A Quiet Saturday Morning In May

It obviously rained last night, though I didn’t hear it. The forecast calls for up to 11 days of possible rain.

I have a tentative date for the first finger surgery in early June. Earlier than I expected.

My fingers are increasingly stiff. Range of motion is limited and it’s hard to pick up things. Forget small things where you need dexterity.

Ah, but as I tell myself it could always be worse. Always. And you have to cling to that to keep your spirits up.

Morning Routines:

I tell myself maybe I won’t post here, but somehow it’s hard to carry through.

Because I’d miss my mornings with you. Telling you about my life even though it’s far from exciting.

Sharing my garden and the pets.

Charlie’s Rehab Doctor:

Last Tuesday at acupuncture they had their rehab doctor take a look at Charlie’s sinking and hind limb crossing. She added a treatment with kinesiotaping on his thighs.

This tape will help stimulate nerves by cutaneous mechanisms and may assist with wider based placement of his hind limbs. I’m to take it off tomorrow.

Poor little guy. Of the three of us, Ivy is the most active and limber. She is young, just 3 years old now, and her daily actions reflect that.

I don’t have anything planned for the weekend. But I seldom do. If it rains I will sit here and watch it through the French doors. How I love the sound of rain falling.

Here is where I enjoy watching the birds hop about and fly in to the bird baths for drinking and bathing. I try to keep the bird baths clean for them.

Noisy Little Sparrows:

This morning I was standing at the door waiting for Charlie to come in and suddenly heard this cacophony of bird sound.

Three little sparrows flew to the tree branches and seemed to either be having a good time or squabbling among themselves.

Seems odd how a little bird can produce so much noise!



  1. I am hoping for success with your hand surgery…Hopefully, it will bring back some dexterity. You know you can dictate to a computer and it will write down what you say. Thus no need to hurt your hand by typing. I am glad you still post. I just found you and love your blog…very unique. My husband had two spinal surgeries and things were pretty terrible, but he is better. Prayers for you and you fur babies…especially Charlie who reminds me of my little guy Benjy. I am pulling for you.
    Wishing you the best


    1. The practiced strategy is to change the water every three days minimum.

      1. I can’t change the water every 3 days or there would be tons of mosquitos. I was changing the water every day because there are always mosquito eggs in it every morning.
        I now put in those mosquito dunks that are supposed to be safe for the birds but I notice they aren’t drinking from the bird bath now so I don’t know.

  2. Honestly, Charlie is the absolute most photogenic pupper I have ever seen! I love seeing his pictures. He is so sweet. (Ivy too!) After two straight months of rain, May is proving to be a dry month for us. We could
    use a nice soaking rain. So, I have been outside a lot watering. I am not complaining though since it feels so good to be outside seeing the bees, butterflies and listening to the birds sing. That is good that your surgery will be happening soon. The sooner you get that over with the sooner you can start healing and recover and get rid of that pain. Enjoy your day!

  3. I am praying for a complete recovery after your surgery so you can still write your blog and work in your garden and take care of your fur babies!

  4. Hi Brenda,
    It was you who inspired me to begin a flower garden on my deck. After years of being an “on-the-ground” gardener, I too got older and wasn’t able to manage all the heavy garden work. I thought my gardening days were over until I discovered your posts about your patio garden. Now I have started a garden on my deck, thanks to you! I hope the surgery on your hands will make it possible for you to continue to garden (and to post) because I understand how much pleasure it gives you.
    Wishing you many more gardening years,
    Ann in Oregon

  5. Brenda, to assist with your visits with us and to alleviate stress on your fingers, I’m wondering if voice activated text would work for you ? I’m a bit of a Luddite where technology is concerned but I know this exists because a student I taught without arms used it on her computer. This dear child was also born without legs but had a bit of an extension and with it she had mastered writing and had the most beautiful handwriting. She also sang beautifully. This child faced so many difficulties and challenges and she did so with an optimistic spirit. I thought the voice activated text might be an option for you to consider.

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