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  1. Brenda,
    My mom lived in an efficiency and loved it! Her space was always beautifully decorated and she had patio tomatoes and flowers every season. I felt good that she was there because of the security, with transport that took them to the local shops, transport to their medical appts and she made many friends although she did tend to keep to herself other than family. She would get up early on the one morning a week she did her laundry, put it in, go to her apt and have her coffee, then head back for the dryer switch over. She collected her mail, chatted to a couple during morning coffee time and by then she was able to collect her laundry and head back upstairs. She loved it. It kept her independent and able to keep her own schedules. Hope you have a healthy recovery from your surg.

  2. There will always be another place. I think looking forward to that would be helpful during your recovery. Not having a washer and dryer would be important to consider, too. You will have to sit with your clothing for hours. Take care .

  3. Brenda, my sister in law lives in a community like you are talking about and she is in a studio and loves it. She is able to decorate as she likes and is free to come and go when she chooses. For her being a widow this was better then any apartment she could find. She said it was the greatest thing she did after my bro in law passed away.

    1. After mulling it over a few days I’m not sure I can go that small. I would have to give up so many things to fit in there. So I’m still looking around at other places.

  4. This sounds so wonderful for you and your fur family! I know you will make it home and it will be wonderful. It sounds like it just might be, meant to be.
    Good luck with your surgery and keep thinking about the new place. Sounds absolutely beautiful and perfect for you and your fur babies.

  5. It sounds wonderful! I have been in a new apartment complex for three years but not the meals and cleaning. I would imagine you would have a lease. In my area, each time a lease is renewed, there is a price increase. They analyze market value and adjust rents accordingly. You may want to ask about future increases.

    1. I plan to. And I’ve got another community I’m going to look at that doesn’t do the meals, so isn’t as much.

  6. Wow, that sounds wonderful! The idea of having someone prepare your meals sounds enticing. Will they let you visit and see if the meals are appealing? Is there a possibility you could reserve one of the 1st level apartments? Sure would be a thought not knowing what the neighbors will be like when your current neighbor moves. What do your daughters think about it.
    I like to ask my children for input before doing most changes. They sometimes offer insight that I have not considered.
    I am older than you and see changes will be coming my way sooner than later.
    Whatever you do, it will work out!

  7. I think this place sounds ideal for a single, “older” woman. And the price is good for all that’s included. I know you love your current apartment and patio space, but with limited mobility, moving into something more manageable might be the way to go. It’s definitely worth keeping in mind.

    1. Yes, still pondering if I’m ready. If I would have enough money with all I still pay for Charlie, etc.

  8. Go through your checkbook and figure out how much you pay over a one-year period at your current apartment for rent, electricity, heat, internet, and whatever other utilities are included in the rent at the new senior living complex. Total and divide by 12 to get an average, and compare to the rent the new senior living complex would charge you. If the new place is less money, it’s a plus because you could save money for other endeavors if you move there. You would have to decide, though, whether you can live in a smaller space than what you have at present. A list of pluses and minuses is in order – the building security and the fact that units in the new development would only be for seniors over a certain age are definite pluses in my book. And if you could work out some kind of deal, or even just get assurance that you could for a “gardening club” for others to join in and do easy planting and pruning, etc. on occasion (not the heavy duty work), that would be another plus. One of the drawbacks I think about when wondering if I should move to a condo where all the work is done for me is possibly losing my right to garden around a patio and install some kind of privacy screening or fencing. I do love my privacy and do not want to sit out on a small patio while the neighbors next store are out and I can see and hear everything they do and say.

    1. I too love my private outdoor space. Overnight I mulled over what I spend on Charlie each month to help him. And it’s a minimum of $500 not counting his expensive medication or prescription food. So that’s another big cost I have to consider.

  9. The old saying comes to mind “Ships are safest in the harbor but that’s not what ships are made for”. Ironically, your current harbor isn’t even safe yet you worry. You’ve been searching for a new safe well managed place for years. Don’t hesitate now that you finally found it! Your worries to me don’t outweigh the pros. I shared laundry for years. Really no big deal and way to see neighbors in passing. Ask about settling price, get fence approval permission in writing and secure your patio apt. Rent will increase no matter where you stay. Make a deposit today, hold off on the surgeries until settled and hire movers. Sounds like an adventure not a chore. Mindset is everything. Good things are ahead for you.

    1. Still mulling it all over. I have an appointment with my regular doctor on Tuesday to discuss another physical problem and I plan on talking to her about all this. I trust her as I have for years and want to see what she thinks.

