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  1. I agree with you about parents and not so smart phones. I bet a lot of parents pay more attention to those screens than they do their children. So sad. Hope you are feeling better. I am planning a cabin in the woods with just my dogs, my chickens and my husband. Away from the mad crowd.

  2. Oh, dear, how frustrating and annoying to deal with that scene at the emergency room when you feel so sick. Then drive home without any diagnosis or treatment. And, yes, parents ignoring their children's pleas for attention for any reason is very, very annoying. When I see it I want to yell at the parent and I sometimes fantasize slapping the person around a little! It really is infuriating to me. Probably those parents who ignore their children like that were ignored the same way by their own parents when they were small. But still… I sometimes think it should be illegal to have a child unless you pass a very rigorous course on parenting. And you have to be at least 30 years of age! How's that for being authoritarian? Of course it will never happen, but it's interesting to speculate about the difference it might make in a child's mental health and in the mental health of the adult that child becomes.

    I surely hope you can get to the bottom of what is causing all this illness you've been experiencing. It seems like one thing after another. Enough, already! I know a little while back you were trying to drink sufficient water to keep well hydrated. I'd continue that and maybe a small humidifier in your bedroom at night. I just got one for Christmas that I've been using as I've had a sinus and bronchial infection for about a week and a half.

    I know when I am not feeling well I get impatient with myself to feel better. Kind of blame myself for being sick, I guess. And straining at the bit not relaxing and resting. I think it's better and you heal faster if you just give in to whatever you are suffering. Easier said than done, though.

    One last question: are you getting enough vitamin C? I take one thousand milligrams two or three times a day and when I am sick I bump it up another one or two-thousand. The only reason to lower your dose is if you begin to have diarrhea.

    Sending healing energy and prayers for recovery. Sure hope you are better soon.

  3. Sorry you're still so sick, Brenda. Read your previous post, too…sounds like the flu. Unfortunately, it will just have to run its course. Meds won't help since it's a virus. So many people are sick this time of year. Makes me paranoid when I'm out in public. When I get home, I wash my hands very thoroughly. Glad you're resting and staying hydrated. That's the most important things.

  4. So glad you wore a mask during your short time there, understand completely your leaving early. I'm sure home seemed blissful when you entered it.

    Brenda, I could easily become a hermit sometimes too, in fact have to force myself not to be. And when I do get out I enjoy it, realize I needed it but the pleasures of being at home are so enticing.

    My husband has been sick for four days now with a respiratory thing, went to our doctor and got meds even though it's not bronchitis. Which leads me to wonder if it really will help or not because I had what appears to be the same thing early in the month and was sick for two weeks before feeling better, without any meds.

    Take care, feel better soon,

  5. My dear, dear Brenda … Feel better soon! And – personally, there are only one worse examples than the ones listed here, with people distracted by social media, that I have personally seen: People in a church fellowship hall, with their noses stuck in their phones ;- I've realized when I go into a doctor's office now, there are no old magazines, nor is it a drop-off point – who reads, what's not stuck on some small screen?!

  6. So sorry to hear you are not feeling better Brenda. I'm glad you at least got to pick up some hot soup. Something I swear by when I'm not well. Take good care

  7. I know it sounds crazy, but there are people who swear by Dr Phil's Dr on Demand. Consider it, at least. Their reputation is at stake, so they wouldn't hire incompetent people.They will even make appointments if you prefer. I've always been curious about it and then the young mother in one of my favorite blogs called when her little one was sick and she was so pleased with it. The blog is A Cup of Jo. You can check it out there, also. Best of luck.

  8. sorry you're ill, Brenda… sure hope it's improving today – May God calm that cough and your asthma….. Yeah the walk-ins are a living breathing germ bin. Get Well soon. Happy New Year's all year long too.

