My daughter and I had lunch together yesterday. We use these times to catch up without Andrew once or twice per month. We went to El Chico, one of our favorites. The one we go to is just inside a mall.

Have you been to a mall lately? I haven’t actually been shopping in a mall or anything. I think they’re dying on the vine.

After lunch she brought me home and picked out books to read from three big stacks of books I had waiting for her.

Poor Charlie boy hates it when I go out. But boy is he excited when mom comes home!

orange flower

Does anyone know what this plant is above? Is it a daisy? The leaves look like daisy leaves.

I forgot I had planted it over in the blue raised bed. A few weeks ago I remembered it and it was way underneath everything in that jungle bed, so I dug it out.

It was never going to see any sun and bloom there with other plants towering over it.

I had no idea that raised bed was going to get so wild so fast.

I moved it to the galvanized garden section of my patio and now it’s blooming.

I watered around 9 a.m. and it was already steamy out there and fogging up my camera lens.

patio garden

As you can probably see, the hibiscus and pineapple sage were already withering in the heat. But I watered them and they’ve already perked back up.

Sometimes I have to water three times a day, and it’s only the beginning of July!

Yesterday I placed three pot saucers of water out for any critters in need of fresh water. I already had two bird bath areas I keep filled.

But I thought putting several on the ground would be easy for the squirrels to get to.

Currently Reading:


Amazon blurb:

HE LOVES YOU: Adam adores Emily. Emily thinks Adam’s perfect, the man she thought she’d never meet.

BUT SHE LOVES YOU NOT: Lurking in the shadows is a rival, a woman who shares a deep bond with the man she loves.

AND SHE’LL STOP AT NOTHING: Emily chose Adam, but she didn’t choose his mother Pammie. There’s nothing a mother wouldn’t do for her son, and now Emily is about to find out just how far Pammie will go to get what she wants: Emily gone forever.


The plot of this book reminds me of Baby Teeth, the book I just reviewed a few days ago. Except the other woman in that scenario was the young daughter. And in this book, it is the man’s mother.

I don’t get jealous women. Never have. I’ve just never been the jealous type. Seems a waste of energy to me.

Have a nice 4th of July, whatever you have planned.

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  1. I believe your plant is a gazania. It does look similar to blanket flower (gaillardia), but it is not that.

  2. i am almost sure your mystery plant is a Rudbeckia which we always called Gloriosa Daisy. My mother has grown them for years. They range widely in various shades of yellow to orange,, bronze, and copper. They’re all happy faces in the garden . I love your beautiful containers. It’s primarily the same kind of gardening I do because tree roots from behind the fence are invading and making its more and more difficult to garden in the ground. I appreciate that you plant big, bold colors. I still choose a softer palette of pinks, blues, lavenders, and white because that’s what soothes my soul. It’s ridiculously hot here in central SC also, but it’s probably worse out there. It’s hard to keep up with all the watering this summer.

    1. I thought the leaves resembled daisy leaves. Daisies are my favorite flower, so no wonder I was attracted to it at the nursery.

      1. Daisies are my favorite also. Gerbers, shastas, gloriosas, African, painted…I just love them all!

  3. I agree, malls are becoming a thing of the past. I’ve two malls near my condo that are like ghost towns and the stores in them are not of any interest to me. My plant guess would have been a cornflower but glad someone new it was a blanket flower. Hot here in Atlanta as well; I guess summer is game on now!
    Enjoy your Thursday and you and Charlie stay cool!
    Carol and Molly

    1. I wonder if teens go to the mall like they used to? Going to stay in today and enjoy the air conditioning, Carol and Molly.

    1. Well good. I’ve always wanted rudbeckia. It’s in a big galvanized tub. I remember grabbing it up one day as I was leaving the nursery months ago, really not looking at what it was. I just thought the blooms were pretty on the photo.

  4. Your flowers look like gazania to me. I grow them in Central Ohio where I live. Heat tolerant daisy like flowers.

    1. Anything I grow right now has to be heat tolerant. Otherwise it would dry right up. It’s a battle to keep what I have alive right now in this heat. Seems like we have such a short season before the intense heat kicks in.