  10. Dear Brenda,
    This is a HUGE decision…and only you can make the choice despite all the advice that everyone gives. I can see both sides of the coin…there are positives and negatives with moving and also with staying put. One word of caution: sometimes close quarters as in an apartment type set up are not so good.. especially if you are a person who likes to keep to herself and enjoys solitude. If your patio is too much work….let it be fallow. Don’t do so many plants. Of course, the idea of your present place not receiving upkeep from management is a bad thing. I personally would hate a community washer and dryer facility. I hope whatever you decide…it will be good and you will be happy.

    1. I know I would hate a community washer/dryer setup as well. I’m pretty picky about my privacy.

      1. I am afraid you may be limited in some of the things you’ve been free to customize there as youve enjoyed, wall treatments etc, and there could be a lot of noise “possibly” in a larger community. I know that’s not your groove.

  11. I think it’s a lovely idea. Talk to the girls and get their input. Can you have company? Keep your car? Can you go out whenever you want? I think you will have a blast decorating your new space.


    1. So many things to think about my head is kind of spinning. But I will think long and hard before jumping into anything.

  12. I wonder if a call to your area department on aging would be helpful? They might be able to clarify what your protections as a renter in that kind of facility might be. I think as we age, less is definitely more. The cleaning services, if desired, would be great and the courtyard sounds like a way to have your cake and eat it too!

    1. I did some reading up on that last night. This place is privately owned, so they can jack with the prices any time they want to.

  13. I think it sounds perfect for you. My mom lived in a similar place and loved it. She had not had the chance to go to college, for her, the senior community was like the college dorm living experience, but better- no room ate and she had her own lovely kitchen, though she t ate most meals with the community. She loved it! I plan on something similar in my future.

    1. Just don’t know if it’s the right time with all I must spend on Charlie each month, which is significant. But I missed out on college dorms too. I had children when I was in college. Even at 18, I went to college but already had Kendra.

  14. I say go for it. Those types are at least $3500 around here. As someone mentioned, make sure it’s not just introductory pricing, and if not, go for it. There will be an adjustment period, but it sounds perfect for you. The safety factor alone makes it worth it. I wouldn’t worry about the carpet. A place that small, if the carpet to be replaced, it wouldn’t be that expensive. And peace of mind is priceless.

    1. I just keep going back and forth. I don’t make decisions like this easily, as it is a huge one.

      1. I agree, it’s a huge decision. My personal opinion is that with your mobility issues, it would be a good move. Privacy is a factor. And I know you would not be moving someplace like that for companionship. I would not either. I also value my privacy. So I do think there is a bit of trade off. You have to lose a bit of privacy in order to gain safety and extra help. I personally think safety is the most important factor. But that’s my opinion and you have to do what’s right for you. I know this must be agonizing. But you will come to the right decision for you.

  15. Oh mercy! MOVE!! NOW!! Don’t wait and lose it! Even a few hours hesitation could mean that you don’t get first choice. There are a lot of downsides to not jumping on this! Not the least of which is that you will have to do a search for another place sick and hurting and then end up having to take something you don’t like and doesn’t really suit.
    Most really great opportunities come with a clock with no time to waste because someone else will see what a great place it is and sign immediately. Do it first so you can improve your life!

    1. I’m just afraid of moving fast. I’m worried that if they went up in price, I would perhaps have to move again.

  16. I would seriously think about moving into the new place due to the fact that you have so many health issues right now. Also, where you are living does not sound reliable any more. I am 62 and still own my own home and have my sons with me due to rent prices, and my oldest is autistic. Have you spoken to your daughter about the move? See how they feel about it.

  17. Oh Brenda! That option sounds wonderful! Our aunt recently moved from her small home to a lovely apartment just as you described and it is such a blessing for her. I do hope it works out for you!

    1. I’ve been reading this afternoon about how those places can get you in and hike up the prices. Now I’m not sure I want to take that risk where I might no longer be able to afford it after a time. I’m tired of moving. I’m weary of looking.

