There was the most lovely butterfly outside on the patio the last few days. It kept flitting among the yellow flowers in the top galvanized tub.

I tried to get a photo of it multiple times with its wings spread wide. But any time I crept within four feet of it it flew away. Then it swooped back down to these yellow flowers when I sat back down.

The butterfly seemed bigger than most butterflies I’ve seen.

When it took to the sky it somehow looked a bit heavy and bopped up and down like a kite on a string as it flew around the patio.

It was almost like something was weighing it downward.

It wanted nothing to do with any flower on my patio but this yellow annual I’ve never planted before.

It was besotted with these flowers. They’re called Yellow Goldilocks Rocks. This flower is in the Aster family.

If you want butterflies in your yard you might seek out these flowers. The butterfly has been out there swooping up and down again and again the last few days, and always to these same flowers.

I’m probably going to shave my head again in the next few days. When I wake up and have bed head I figure it’s time.

I love waking up and not having to do a thing to my hair. It is so absolutely liberating.

Above is how it looked yesterday. Look how it’s grown.

If you have a cat, have you ever bought organic cat crack for it? Well I ordered it because I was curious and because I wanted to put a bit of catnip on the new cat tower.

I sprinkled some on the top platform. First she sniffs and nibbles a bit.

It was hilarious to watch her.

Then she flops down on her back and side and rolls in it, looking a tad bit stoned, I might add.

She loves this stuff.

I’ve never given her straight catnip before. She has little toy mice that have catnip in them, but it’s obviously not as potent as this.

Have a happy and safe weekend.

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  1. I’m so happy you posted about the Monarch butterfly. Last year I only saw one or two all summer. I planned on buying a plant or bush this year to attract them, but had no idea what to buy. So, thank you so much for telling us about the yellow Goldilocks Rocks flowers. Now I can’t wait to go shopping, even tho it is too early to plant here, several stores have flowers in stock for Mother’s Day shopping.
    Ivy sure does look cute, all zonked out. My cat too, would roll in catnip, and then take a nap. The only other thing she liked as much, was when I gave her a green olive with the palmetto in it. She would lick it to death, and roll it around and chase it. I read that cats don’t like anything sweet, but they do like salt, and those olives sure did taste salty to her, I suppose. Hugs from WI

  2. Hahaha…funny Ivy…well now you have something to give her if you feel she is being too wild and busy!! First time I ever read about giving a cat some catnip was in Tom Sawyer…I laughed and laughed at that one!!

  3. So now Ivy is a stoner, haha! The butterfly is a Monarch and their habitat is being destroyed by land development. Milkweed is the only plant on which they lay their eggs and on which the caterpillars eat when they emerge. I raised monarchs from caterpillars last year for the first time. It was both beautiful to see healthy butterflies emerge from their hanging cocoons and a bit heartbreaking learning of the viruses (!) and parasites that can kill them. Each one that eventually took flight after the long process to grow wings was a joy to see. A sure sign that Spring is slowly on the way. Happy Friday!

  4. There is wild catnip that grows by our fence so I always bring in some for Molly. She loves it and will eat it when it is fresh.
    Glad Ivy is enjoying her cat tower and her catnip. She is one big beautiful cat!

  5. We have had only one cat that paid any attention to catnip. It grew wild in the ditch by my garden. The cat always acted so surprised when he stumbled onto the plant. He would roll in it and eat it, and eventually pass out. I would pick him up and take him in the house to sleep it off.

  6. Your photos are fabulous as always. I have not reached the stage of shaving my head, but I
    now have a chin length bob style and it’s so much easier to care for. I understand your need to
    feel free of repeatedly styling your hair.


  7. That is so funny about Ivy! I had no idea you could grow catnip. I will have to get some and try growing it! I’m sure our cats will enjoy it as much as Ivy does !

  8. How I laughed at the title of your post. Ivy on crack. Ha Ha. You gave me the first smile of my day. Thank you.

  9. Interesting! I will definitely buy one of those plants this year! I looked it up and it is a variety of Bidens.
    My kitty passed a few months ago. I love reading & seeing pics of Ivy. I love seeing her on her cat tree & seeing her bliss on catnip. I always grow some, and I see it came back & is growing this year.
    No kitty to share it with now. ?
    I’m working on rescuing another cat, but with shelters closed, it’s harder right now.
    I have a cat tree, & in my cat’s younger years I had it in my TV room. He loved scrambling around on it too. Hopefully it will soon get more use. Maybe in my TV room again!

    1. Sorry to hear about your kittie’s passing. Stay strong and don’t worry, your heart will love again. Been there. God bless.

  10. I looked up the butterfly – it’s a monarch! Just beautiful. Many of the photos I saw of them taken were resting on or near yellow flowers, so they must really be attracted to the color. Ivy is a hoot – high on cat nip, LOL!

  11. I laughed at the title. Ivy is in such a state of bliss. You are a good mommy with the cat tower and now this. Lucky Ivy!!

  12. What a beautiful picture.I love butterflies we have a section at our zoo you go in and they sit on you. Ivy what a sweetheart with her different expressions. Have a great day and weekend.

  13. I have catnip planted all over my yard but the cats pretty much ignore it. It’s easy to harvest and dry.. I have a few bags downstairs. Get a plant at your garden center next trip…. and see how she likes it!

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