplishes that for you.

  45. I do check each day to see what you have written…your taste in books and movies is not like mine. Very rarely. So I may or may not read those or post a comment. But I do like reading otherwise here, even on subjects that do not involve me in ways. I think age is very hard…we are not finding it easy to navigate either. I was wondering if you could get on disability…at your age to be in this much difficulty (pain) it seems you should be able to….but I am not an expert on what one can do or not. Hubby and I of late, seem to be doing better with our arthritic pain…not sure for all the reasons, but I continue trying out any reasonable natural thing I can find to try…meds are NOT the best answer…not really. And Hubby and I are on plenty of them as it is. But our life is drastically different now too…calling for us to constantly change how we do things, or just cease. The most recent event was my stupid plastic hairbrush coming down on a toe so hard that it is still discolored many days later and hurt like crazy for some time. (Maybe broken?) Any rate, I now have taken some dental floss and TIED that stupid thing to the towel bar at a length it cannot reach the floor. Whoever thought it might become dangerous? Constant adjustments…almost daily. As to writing every day, certainly not expected…I hope you will not overdo yourself!! You have the ability to write using few words to express something…at least that can perhaps cut back on the time needed to do it…I hope things work out and you feel better soon!!

    1. I know what you mean. Doing what you once never gave a thought to suddenly has to include creative thinking. Sorry about your toe! I still have to wear the boot to bed because I’m terrified I will stumble on the scooter in the dark and hurt the ankle.

  46. Just a thought Brenda. I know alot of blogs are posting their grocery hauls and what they cook and eat. Seems people are quite interested in that.
    I wish you well and hope you are up and about soon.

    1. What exactly do you mean in terms of grocery hauls? I’m not really cooking right now. I’m just happy to be able to get a TV dinner in and out of the microwave using one hand. With the convection oven, I sometimes get burned.

  47. I’m 84 and have the same mobility problems as you. I have a cane, a walker and a wheelchair for distance walking with another person pushing me. I have a cleaner every 2 weeks. I keep my kitchen counters clean and my stove and refrigerator. My daughter does my laundry as I have no washer/dryer in this small cottage. I’m content in my old age with my tv movies and books. When I go to stores with my daughter I can only make it into 1 store before my energy gives out. Old age ain’t pretty. As I think back to when I was busy and working everyday I dreamed of having fun in retirement, ha, I got old too soon. I also got lazy through the years, didn’t attempt new things anymore. I’m thankful that I can afford to pay the cleaner. My daughter works 6 days a week and does what she can at home but also has a cleaner. Thank God for daughters.

    1. Yeah, I’m sure getting that aging is not for sissies. I can afford someone to clean my place now. Might not always be able to. But right now I sure can’t do it myself.

  48. I check/read your blog every day and have for quite some time. As is common with all things in life, some posts I find more interesting than others. I don’t comment often as I don’t always have something to say.
    When you didn’t post yesterday, I wondered if you were ok and decided to wait & see. I’m glad to see you’re ok. 😊
    At various points in our lives, we all evaluate what works & doesn’t work for us and make appropriate adjustments. You’re the best judge of what works for you, and it may take a bit of fiddling to settle on what works best in the here & now.
    Know that I and many others will continue to check/read your blog and we will be here for you.
    Wishing you peace, healing, and tranquility.

    1. Comments are okay, but not necessary. I don’t expect people to have a comment for everything they read. That’s not always feasible. So if you don’t have a comment to make, no worries there. I would not have gone more than a day without posting just so everyone knows I’m okay.

      1. I always enjoy your posts, Brenda, particularly because you are sharing your personal experiences authentically. I look forward to reading whenever you post, so keep on keeping on and we will keep on reading!
        My world and mobility has completely changed in a year. I try to give & seek encouragement to allow healing, to persist in moving a little at a time, be patient with results, and grateful for help along the way. You emulate that and make lemonade out of lemons. I admire your resilience and it rubs off on me. Thanks. 💙

  49. Brenda, speaking for myself, I look forward to your posts everyday! I’m sorry if you feel any of us has let you down. I know you’ve been going through some rough patches lately, and things aren’t as easy for you as they once were, but whether or not they are you new realities or not, does not affect how I feel about you or your content you write about. We are all here, doing the best we can, dealing with whatever life throws our way. What helps us all muddle through life is the friendships we forge and always being here for each other, through all life’s ups and downs. I know it must be difficult to think of something to say everyday. I hadn’t thought about it from a financial point of view. What can we do, as you’re readers, to help you with that? I know you’re in pain, and if the writing everyday is hurting your hands too much, then I totally understand posting less often. You also have been so sweet to try to respond to everyone’s comments. I know I always enjoy that, but if it’s costing you a lot of pain to do it, then please don’t worry about writing back. Your health and well being has to come first, and you have to be able to make a living. So, I’m sorry if I personally have done anything that has made things harder for you. Please know, I consider you a friend, and I want you to be happy and healthy. I will take anything you can manage, if that’s a post everyday, or a few times a week. I’m just always glad to hear from you. Please take care! 💕

  50. So many bloggers I once followed have either severely cut back the number of posts they write or have quit blogging all together. I read all your posts, but apparently not all of your followers do. And maybe it’ll be good for you personally to take a break. You have to do what works for you.

    1. I’ve noticed that bloggers have either stopped blogging at all, which I truly miss, or post sporadically and focus on Instagram.

  51. I understand. I did notice that no post from you was in my email today and I came looking for your blog. I was concerned. It’s a habit to find the email.
    I don’t read the book and movie ones. It’s hard for me to focus on those. I don’t watch many movies.
    Hoping you get much stronger soon. I have tons of arthritis too.

    1. And I totally understand. Some read books and want to know about ones coming down the pike and all that. And some don’t really like to read, so those posts are not beneficial to them.

  52. Life changes. We change. Putting a value judgment on it is not necessary. I appreciate you being honest with yourself and with us.

    As we age, everything takes more energy. We have to set boundaries where once we didn’t even have to think about them.

    Putting your energy into what gives you the most rewards – especially monetary ones – is completely understandable. That’s how any wise business person operates.

    It’s great when you share personal perspective essays & memories but unrealistic to try to post something like that every day. Maybe repost some of those from your archives once a week? A lot of of your wisdom is buried there! Great writing like yours is timeless.

    1. What bloggers are advised to do is to rework old posts into what Google wants, thus possibly make more money than the original post. And also to combine posts: say, decorate for fall, but include all the years your blog has been highlighting fall decor into one post so they’re not competing against one another.

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