  18. That is a big change to think about, Brenda. I know you will look at all the angles before you make any decisions. I like the idea of one price for everything because who knows what utilities and internet, etc. upcharges will be in the upcoming months. Good luck! Hugs- Diana

  19. We live in a 55+ apt complex…new…we are first ones living in this apt. On bottom floor…which has benefits as well as irritants…such as people, esp. now in continuing covid, who will be outside our livingroom or bedroom areas, talking LOUDLY to those on 2nd, or 3 floors and the next door neighbor if he is outside too (or taking their dogs potty right beside the window we eat beside…GROSS)…some of us have the small patios…another irritant is the LOUD lawnmowers, weed eaters, leaf blowers JUST OUTSIDE our windows…any day or any hour…and now the idiot who owns this complex decided covid was the best time to build more units next to us here…so we are right in the middle of a construction zone (noise from 6 AM until 6 PM at times…and no concern for us locked up residents here). And price here is comparable to you there. While Charlie lives, it would be good to be on bottom floor…but after that, I would vote for an upper floor as it will be SOMEWHAT more private. Actually I would live on the 3rd floor if I could…to not have to hear the upstairs neighbors plus all the rude people messing about outside our windows). It is nice to live in a locked bldg. This one is locked 24/7 so that is a problem with delivery drivers. The lazy ones will not bother to call on the phone to be let in (how hard is that?)…or often leave our pkgs in other places. So there are some of the irritating things I do not like. But it beats living in assisted living or a nursing home. We do not have food served here…I can see in your case that would be helpful. But as we age, finding what we can endure becomes the goal I guess. How much some of us wish one of our kids would have allowed us a small cottage on their acres of land. But if wishes were horses… You might consider a place that does not do the meals…as one can have them delivered…for a lower price and more privacy maybe…

    1. Yeah, still looking. I’m beginning to think I might not be able to afford it if they jacked up the prices. And they are private so of course they could.

      1. These birds here raised our rent after 1 year too…then when covid hit other places reduced prices for a bit…not here!! It is a huge problem…my heart goes out to you. We often talk of moving too…but Hubby is safer in this apt set up than he would be in others…so here we still are…filling the pockets of the owners….argh!!

  20. Dear Brenda, What a hard decision you are making. You seem very thoughtful and deliberate so trust your gut. I agree with Nora concerning introductory pricing. Consider that. Blessings

    1. Oh, I took her comment very seriously and have been reading up on it. I suspect she may be right. The old adage: too good to be true may apply here.

  21. Brenda, I am facing the same problem. At 72 my body is betraying me. I’m in a house that needs repairs and on my retirement and social security I can barely keep up with the cost of living. I am presently trying desperately to declutter my home and it’s very difficult to do on my own with a bad back ( one surgery ) and now I’ve torn the muscles and have arthritis in my shoulders. I now have to use a walker and it’s all just getting too difficult to deal with. I fight depression every day. My hands are also afflicted with arthritis and are so weak I can often not open bottles or boxes. I’ll be looking for a senior apartment in the future… as soon as I get the house ready for market. I just try to do a little more each month. I think you should seriously consider this new place. I may be biased because that’s what I’ll be looking for hopefully in the same state my son lives in. I’ll be keeping you in my prayers.

    1. I’m so sorry. I know the feeling of wondering how much more you can do and pain all the time. But I’m afraid of moving too. Never know what might be worse.

  22. I know the situation with your fingers is painful, but I would postpone the surgery and grab one of those apartments FAST!!! Between your daughters, son-in-law and grandson, you could be moved in a day … and your grandson likely has a friend, or two, who would love to help and earn a few bucks! Places like this go FAST, and then don’t come up very often because people stay. I’d definitely move on this, NOW, if I were you.🙂

    1. Like Nora below you commented, it is a good deal if it’s legitimate. I haven’t saved my money just to be ousted. So I will need more information before any money changes hands or any document is signed.

  23. I hate to be the downer here…BUT… those prices could be introductory, fill the place up fast prices… happens all the time. Once it is full and there is a waiting list…well bye-bye to such a great deal. So please make sure your rental agreement is guaranteed for the length of time you are planning to stay there.
    Also the wonderful sales person, may be just that, and will move on as soon as the place is filled up.
    It sounds like a wonderful opportunity for you…if it is what it is… 🙂

  24. I am a home owner and live in a relatively small house for over 30 years. I bought it as a single person and I am still single. Smallish yard but the upkeep of both the house and yard is beginning to be problematic both in labor and maintenance….and cost! Housing prices in Washington state in home buying as well as rentals is outrageous. I really need to make a change if I found something like you are describing I would be wildly interested as the price includes all those perks. Yeah the laundry would be my holdup too. It is exhausting contemplating a move and all it will entail but it is my near future (turning 70 this year!) there’s no getting around that. I think your cozy home is wonderful and I know it will be hard to leave. This 55+ community sounds like a pretty good option.

    1. Well, health factors have made me look at things differently. I don’t want to burden my daughters when they have busy lives.