  5. I once was involved with a guy and I started to get jealous of his college-age daughter. He dragged his feet about telling her we were getting serious because he said she would be upset because she hadn’t had to share him with anyone for many years. He gave me an engagement ring — I chose a garnet, since he said he hated diamonds and I happen to love garnets — but then he dragged his feet about telling her of that development. He finally went to visit her at her college in another town in order to tell her about the engagement. (He didn’t want me to go along — said that would be too threatening to her.) But when he returned he said he could just tell she was going to be upset, and so he just told her he gave me a birthstone ring. (Technically true — the garnet was somebody’s birthstone, but not mine! Mine is topaz.) I was really starting to get jealous of that little gal, wondering how she could have so much power over her dad, and then, thank goodness, I stopped to think about it. I weighed all the information, and it wasn’t too hard to figure out that he was just using his daughter as an excuse to keep from making our relationship more public and official. As long as he stretched things out and didn’t tell her about what was going on, he could put off actually getting any more involved than we already were. I figured there were probably some other women around town who’d also gotten birthstone rings instead of diamonds for engagement rings! So I broke it off and sold the ring. I kind of hated to part with that garnet, but I didn’t want it to remind me of him!

    1. How wise you were to recognize this! I think you’re probably right. That’s too many excuses too many times.

  6. Hi Brenda. Plant is called rudbeckia “Cherry Cordial” perennial in your zone! Love your garden.

    1. Well, it is a welcome sight since the heat is drying many of the pretty blooms I had right up. The real enjoyment of my patio garden is in May and part of June. By mid-June the heat gets pretty intense.

  7. Hi Brenda,
    Hope you and Charlie have a nice 4th today. It is very hot here in Illinois so not too much outside activity going on. We are grillin and staying inside it is soooo hot and humid. We need some rain to cool things down.

    That books sounds pretty good. Brenda you should start an on line book club. All of you lovers of books and reading should all meet up together and talk about your books.

    Hugs to you and Charlie.

    1. I did have an online book club some years ago. Maybe I’ll do it again someday. But the books I get usually aren’t even out yet, straight from the publishers. So others wouldn’t be able to even get a copy yet.

  8. I have never been a jealous person either, Brenda. I don’t get it either. I have always pointed out pretty women to my husband–and complemented people that I wish I looked like…lol
    Hope you and Charlie do have a quiet 4th with no fireworks booming close by to scare him.
    Your patio looks lush and lovely- xo Diana

    1. He barks at the fireworks. They have them really close by. I can see some if I go out on the patio, which I’m not much interested in. I think Charlie thinks he’s guarding me by barking at the loud sounds.

    1. Before 9 a.m. this morning it registered over 100 degrees in the corner by the overhanging shade tree. So I watered. I’ll have to splash more water on the drooping leaves in the early afternoon, and then again in the evening most likely. The cement gets really hot.

  9. Glad you had a nice lunch out with your daughter. I haven’t been in a mall in a year. I purposely avoid them unless I have reason to go. Last year we went into one on my birthday because there was a certain store where I wanted to get some tops for my birthday. And then we went to the Skechers outlet store to get a pair of shoes because I had a bday coupon. Then we got out of there as fast as we could, lol. When I need clothes (which aren’t many ; I keep my wardrobe pretty limited), I prefer to shop at a free-standing store such as TJ Maxx or Kohls.

    1. I pretty much order the same clothes in the same colors again and again. I typically order online from JCPenney. Every 2-3 years I will order a pair of sneakers from Zappos.

  10. Happy 4th Brenda. We are having a potluck bbq today in the community center where I live. Lots of food and good friends. Tomorrow I leave for WA state, dreading the trip, but it is necessary. Take care.


    1. I so wish this was a senior place like yours. I might even be tempted to go to ours if it was just adults and no loud kids. Are you taking Lily with you?

