A Small Apartment In Oakland

Estefania and Chris live in this Oakland, California apartment.
It is 550 square feet.
They describe it as industrial, mid-century and modern in style.
They love to collect items from their Latin and Mexican heritages.

They prefer rustic elements, natural wood, industrial design, clean lines, anything DIY and Peruvian, Mexican, or Ecuadorian.

There is a small but well laid-out kitchen.
And a very blue bedroom!
There is lots of natural light, something apartment dwellers always covet to visually enlarge their space.
There is a small area in their bedroom for a desktop computer.
The bathroom is white, a paint color that works well in so many small apartments.
I hope you enjoyed this small apartment tour.

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  1. I'm always interested in small spaces so thanks for continuing this series! You do such a great job of storage and decorating too.


  2. Good Morning Brenda. Love seeing these tiny living spaces. Since we are moving into a 900 sq. foot home it gives me inspiration. Have a great new week.

  3. Another great small space. I enjoy each one so keep them coming. Hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day yesterday with the puppies.

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