  25. You know because you have looked so long that places don’t come along just at the “right” time. Go for it! Get the first floor with a patio! Hire movers (just a one time expense), have the fence built and when you begin the surgeries all you will have to do is heal! Before you know it all you will have to do is enjoy life!

    1. I’m rethinking having the surgeries this soon. Don’t know how I’d manage alone with the pets.

  26. Brenda, You really have me rethinking my current situation. Nine months ago my 52 year old son and I bought a manufactured home in a 55+ community, thinking this would be our forever home. My son passed away last week and now I am alone. My house payment is $706 and the space rent is $750. I also have to pay for sewer, stormwater, trash and electricity, cable TV and Internet. I am responsible for my own yard work and home maintenance. My yard was not fenced for my little pugs and having one built was way more money than I could afford. I bought fence sections at Lowe’s and built my own fence for a fraction of having it built. I will be 75 this fall and am slowing down. Now I no longer have my son’s income to help out, so must rethink my living situation. I follow another blog called Engaging With Aging and have learned so much about adjusting to age and accepting help. Good luck to you. I will be eagerly reading your blog and following and praying for you. Sandra

      1. Sandra, I am so sorry for the loss of your son. That is truly heartbreaking. You are in my thoughts and my prayers. I hope your living arrangements can be sorted out.

    1. Sandra, I am SO sorry! What a predicament. I will go look for that blog. We have to adjust. Sometimes we have no choice anymore.

    2. Sandra, I am so very sorry for all that you are going thru and on the loss of your son. To have finally made such a big decision to move as you did, and then have your world upended again. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  27. Brenda, I think the senior community would be wonderful for you. I think you should move there. As you said, you have researched every option and this seems to be ideal for you. Maybe you could leave a deposit on one of the apartments on the first floor so you don’t lose out on it and move in after you recover from surgery! This sounds like a very good deal with everything included in the rent!

    1. Now that’s a thought that didn’t occur to me. Although, you know, if not for Charlie, I wouldn’t at all mind being on an upper floor. Although there are balconies. Small, but still outdoor space. So something to consider.

  28. This place sounds ideal. I think you should secure the model apartment before it’s too late. I would hope that although you are very independent you could utilize your daughters and grandchildren to make sure the move happens as soon as the apartment is available. If you need to postpone the surgery to make this happen, I would do so.
    You asked and I have given my opinion😊 Charlie mishaps can be cleaned. All the best!!

    1. Thank you! I’m going to go ask about the food and talk to some residents probably early this next week. And I am thinking about postponing the surgeries because I don’t want to bother my daughters if I need help and can’t drive for 5 days.

  29. It’s such a hard decision. I remember helping my mother make this move years ago. She moved 1,000 miles across country; leaving behind a large farmhouse in the mountains for a small one bedroom apartment in town. But she had a little garden & we were with her almost every day.

    When we moved her I started preparing my heart for my turn. I’m 55 so hopefully it’s down the road a bit still. I really hope I can stay where I am until the end but I want to be mentally prepared as much as I can if that doesn’t work out. It would be very hard to leave my garden, leave the countryside for town living.

    I’m less than two hours east of you just across the state line in Arkansas.

    1. This place is about 2 miles from where I currently live. It is the area I like. Recent health problems have made me think of this sooner than I’d hoped.

  30. Brenda, I’m so undecided when it comes to issues like that. I own my little mobile mansion here on the river. I only pay $130 a month for the lot rent. Love it here…always have. But my husband died and I’m wondering how long I can handle the upkeep and the maintenance. I have considered an apartment for seniors but most won’t accept my pets and the rules are restrictive. I have no rules here and my view is fantastic. The neighbor’s son keeps my grass cut and my adult son lives with me because of a disability. We really depend on each other. And, I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t like apartment living because I love my privacy. A bank, grocery store, pharmacy and restaurant are less than three miles away. So, what I’m saying, I want to live here for as long as I live. But, it may be best for you to move to the new complex. Everyone’s needs are different. Wishing you the best in whatever you decide.

    1. I’m very concerned about this apartment owner/manager’s lack of concern as this place continues to fall apart. They are basically slum lords.

