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  1. Hello Brenda!
    I hope you are feeling better today.
    I just love your Fall dough bowl decor. It looks just beautiful on the green cabinet. I did notice the stores have more natural/neutral decor this year. I kind of feel the same as others and for the past couple days I have thought about getting out my tubs of Fall decor but it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe it’s because it’s still hot here in NY. Looking forward to seeing the blanket ladder. Oh, and your new chairs are gorgeous! Have a wonderful evening.

  2. Love the pears and the dough bowl lighter colored blue green florals are so fresh and neutral. I also have lots of neural base vignettes and just update for the seasons. I can wait to see the quilts and the ladder.

    1. The ladder just arrived, but I had to order something to attach the top to the wall so Ivy won’t pull it down. And Amazon can’t get it here till Thursday. So I’ll probably have it on here on Friday or Saturday.

  3. I love the dough bowl arrangement Brenda! I’ve been keeping my decorating simpler for a couple yrs now. I go all out when it’s Christmas though! I decorate all downstairs bc I love Christmas! Lol I want to get slimmer Christmas trees though, that way I don’t have to move to much furniture around.
    I’m already looking for some new cookie recipes for my cookie tray!

    1. I love Christmas too, though not many people ever come here. I have a skinny Christmas tree and a tabletop tree. In the past few years, I’ve only used the tabletop tree. Guess it will depend on how I’m doing physically.

      1. I have a skinny Christmas tree too! I, like quite a few, have cut back on all the different holiday and seasons decorating! I guess it comes with age. I checked out the blanket ladder, I really like it and the price was reasonable, I thought, for being already assembled!

  4. Looks beautiful! Looking forward to seeing quilts and linens. Feeling the same about seasonal decorating. Does this change come with age or lack of energy? Mentally I want to do so much and have the enthusiasm but not the stamina to pull out all the tubs. What to do?

    1. I feel exactly like you. I have the energy, just not the body to match it. And I think it’s part of aging too.

  5. I love the more natural look. You are just amazing at creating such a beautiful living space. I enjoy seeing what you come up with. The chairs are really great, too. They match the table perfectly!

    1. Well, I thank you. I’ve never studied decorating, but I’ve sure looked at tons of magazines and online!

  6. I feel the same way you do on changing and adding in decor. Why is that? I feel like I’ve lost my drive to change things in the home, yet I want change. I do agree that less is more and it’s not so cumbersome to do less. Is that it? It’s just a lot of work to change things around, other than little things? I don’t know – I’ve been pondering that for some time. Living in AZ everything acquires a pile of dust on it, so there is that issue. But small changes are really nice and less junk in my closets are also nice. Looks great, Brenda.

      1. There comes a time you will not buy anything else. A slow process with age & minunloading house clutter. That’s me now.
        Has been for 10 years.
        I want to get rid of everything.
        Live with much less.
        Trying to think what I’ve purchased on these past years. Very little.
        For summer ☀️ I did buy new unbreakable, 12 ounce tumblers.
        They are an assortment of pretty colors.
        Comes with straws & covers.
        So far, very good holding my 4 ice cubes.
        That’s about it.
        Cannot think of anything else purchased this year.
        I feel good about it!!!

  7. Life with cats is never a dull moment😸
    Miss Bella doesn’t bother anything,Mr.Buddy is a whole other story, nothing’s off-limits!
    Probably what turned me into a sort of minimalist,lol but I do love holiday decorating.
    Always like the ladders with quilts and blankets on them,will be looking forward to pictures.
    Enjoy your day.

  8. Looking forward to seeing your quilts!! The ladder sounds like a great idea!!

  9. Oh, I can’t wait to see all your quilts! I agree, it’s probably a good idea to attach it to the wall. She’s likely to try to climb it, lol. Funny story… when my kids were little, (about 1-2yrs old), I used to babysit a little girl, about the same age. One year, at Christmas time, the little girl I was watching, was sitting innocently on the floor looking up at the tree, and my son climbed up on the arm of the couch, leaned over and grabbed the tree branch and pulled it down on top of her! I was horrified!
    Thankfully, she was ok! That year, he pulled the tree down a second time! After that, my husband secured it to the wall, so our son couldn’t do that again! I also used to work in a photo lab, and some of my favorite pictures to develop were of cats (kittens) in a Christmas tree, looking like they were part of the decorations! Animals and kids are funny. I love your Fall decorations! I’ve been waiting for you to put them out. As I get older, I, too, dread the idea of dragging tons of decorations out, and then having to put them all away. It’s exhausting! But my decorations make me happy, so I will probably always put at least some of them out. When my grandkids were little, and I babysat them everyday, they would beg me to put out my Halloween decorations in August! It was always fun to decorate then, because they were here all the time, and really enjoyed them. Now that they are older, they don’t come over as often, so it’s just me and my husband. So, while I still enjoy my decorations, putting them all out is too much work. I’ll be keeping it more simple too. Today, I’m commenting early, but late last night, I left comments on your last two blogs. Do you get notifications if a post is made on an earlier blog, so you know to go read them? If not, I’ll stop leaving comments on an older post. I just don’t know how it works, so I thought I’d ask. I hope you are resting and feeling good today.

    1. I’ll go look for your comments. I just figured out in my Settings that I can be emailed when someone comments, so I just now ticked that box.

  10. I do miss your miss your wonderful vignettes, but everything looks beautiful. Can’t wait to see your blank ladder in place. 🙂
    Enjoy your day – fill your heart with joy.

    1. Hard to create a vignette that isn’t slightly busy. So don’t worry. They’ll still be coming! It’s mainly that while I’m still getting around here on a knee scooter, I have to make things simpler for myself.

  11. I could have written this post. I used to love pulling out 2 full tubs of autumn decor and spending a few hours arranging things. But something changed about 10 years ago, I have 1/2 a tub of decor and it takes 20 minutes for me to arrange. For now, I think the simpler decor looks fresh.

    1. It’s not just taking those bins out and putting them back. But I just like things to be a little more toned down now. When I’m decorating for Christmas, I’ll be dragging them out though!

    2. I have done the same thing. The best part is the “put away” takes less time, too.

  12. I love everything you do. It’s all balanced so well. I think it’s easy to live with busyness if it’s organized and not too colorful. So my favorite neutrals are off white, pale willow green, and grey- blue. They seem to go with every season. Keep those photos coming!

    1. The colors you mentioned are basically considered neutrals. Green is the color of nature, and blue is the color of the sky. I’ll keep the photos coming. I just can’t get around easily right now and so I can’t take as many.

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