  11. Happy 4th of July, Brenda. My day will be a quiet one as well, but not unproductive. It’s hot as Hades here, and so humid I’ve taken to saying you can slice the air with a butter knife, I swear! I remember my grandparents saying the same thing. I am getting old, no way around it. Oh well. You sweat just standing still. No breeze to speak of at all today. We may get rain later on, it will be a temporary relief, but it won’t be bringing any cooler temperatures, sadly. I rarely visit the Mall near my home these days. It’s less than a 10 minute bus ride from my house, but the Mall was taken over by new ownership some years back that takes a hostile attitude toward public transportation, and so one now has to hike a good 3 blocks across black-top (not a pleasant journey on a 100 degree day with no shade in sight) to get from the bus stop to the nearest entrance into the Mall. It has lost two anchor stores (Sears and Kohls) and since the owner of the Boston Store brand has gone bankrupt that may be gone now, too, for all I know. That would leave only Penney’s and Macy’s as the anchor stores, holding one end of the Mall. The food court is popular as always, or so it seems whenever I’ve visited – generally to visit the GNC to pick up my non-GMO soy isoflavone gel tabs! I agree with you and others who see Malls eventually disappearing. Malls wiped out “downtowns” and “Main Street shopping” areas in the 1970s and 1980s, and now they’re fading in the face of unrelenting competition from online commerce. It makes me sad. I hate ordering clothing and shoes online, for instance, and having to send endless things back (even with free return shipping) when they DON’T FIT! There is no substitute for trying things on in a store and being able to decide immediately whether something fits or not. Sigh. The “new” thing here where I live is “open shopping malls” which is just a fancy way of calling the old individual free standing stores that used to be downtown years ago something new since they’ve relocated to suburban locations. Off bus routes, too – you know, to keep riff-raff like me away. Heaven forbid you can’t afford a car, or worse yet, not even know how to drive (I never learned). LOL! So, Amazon and various shops I’ve found using Google shopping are the recipients of my financial largesse these days, along with Home Depot and Target.

    1. I always felt like I was in a tomb in shopping malls because of no windows. I like the open aired stores. I so rarely buy clothing or shoes it doesn’t much matter. I read somewhere that people were picking up bed bugs, etc, trying on clothes in stores, so I’ll never do that again.

  12. Your patio looks great, Brenda! We celebrated our 4th yesterday, as our favorite local restaurant had a fireworks show and BBQ – I have leftovers for my lunch today, yayy!! I’ll grill burgers and dogs this evening and put together a salad, that will be the extent of our celebration. Enjoy yours – stay cool!

    1. I have leftovers from lunch with my daughter yesterday. Was going to eat it last night, but was too full and just had cereal. So I have food for today.

  13. Happy Independence Day Brenda! It will be a quiet one for me and my fur babies too. The heat and humidity are brutal. I ran errands early (pick up prescriptions, gas in the car, a few things at the grocery store); at 9:30 it was already 87 degrees! I watered as well, but we are expecting some storms so I hope I don’t have to go outdoors again.

    I don’t know what that plant is, but it’s lovely with those colors. Could it be some type of coneflower?

    In fact I went to the mall here last night in search if an alternate (i.e., cooler) dress for a wedding on Saturday. It was the first time I had been in there for years and it was depressing. The department store I went to is going out of business, as it seems many are.

    Thanks for your post; I keep forgetting to tell you that I look forward to them every day!

  14. Happy 4th!
    Just wanted to pass this on. My vet told me a long time ago if I’m going to put water out for critters make sure it’s in a place my dogs can’t get to it because if a sick animal drinks from it diseases such as rabies can be passes on.
    Blessings to you!

  15. Hi Brenda!
    Is your plant an annual or perennial?
    I don’t recognize the color, but it looks like a type of rudebeckia, or black eyed susan.
    I’m sure it will be glad to get more sun.

    Happy 4th of July! My day is low key, nothing planned, & just hope the firework sounds don’t freak out my furbabies! They are illegal here, but that never seems to matter!

    Wishing you and Charlie a peaceful, cool day!

    1. My black eyed Susan didn’t come back from last year. A reader sent me a pic. It is a blanket flower.

  16. Brenda, It is ech ina cea, used in herbal medicine largely for antibiotic and wound healing properties. I have a lot of them in my garden. I love they can take this Texas heat. Love you and Charlie and so miss our Abbi.

    1. No, I don’t think it’s that because I used to have that. They don’t come back for me after winter. I believe from photos I’ve been sent that it is blanket flower.

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