      1. I wouldn’t mind living in a mobile home at all. Except I live in tornado alley.

      2. Oh my – so it seems that it has gotten worse, the owner(s) of your apartment complex is/are starving the place for money for even basic upkeep and are just raking in as much profit as possible while the place runs down. If the buildings are allowed to get very run down, less desirable tenants will be the only people who might be willing to rent there. There is no guarantee on a month to month that your rent there won’t be hiked in the future, either. Rents rise – it’s a fact of life. So do real estate taxes if you own your own home or condo and you live in a state that taxes your real estate. The older we get, the more risk-adverse we tend to be (especially women). After reading your blog for many years you appear to be a risk-adverse person, delaying or being slow to make perhaps necessary changes in one’s life to improve your own situation, because you don’t know if the risk would be worth taking. That’s true – but it could also be just the think you need and this opportunity has come along at the right time, like other commenters here have noted. If the first floor unit is not needed at a future time or it doesn’t work for you, there may be other units available in the future on upper floors or in other buildings at the complex. There are a lot of us seniors out here and many of us are all looking for the same thing – and it’s not easy to find!

  31. thoughts, and prayers, certainly + You do sound like you’ve blogged-out your “pro”s and “con”s list. Keep in mind that shall be different for everybody! Sometimes people try to influence us with what works for THEM, NOT US. So what I’m typing next is just my opinion! For me personally that small space would be a problem, but everything else looks – when can I move in ;>

    1. I don’t really have a problem with the small space. Less stuff is less for me to take care of at this point.

  32. Go for it. I’m in an apartment complex, different situation but I love having things being taken care of by staff. Don’t wait or you may lose the little extras you mentioned that obviously are a plus. Your present situation sounds as if it is slowly deteriorating. I jumped on my apartment when it became available and am I happy I did.

    1. I’m happy for you that it worked out. With surgery in less than 2 weeks, I don’t see how I could do anything before that. And then another on the left thumb pretty quick. It’s in bad shape. But the thought of having food made for me when I’m recovering does sound good.

  33. I’ve considered doing the same thing and may at some time in the not too distant future.
    I’ve been following you for a number of years and watched you adjust to several living situations. I believe you would adjust nicely and be content.
    I lived in 600 sq ft for almost a year and loved it very much. It was small and cozy but it was a complex filled with young people so very noisy. I think a 55+ place would be ideal.

    1. I don’t want to live around younger people. If I move, it will be to a senior type place because that was my ultimate goal.

  34. Hi Brenda,
    I’ve reread your blog twice. I think the answer is pretty clear. For everything you’re getting for $1500 and on the ground floor. And they’re willing to build a fence for Charlie. If the only drawbacks are the laundry and Charlie’s accidents, these you can live with. You’ve already done the research on other facilities. You know the past and current situation with management and it’s very unlikely to get any better. You asked for input from your followers and the majority are in agreement. I think you have your answer. Keep us posted. God Bless. Margie in CA

    1. Well, I’d have to pay for a fence and to have it put in. And a $2500 deposit for me and pets. But I could handle that. Assuming I could get a decent price.

  35. Praying for successful surgery on your fingers. And The possible move sounds like a good choice at this time in your life where everything is much harder to do. With all that’s included in the rent where you’re looking, that isn’t bad at all in this economy. Hope it all works out well for you.

    1. Hard to tally what I spend on food. I get take-out a lot because I don’t like to cook.

  36. Brenda, I just moved into a 55+ community two weeks ago today. After an unexpected surgery and hospitalization in March I just decided I was ready. Luckily the place I had been interested in for a while had a place available. I listed my house and it sold in 10 hours. Everything just fell into place as if it were meant to be. I love it here (and I got to bring my two little dogs as well) and have never looked back! Good luck!

  37. I went back and reread what you were getting for $1500. I am amazed! Especially with meals as an option.
    Your question was would I/we consider this? Wow, yes!!! As a matter of fact I have been thinking about it, but the ones here are huge, and that’s not appealing to me. And expensive! This sounds perfect.
    What makes this really exciting is the court yard, and the possibility of a small patio. It sounds as if management would respect, and be greatful for your knowledge. Also, to have the lovely spaces to enjoy without the physical worries would be wonderful.
    My Mother lived in one a similar size for 30 years, and loved it. It’s small enough to feel more personal.
    Yes, it would be a change again for you, but you have made huge changes before, and thrived.
    I wish your daughters were available to share your excitement, and to help you in your decision.
    I’m hoping you don’t lose an opportunity for ground floor, or any floor, because you have to wait.
    However, bottom line question. Did you really like what you saw, and feel you would be disappointed if you lost the opportunity?
    If so, lock it down, and work it out.
    If I lived in Tulsa I would be wanting to check it out!

    1. Yes, I will be disappointed if I miss out. I’ve looked at many others. But this one ticks all but one box: the lack of washer/dryer hookups. Think I can adjust to that. I’ve lived without a dryer for 7 years.