  9. I feel for you, Brenda ~ on more than one account!
    First ~ there are a LOT of viral illnesses going around the country this winter; sounds like you've picked one up on top of your asthma ~ yuk! I was sick for 6 weeks with mine!
    I hope yours lasts nowhere near that long!
    Second ~ incompetent, oblivious parents and their screaming little brats… makes ya wanna pull your hair out!
    And to Bonnie S ~ AMEN!
    I hope you feel better soon, Brenda ~

  10. Oh…it's annoying to be waiting in a medical clinic anyway but listening to rambunctious kids too? No thank you. I've been the mom with the kids and it takes bringing all kinds of distractions in a backpack/diaper bag to keep them occupied – long after diapers. Hope you feel better soon.

    1. Holly, have you noticed that, lately? Parents don't do that for there children. They either expect something to be in place there already OR they just ignore them altogether. P.S. And if you think a medical clinic is bad for this – trying waiting at a food pantry ;-

  11. I loved this post. I agree with you. Most people are so absorbed with their cell phones, they live on them 24/7. It is shocking, and I don't think I will ever get used to it.

    I had to laugh when you commented that you should move to the woods and live in a cabin with only wildlife for neighbors, because actually, that has always been one of my fantasies.

    I do enjoy people in small doses, and I like having friends, but I crave solitude, especially now that I am older.

    I spent Christmas eve with my daughter and son in law, and stayed overnight as we were going to my grandson's house in the morning for Christmas breakfast, and to open presents. From there we drove to my granddaughter's house and visited and had dinner at 6 pm. I came home at 7 pm so I could call my mother and wish her Merry Christmas.

    When I walked into my little apartment, it was wonderful how peaceful and quiet it felt. My senses felt like they had been on overload. I do realize that most people like socializing, and so do I but in small doses.

    I feel so badly for you being sick and not being able to see the doctor. I do know that urgent care clinics usually have a 2 hour wait here in Reno. Here, you can actually leave your phone number and they will call you about 15 minutes before your appointed time.

  12. When I go to a doctor's office or urgent care clinic, I can honestly say that I am the ONLY person in there not on my phone so I can empathize with you. I sometimes wonder if they don't make people wait because they are preoccupied on their phone and don't even notice how long they are waiting! We just have to wonder what the world has come to don't we?

  13. Oh boy, I hear you loud and clear! I forget how much I hate the holiday periods in the resort I work in until it hits me in the face when I walk into work after Christmas and the kids are running up and down the halls screaming! The parents shout just as loudly, it's like complete mayhem! I just want to go back home to my cozy house and enjoy the peace and serenity. Sadly, I must continue to work for a long time yet, but I sure will enjoy every second I get to spend at home! It's a shame you couldn't find a quiet little cottage to rent somewhere, Brenda – somewhere with a little garden for you to tend, and you could get those chickens! Feel better, my friend….load up on Vitamin C.

  14. I so agree with you Brenda about the cabin idea. My husband and I decided to do that when we retired but then sickness strikes and you know you are better off in town near to doctors and hospitals! Its a shame because it would be so much more peaceful.
    My husband went to a walk in clinic just before the holiday and the receptionist was supposed to call with a appointment for him to have a ultrasound, the doc wanted him to get it asap. She didn't call so he called her and then he was left waiting on the phone for 20 minutes at which time he put the phone down. He is still not feeling better so he will go back to the clinic and ask her want happened to his appointment. Anyway Brenda I do hope you are feeling some relief today.

  15. I hope you're feeling better this morning. Sorry you couldn't get the help you needed.
    as for those kids and their parents, you could make that work to your advantage:-)
    Since the parents are so unaware of whats going on, it allows the perfect opportunity to slap a piece of duct tape over the kids mouth to shut it up. One problem solved, 1000 to go..

  16. Brenda,

    Good morning. I hope this mooring that you are feeling a little better, a steaming bowl of soup is always a great thing when you are sick.

    I could not agree with you more about kids and distracted parents, I can only imagine how many accidents happen because no one is watching.

    Have a good day, stay warm.

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