      1. Is it possible to take the washer you have now with you? Do the same hook up as you have now?

      2. Hi Brenda,
        I think your response that you would be disappointed if you missed out gives you your answer. I so admire your drive and determination. I wish you all the best whatever decision you ultimately decide on.

  38. It sounds great, I live in a place like this but the rent is cheaper but we don’t get the perks you mentioned. We have a beautiful courtyard and a garden that anyone can work on. And a big pool. We have a big dining/meeting room where we have pot luck get togethers and bingo, cards etc.
    You might be very happy there. Good luck with your surgery❣️

    Evette in Texas

  39. Years ago my grandma lived in a housing complex like your talking about . I really felt better with her in a senior complex, we lived in different she was never alone and I liked that I had to be buzzed in . In her case there was no individual patio or balconies. So if that’s important I jump on or get on a list . I also think there was an additional fee for pets . Maybe you could add your rent and utilities together and see how that compares to there all inclusive deal . Hope it all works out for you .

    1. I’ve added them up and it comes real close. Just a pet deposit. And a deposit for me so that adds up to about $2500 all told.

      1. Is it possible to get Ivy and Charlie in without paying the pet deposit as long as they are considered “support” animals, along with a letter from your doctor? This could mean emotional support in your case. Our state, CA, does this. Plus no extra monthly fee.
        I’ve followed your blog since Texas. I’ve had a nagging worry about your safety in your current apt what with the ally right there.
        Seems like you’re leaning towards a move. Have your daughters requested no calls/texts on their spa weekend? If not, call them to discuss. Best wishes.

  40. Move. Now. At least ask her to hold the model unit for you. But come on!…safe environment, no worries about erratic monthly utility payments, pet friendly, leisurely gardening if you feel like it, companionship with similar singles or couples who don’t “sleep all day and party all night,” and an obviously caring management. The only downside I see is the possibility of rent increases down the line, but you are money smart and will figure it out. You may also feel frustrated at first that your decorating is taking its time, but so what? You’ll be safe and happy and able to do whatever you can when you feel like it. That UPS truck will find you no matter where you are! Best wishes, Brenda! We’re all rooting for you!

    1. I must say that I agree with you because the good stuff never stays around long. And regret says forever.

  41. When a decision is difficult for me, I usually resort to making a pro and con list. Somehow seeing all the facts in black and white takes the indecision away, even when the short side wins!

  42. Do it now! I waited too long and now the prices are exorbitant for condos. I need back and knee surgery. If I had done it two years ago, it would have been affordable. Think of your quality of life. Security, peace and quiet and so many conveniences are all so important at our age. Oh, did I mention that I now have squatters living in the home next door to me? Their gas and electric have been shut off. They have lived there for two years without paying a dime in rent and utilities. Because of the pandemic, they were never forced out. Now, they stay with no power. Their trash, intense noise, yelling and screaming have destroyed my quality of life. They have made my home less desirable to any home buyer. I have lived in my home forty years and they destroyed my neighborhood in two years. Your condo management seems to be getting worse all the time. If you get a new neighbor that is a nuisance, your peace of mind will disappear in an instant. Then, what will you do? You don’t want to become a burden for your children. God bless you. Make the right decision for you, not your pets or your garden. You deserve a nice place to bring you joy.

    1. Something I think about a lot: I don’t want to be a burden to my daughters. I’m so sorry you lost your peace of mind. That sounds just awful.

  43. Brenda~
    I too have been in the same predicament..income based housing..
    As I toured them all.. and found them all missing “something”.
    Like you, I do not like shared laundry facilities..
    My son wanted me to move in with him so “he could take care of me when I get old! asked him “WHAT is OLD and WHEN does it happen”?
    When my EX ‘s sudden death ended my alimony and i was forced out of my apartment because i no longer qualified financially, i had to relocate to a
    much less desirable place.. son and i agreed it was time, i needed to be with here i am on the beautiful Space Coast of Florida in a lovely home,with an empty yard just waiting for whatever i choose to plant..
    Oh by the way, I can watch rocket launches of SpaceX from my backyard!!
    I have my two cats, along with his two..they’ve all adjusted beautifully..
    Like you, i do miss many parts of my former life..
    i remember your wonderful babbling brook in your glorious patio garden.
    but , i’m still mobile, and independent..
    at the moment , life is pros outweigh the cons..
    Prayers for your upcoming surgery!

    1. And that’s what you have to go with: where you are at a certain point in your life. Based on your health and financial means.

  44. While the move may appear daunting this place sounds like the next step for you! Perhaps you can work out a move-in date to accommodate an easier transition for you. You may have two rents for a month, unless you can have help from family or hire people to move you. The ground floor demo apartment sounds to be the most ideal with access directly out to ground level with a place to scoot Charlie outside quickly and a place for flower pots and a seating spot for you. The promise of beautiful gardens and a pond sounds lovely – and an accommodating manager is worth so very much, as you know. Ask for help preparing to pack and move. In the kindest way to say it, don’t miss this opportunity that has been so difficult to find and risk “going down with the ship” you are living on right now. Best wishes. Be brave. You can do this.

    1. I always worry how I’ll manage if a snake comes through my ceiling vent here like happened with another resident. I’d probably have a stroke on the spot.

  45. Brenda, I have long believed it’s the right thing to do to move into a senior community where there is more help before you actually have to have it. By moving when you are young enough to enjoy the facilities, you develop community, make friends, yet you still have your own space at the end of the day to retreat to. Mom was in a studio apartment when she lived in Assisted Living. Just like we did when she was in her senior cottage home, we were able to create “areas” that resembled “home” to her, even though it was a much smaller space. You have such a knack for decorating that I know you would do the same. I suspect that if you moved, we’d see pictures of areas that look just like your current place. Having 3 meals a day available, weekly cleaning, and beautiful surroundings sounds wonderful. I worry about you with the lack of proper building management and lack of building maintenance. If you are able to get an apartment on the lower level with an option to have a small fenced courtyard for sweet Charlie, that sounds pretty good to me!

    1. If the floors weren’t carpeted, I’d probably go for it now. But he’s old and has accidents.

  46. Something that struck me that I’ll mention, because when I was first married, our neighbor was 85 and living in a home by herself. She used to live in an over 55 community and would never again. She said, there was a constant barrage of ambulances. A lot of people were dying – because it’s the nature of the age. She missed life – children’s voices playing outside – that sort of thing. So I don’t know what the rent is like where you’re at but it’s purely my opinion that I’d be less apt to have others do for me too early as the body needs to be pushed, IMO it leads to an early demise. 😉 So, perhaps just an apartment? That square footage is awfully small. Awfully small and for someone who likes to be on their own… well….

    1. I agree your way too young. I had friends that lived in a senior complex it was totally depressing. People dying constantly. They moved out bought a small house on 2 acres got a few chickens and our doing great. They are both in their 70s. They are so happy where they are now says it keeps them young. Plus they have their peace and quiet.

      1. That definitely is another thing to think about. My mom is almost 81 years old and owns a 3 bedroom 2 bath townhome with a small yard and deck. She is very independent and active. Exercises every day (walks several miles), still works PT in an office, involved in church activities, makes all her own very healthy meals, etc. I think all of this is what keeps her in such good shape, physically and mentally. She has no health problems. One of her best friends lives in a senior housing condo and my mom said she can’t even stand visiting her friend there, that the place is depressing full of old people all cooped up in these tiny condos. She said she would never live in a place like that. However, her friend likes it and is happy there. So, lots to think about. Guess it depends on your personality and needs.

  47. I’m with Kris ~ go for it!!! It sounds perfect for you!

    1. Sounds pretty good to me. Not something I’d have considered 7 years ago when I moved here. But things change.

  48. Change is hard but I would leap at that price point and opportunity. Get in before it fills up. Historically you cannot count on the management where you are. Safety and assistance are high values for me. I have been looking to downsize my home but the real estate prices are so high that I’m staying put until they cycle back to reasonable price points. As we get older it is inevitable that we are going to need more help. I think you are very wise to make a move like this while you can still be part of the decision making process and find what you actually want, even if it is with a few concessions.

    1. I don’t want help. But at times I really need help. Which is why I’ve done some crazy things with lifting and all that because there’s no one else to help and I hate to ask my daughters to come help me.

  49. Change is hard. But this place you’ve described sounds lovely, and does have some of the things that bring you joy. And the reality is… we’re aging … and things are getting harder than they used to be!😉 For what it’s worth, I’d like to give you some things to consider. You want to move to a place like this while you’re still able … physically, mentally, financially. Once you’ve “really” slowed down, it will be far more challenging. Also, don’t just give away all your beautiful garden things. Have a garage sale (even a short one, 9-noon). Maybe the grandkids would be available to help? This would bring in a bit of extra money to add to an emergency fund. Although, if you can get a reduction on rent for a month or more, that would also be helpful. And perhaps you could bring your little washer dryer? Good luck as you think it all over.

  50. Brenda this sounds like a great place to live. Just think of the money you would save on utilities and food. Plus it sounds like a safe and secure place. I know you love your place now but you have had so many issues with how they run that place. Something I know you have thought about. Change is hard but I always felt things turned out for the better. Lots for you to think about. xoxo Kris

    1. Wow what news! At first I was really worried about you missing the patio until I read further and saw how difficult it is for you. I think you’d be happier in a one bdrm though. And the thought of not having to cook every day is very inviting.

      Is there any way you could possibly secure the unit you mentioned and move after surgery in a few weeks? I’m sure the girls will help and also worry less knowing you are safe there. Exciting times!

      One more thing to consider is your complex sounds so precarious. I feel as if they could shut it down at any time if they got a buyer for the property. I know you’ve thought of that yourself.

  51. I am in the same time of life. In the next few years I must find an easier and more secure place to live. Not to mention the problem of not being able to drive at some point.. The only senior communities here are mobile home parks or assisted living. If you do move into the senior apartment please continue to update us. Your courage and creativity would be a lesson to many of us. Especially me.

      1. Brenda~
        Happy hearing you will continue blogging for a long time to come!!
        I have followed you from your earliest days of blogging!
        You are one of only a select few that i ardently follow!!

    1. This is a great idea to share how to adjust to senior living accommodations. Decorating to add style that erases the plain and typical apartment appearance and function is Brenda’s strong suit! I can see a lot of blogging on “how to be you” in senior living and with style that suits us. My mother lived in a senior development and found the community to be supportive , safe and offered a good quality of living with ease of living that proved to be a joyful experience. She decorated it so lovely and comfy so it suited her.

  52. Brenda,
    I think that this is a very good option for you at this point in your life. With so many extra features included, you would not have to worry about cooking if you didn’t want to, and you could still have a small patio for your plants, etc. I understand how difficult change can be, but with the lack of help from the current management where you are, it seems like a great idea.

    1. I’m really worrying over what I’m going to do after the surgeries. I’ll be one handed and both hands are in pain and I have two pets to take care of plus meals.

      1. Perhaps the hand surgery can wait until you are moved and then you can tackle the recovery plus have the option for assistance at your new residence. I’ve hand both hands repaired and it takes several weeks for each procedure to get back on track but so worth the repairs to my joints. I did move house before I had the surgery done and now I’m so glad I did that because my hands would not have been strong enough to do that for a long time and I would have been stuck! I wouldn’t wait for a snake to find its way into your apartment to decide to go. You could discuss this with your daughters and grandchildren as they could make fast work of it, taking just a few hours to help facilitate your move and probably will not feel put-upon to help you. They will likely feel much better knowing you are settled in a more people friendly place. As tempting as it is, try not to put barriers in front of doing the right thing for yourself right now. I’m sure you feel on edge just thinking about dealing with moving, people, noise, change and the newness of everything but with proper management it can be pretty ok.

      2. Brenda, it sounds like you’ll be in that same predicament no matter which house you’re living in. At least with the new new senior living, you won’t have to worry about the cooking. Also, everything’s new. You won’t have to call and ask your daughter to come help you fix anything, and when you do need help with something, the maintenance staff will be there to help you. And technically, you’re paying them anyway, in your rent, so it’s no inconvenience to anyone. That’s a plus to consider. From the way you’ve described it, it sounds like a lovely place that you could be quite happy living in for a long time.

  53. Brenda, I think that you are doing the right things being proactive. As you said, the owners of your place are not attentive to the building or to the tenants. I think this new place sounds great, smaller but maybe less space is ok and if you could have a little garden space you would still be able to do what you love. What do your daughters think?

    Have a great day!

      1. Brenda,
        This sounds perfect for you. Personally, I would do it before surgery. You don’t want to miss the one you want with patio access. And recovery could be a long process. You will be surrounded by people of like mind who can help if need be with Charlie and Ivy. I bet your daughters would be relieved and eager to help. Go for it!

      2. Go for it. I’m in an apartment complex, different situation but I love having things being taken care of by staff. Don’t wait or you may lose the little extras you mentioned that obviously are a plus. Your present situation sounds as if it is slowly deteriorating. I jumped on my apartment when it became available and am I happy I did.

  54. I would say it a no-brainer for you!! Take the leap and don’t look back!!

      1. They probably have transportation to shoppings, etc., which could be very handy. It sounds like a very lovely place. Be sure and check out their dining before moving (that would be my only personal reservation). And remember that if it doesn’t live up to your expectations, you can move again. Best wishes as you make your decision.

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